Wednