Thursday, August 29, 2013

Throw Back Thursdays ~ My Trip to Phuket Island

Sawadika everyone!

It's Thursday again! This time imma talk about my trip to Phuket Island with my BFF. The thing I LOVE most about Phuket is the BEACHES! Omg, those are like the most beautiful beaches I've ever been to. The sand is so soft, white, clean and smooth. I literally couldn't get enough of the beach. It was just too gorgeous and serene. Even at night.

When i was at Phuket, I stayed at the Patong area. Apparently that is the most popular area. My hotel was only a 5 minutes walk away from the beach. So i practically went to Patong Beach every morning and sometimes night! Till my friend and i became so freaking tanned till it's not even funny. Me and my friend were rocking our bikinis and having the time of our lives there. I brought 4 bikinis with me! HAHA :D and plus bikinis in Thailand are so CHEAP! Compared to Malaysia where one set of bikini is like RM 168?When in Thailand it's only like RM 25 to RM 40? So, not to my girls out there, don't buy bikinis when you're going to Phuket. Get it from there itself. Way cheaper plus you won't need to stuff your luggage bags.

The sea waters there are so clear. But i would say that Phi Phi Island sea water is the clearest of them all. It's so clear that you can actually see the fishes and the corals in the sea bed. Phi Phi island is a smaller island which is also a part of Phuket. It's small but so beautiful. The sand is white! Plus you can go snorkeling and diving there too. It's also filled with loads of foreigners. No surprises there. it is after all one of the famous islands in the world

Even the nightlife at Phuket is very lively. Lots of clubs and bar at Bangla Road. You can actually see drag queens/transsexuals everywhere. Personally, it was a lil bit too crazy for me, that place. Anyhow, we had an awesome time there. we mostly spend our time at the beach. I wish my stay there was longer, though. Like maybe a month or so. Because there are literally tonnes of things to do :)

Oh well. back to reality. Back to Malaysia. Back to work.

Thailand, I'll definitely be back one day! I love you, too much!


Monday, August 26, 2013

Review : Favourite Vampy Red Lipstick ~ MAC Diva

Hello peeps!

My latest lipstick obsession is the MAC Diva lipstick. The colour of this lipstick is the most gorgeous shade of blood red. It's a deep red wine colour which makes it the most perfect Vampy Lipstick! It has a matte finish. Which means that it may cause your lips to dry. However, if you use a lip conditioner or lip balm before applying this lipstick, your lips will stay plump and non-dried up throughout the day!

MAC Diva lipstick will be perfect for a night out or for an elegant dinner with your significant other or even your girlfriends.

Some people may thing that when you're using a darker shade of lipstick, you cannot wear eyeshadow or blush or anything else. I personally feel that, it is possible. I've done it before. I wore MAC Diva with eyeshadow and eyeliner for a dramatic look. It's a matter of how confidence you are with your makeup.

On days where i feel like going for the whole classic red lip look, I'll tone down my eye makeup and only lined my top eyelids with my black eyeliner. I usually skip the blush if i'm using Diva during the day. Below is a picture of me using MAC Diva.

I highly recommend this lipstick for all the girls out there especially slightly tanner girls because this colour looks amazing on Indian/brown skin tone. My mum loved it so much that she even bought it for herself. And she looks absolutely pretty when she uses it. Most of my girlfriends love this lipstick too. It is like our staple sexy, vampy lippie ;)

Below are the swatches of MAC Diva on my hand. And the lipstick on my lips.

Hope this review was useful! Now go out and get yourself this gorgeous Lipstick! :)

Don't forget to check out my Topshop Lip Bullet review and also my favourite nude lipstick which is the MAC Cozy Up. I have a new post on the MAC Flat Out Fabulous lipstick from the new Retro matte line. Be sure to check them all out. Thank you for reading!

I love you all! Much love from me <3


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Makeup Look #2 Brown & Gold

Hey Girlies!
So my friend has a wedding to attend in the evening. Her cousin is getting married! :) So she came to me for makeup advice. The outfit that she is going to wear is a red and gold coloured saree. I told her NOT to ever use red eyeshadow. Never ever wear red eyeshadow. I dunno. It's just weird. Red eye shadows are never flattering on anybody. It only looks okay on the runway and high-fashion photo-shoots in Vogue or Cosmo, I guess. 

In order to help her, today I did a makeup look with Gold and Brown eye shadows. The eye shadows that I used are kinda shimmery. So I guess this look is more suitable for going out at night. Like obviously for wedding dinners, girls night out, clubbing or even dinner dates with your significant other. Besides, brown and gold goes well with red outfit. The steps are as below. I tried taking pictures of all the steps and all the products that I used are listed down below. Hope you guys like it!

Firstly, I applied my sunblock which is Lancome's UV Expert GN-Shield in SPF 50. And then I primed my face with Revlon's Photoready Perfecting Primer to cover up them pores! I only put it on my cheek area. Next I applied my MAC Studio Sculpt in NC 45 all over my face using my Real Techniques Stippling brush. I don't apply foundation to my neck. It's just too messy for my liking and also because my foundation matches my neck perfectly. After that, I apply my NYX Above and Beyond Full Coverage concealer in the shade 06 Glow under my eyes to conceal any dark circles. To set my under eye concealer, I use the MAC Studio Fix powder in NC 40. Then I apply the MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in the shade Dark to set my foundation.

I use SilkyGirl's Funky Eyelights Pencil in the colour 06 Metallic Bronze all over my eyelid as a base. Then I take Inglot's eyeshadow (a gold coloured one- Inglot eyeshadows does not have names. So sorry. But I’ll put the picture of the eyeshadow so that you can see what colour exactly it is) and put it in the inner corners of my eyes and also 3/4 of it. So the end of your eyes should not have any gold shadow. Then I take another eyeshadow from Inglot (this is a dark brown glittery eyeshadow-though, when you apply it, it doesn't look THAT glittery on the eyes) and place it on my crease area and also the V-corners of my eyes. I took my Metallic Bronze eye pencil and lined my lower lids for a lil smokey eye effect.

Next, I lined my eyes with Benefit’s Waterproof Bad Gal Eyeliner in Black. For the wing, I used SilkyGirl’s Precision Liquid Liner Waterproof in Black (you can actually use any liquid liner that you like). For the finishing touches, I coated my top eyelashes with 2 mascaras. First, is the Maybelline’s The Magnum Volum’ Express Super Film in black. And then second mascara is the Clinique’s Lash Power Mascara in the shade 01 Black Onyx. The combo makes your eyelashes appear longer and thicker. For my lower lashes, I just used the Clinique mascara. To fill my eyebrows in, I used a brown eyeshadow from Bobbi Brown’s Chocolate Eye Palette in the shade ‘Chocolate’ which is the darkest colour in the palette.

So done with the eyes, onto the cheeks. For the cheeks, I wanted to go with a natural shade so I choose the Bobbi Brown’s Blush Fard A Joues in the shade #31 Clementine. It’s an orangey peach colour. Looks absolutely gorgeous and natural on slightly tanner skin. I lined my lips with NYX LipLiner Pencil in the colour #819 Soft Brown. And then, I applied MAC Cozy Up lipstick for the finishing touches. I decided to skip the lipgloss as the eye makeup is already shimmery. So this is the finished look! :)

Hope you guys liked it! XOXO

Friday, August 23, 2013

Review : NYX Mosaic Powder Blush

Hey everyone! 

So I bought a new blush from Sephora. It's the NYX Mosaic Powder in the shade #06 Rosy. If i'm not mistaken the blush is only RM 35. This is relatively very cheap when compared to MAC blushes or even Bobbi Brown ones. I am already in love with it. It is not at all super pigmented like some of the blushes i have. And that is one of the reason why i love it. I usually don't like blushers that are too pigmented because it so difficult to control the amount that you're putting on your face. I'm sure nobody wants to look like some pink-cheeked clown! Here is the picture of the packaging of the blush. 

As you can see in the picture above, this blush has like 5 separate colours in it. The top most colour is a very shimmery pale pink. This can be doubled as a really awesome highlighter. The second colour on the right is the most darkest colour in the blush and it is in a bright pink shade. However, the colour isn't as pigmented as you all may think it is. It goes on as a lovely medium pink shade.

The third colour is the peach one. The peach part of the blush has the most glitter. Again, it's a pretty shade and it does not look ghastly when used. The mauve shade in the blush has the least shimmer or glitter in it. It appears to be almost matte. In the middle, there is an orangey colour with a tint of gold tones in it. This is so pretty when mixed together with the other colours.  

I usually put on this blush with a blush brush that i got from the store SASA. I'm still waiting for my BH Cosmetics Pink Brush Set to arrive (I'm so excited!). So meanwhile, i'm using this brush to apply blush. I always mixed the bright pink, peach and mauve colours together and then swipe it on the apples of my cheeks. And then, I'll use a smaller brush to take some of the shimmery pale pink and put it on my cheekbones as a highlighter. 

As for the orange/gold colour, i personally like to use it to highlight the inner corners on my eyes when i'm wearing eyeshadow to make my eyes look brighter and more radiant. You can always just mix all 5 colours on your brush and swipe it on your cheeks. It is not wrong. This is just my way of using this product. So yeah. 

Below are the pictures of how the blush looked on me. Thanks for reading! Byeeeeeeeee xoxo
PS : Please excuse me un-groomed eyebrows! I've been so busy this week that i had no time to go to my threading salon :/

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Throw Back Thursdays ~My University Days

Hey guys!

I graduated university last November. Ever since then my life has changed drastically. My university life has been the best years of my whole life, no doubt. I had fantastic friends, freedom to do whatever i please, freedom to live life the way i want without any interference from my parents and i get to be not-so-responsible as i lived off the allowance that my parents gave me. Basically, I was carefree and had the best of both worlds. My friends and I would always hangout at the malls, watching movies, shopping for clothes and that one perfect little black dress! We also used to go out for dinner once a week to nice restaurants for Mexican food, Italian food, Japanese food, you name it! 

And then during the weekends, daddy will ask me to fly down to JB to spend time at home with the family. I usually come back home once in every 2 weeks. I was really livin' life. I truly loved my university. I miss all those times where i studied at the library with my friends, the mamak shops that we used to hangout at, uni cafeteria, the Starbucks at uni (Yup, my campus is cool like that :P) and also all the silly things we did! If i were to list down all the dumb/funny/happy/stupid things that we did, the list will be as long as Rapunzel's hair. I even remembered the time when i dared one of my friends to talk to a guy (who looks like RedFoo from LMFAO) and tell him in a seductive way that he looks like RedFoo. LOL. 

It's so silly when i think about some of the crushes that i had in university. Once i even had a crush on my lecturer. I think he even knew that i fancied him. HAHA :D And then there is all the wonderful events to go to. Like the ball, cultural nights and many more. Sometimes, i wish i can turn back time and relive all those nice moments again and again. But that is not possible and life goes on. Things change. So do people. What i just gotta do now is go on with life. Embrace what is coming next with a positive energy.

Anyways, I will always cherish these memories forever and ever! I'm glad that i formed many precious friendship that will last a lifetime. There are a few pictures of me and my girlies below. Till next time! xoxo

"A friend should be one in whose understanding and virtue we can equally confide, and whose opinion we can value at once for its justness and its sincerity" - Robert Hall 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

LuckyLuckyLavender ~ OPI nail Polish!

Hey babes!

Since I'm ill today, I couldn't go to work. After taking a few medications given by the pharmacist, I actually kinda feel better. So I decided to do my nails! I always complain about not having enough time every week to do my nails ever since i started working. And now i finally have time! 

I wanted to try the new nail polish which I bought a few weeks ago. It is the OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender. And oh my gosh! I'm so in love with the colour. It's a pretty Lilac/pastel purple colour. It goes so well with tanned or fair skin tone. This colour is amazing. I'm officially obsessed with it. 

I usually go for reds when it comes to nail polishes. But this colour is out of the world! I'm totally hooked on it. This is definitely something I would repurchase. Even right now, I'm so tempted to go get another bottle of this colour just in case OPI decides to discontinue this colour :P 

Pictures of the nail polish is down below. I'm going to be wearing Lucky Lucky Lavender for weeks! :) xx

Monday, August 19, 2013

Style Files # 2 - Pink Brightens Up My Day

Hey Girlies!

My parents wanted to take us out for dinner during the Ramadhan holiday. We went to this nice, elegant Indian Restaurant in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail called "Namaste". Since i was going out with my family, i was dressed more modestly than usual :P HAHA I'm sure all the girls out there know what i'm talking about, right? When we're out with parents, automatically our outfits should be all modest and covered up. Asian parents (especially brown or desi parents) are very particular about that.

Anyways, i wore my loose fitting black chiffon top with some lace detailing at the back with my deep/muted pink pants, both from Dorothy Perkins (which happens to be my favourite store to buy clothes). Since, the top was kinda see-through, i wore a black tank top underneath it. To give my body some shape, i wore a black skinny belt. 

As for the shoes, i wore my black kitten heels because i didn't feel like towering over my mum. (lol, tall girl problem :P) And I decided to go with my Coach handbag for that touch of elegance. The dinner was really nice. it was really great to see my brother and sisters again after not being able to see them for weeks because i'm working in KL and all my siblings are in different states! Details of where i got my outfit are as below. 

Top : Black Lacey Loose Blouse from Dorothy Perkins and a black tank top (worn under) from Forever 21
Pants : Dorothy Perkins
Belt : Skinny black belt from Nichii
Handbag : Coach
Shoes : Charles & Keith

Actually i was wearing my Owl earrings, but again, it couldn't be seen under all that thick hair. I'll take a picture of it next time. Byeeeeee xxx

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Makeup Look # 1 Dewy Face Glow

Hey Girls!

Today I’m going to hangout with my girlfriends at the mall. I wore my red skater dress from Forever 21 with these Animal Print Sandals from Vincci. I wanted a more of a glowy, dewy face look today.

So first, as always, I applied my Lancome UV Shield sunblock. It’s very important for me to always wear sunblock coz – 1) Malaysia is a hot country and 2) I just finished my Roaccutane medication 7 months ago and my skin is sensitive to sunlight now. Then I primed my face with my Revlon Photoready Primer. I usually just apply it to areas of my face which has pores –my cheeks.

Then I take a stippling brush from Real Techniques and apply the MAC Studio Sculpt all over my face. This is a gel foundation. Hence, it gives the whole dewy-glow look to your face. Definitely not suitable for people with oil skin. I take my Estee Lauder Ideal Light in the shade #03 Medium and apply it to my cheekbones, the top of my eyebrows, the bridge of my nose and on my chin. This is a brush-on illuminating highlighter. Hence, I use the tips of my forefinger to blend it out well.

After that, I apply my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Dark all over my face with a fluffy brush. For this look, I even tried contouring my cheeks with this product (It looks well as a bronzer too). I didn’t want to use eyeshadow because I wanted to go for a slightly heavy eyeliner look. So I lined my top eyelids with Benefit BadGal Waterproof eyeliner. I even lined the corners of my lower lids. And done with the eyes! Simple, right?

As for the lips, I lined my lips with NYX LipLiner in the colour #810 Natural. I top it off with NYX Round Lipstick in the colour ‘Frappucino’. All the NYX round lipsticks have a very moisturizing finish. They are very pigmented and they keep the lips looking supple and moisturized throughout the day. However, the downfall of this lippie is that it is not long lasting. But I don’t find that a problem as I’ll just re-apply it throughout the day.

So that’s all for this very simple makeup look. Hope you guys liked it. Let me know below if you girls LOVE the NYX round lipsticks. I know I do! 


The finish look of this makeup! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Style Files #1 - Spotted PEEKaBOO

Hello People! :)

So, last Friday I wore this relatively casual outfit to work. My company totally does the whole "Casual Friday" thing. And I was in the mood to wear polka dots! (I love anything POLKA DOTS!) Because I was wearing it to work, I wore a collared shirt with this pants. The shirt has a cut-out at the back which is kinda flirty in a non-slutty way. The pants is a slim cut, ankle pants. It's slim fitting all the way to my ankle. I matched this outfit with my animal print handbag to give it an air of playfulness, cause everyone knows that animal print can bring out the fun side in girls when paired correctly. I did not wear any accessories apart from my tiny pearl earrings (though it can't be seen in the picture thanks to my long hair). As for shoes, i kept it simple with a pair of basic black flats. Hence, I would definitely consider this outfit as a more 'fun-work attire'! 

However, this outfit can absolutely be worn for an outing with your girlfriends when you're in the mood to be more comfortable. You can rock the pants with a tank top and a coloured jacket (those are very in now). Or you can also opt for an all white blouse/cashmere sweater. Whatever that floats your boat :)

Below are the details of my outfit :-

Top : Forever 21
Pants : Giordano
Handbag : Dorothy Perkins
Shoes : Primavera 
Earrings : Small pearl studs from Forever 21 


My Perfume Collection

I’ve never been a perfume junkie before. I’ve always been a makeup-junkie, but definitely not a perfume junkie. Since I’ve only used one perfume for the whole of my university days, the good ol’ Britney Spears’ Fantasy. Thus, making it my signature perfume among my friends and family. One time, my friend told me that I smell so “yummy" and that she wanted to know what that sweet smelling fragrance was. I told her about Fantasy. It comes in a pink round bottle with lime green crystals on it. I met the same friend after a week and she told me that she checked out the perfume and was about to buy it. But then she said “Nah, Pri. That perfume is so you. That’s your scent" LOL.
So there you go. Fantasy has been my favourite and only perfume that I use. But one day, I decided to be adventurous and purchased the Marc Jacobs’ Lola. It was an okay scent but I didn’t like it. So after finishing that huge bottle, I went back to Fantasy. However, lately I’ve been getting a lil bored of my favourite fragrance :O I know, I’m shocked too. Like how did that happened? I thought I was going to use it till the age of what? 70? :P
Anyways, I read in a blog somewhere in the net, about a sweet smelling, cotton candy perfume called Pink Sugar. That surely describes the kind of scent that I like. I love sweet smelling, vanilla flavored perfumes. So I looked high and low to find the perfume since it’s from Italy and they don’t really sell it at many countries. However, I was lucky enough to find it at a department store here called Metrojaya. Delighted, I immediately bought it. And what can I say, I absolutely love it! :) yummy-iest scent ever! It’s one of my favourite right now.
Victoria’s Secret opened it Malaysia about a few months ago. They opened a branch at my favourite mall, One Utama. It’s the biggest mall in Malaysia btw. And also it’s like the 7th biggest mall in the world or something. Lol, As soon as I entered the store, I could smell all kinds of fragrances mixed together. Some were fruity, floral and masculine. However, I could vaguely smell coconut. The sales girl showed me a body most called Coconut Passion. It’s a vanilla body most with a hint of coconut scent. What can I say? I fell in love with that body mist. It’s so light and sweet and just sugary-smelling (if that makes sense!).So I bought the mist and also the moisturizer. Looks like I don’t have one preference of perfume, anymore…
After 2 weeks of purchasing those fragrances, I went to KL again. There, I went to another mall called Sunway Pyramid. I went to Benefit cosmetics to purchase my eyeliner, the sales girl told me about their perfumes. I sniffed a few and didn’t like them. Then she sprayed another one and I was in love again :) this perfume had a strong coconut smell with a lil hint of vanilla. Kind of the opposite of my body mist. And plus, everybody needs a perfume that goes well with their body mist, don’t they? ;) So, no surprises there. I bought the perfume. It’s called So Hooked On Carmella :D
I highly recommend all the fragrances that I’ve mentioned above. So totally worth it :) But with all that said, I did purchase a new purchase 3 days ago. Yes, Britney Spears’ Fantasy! It will always be my best perfume ever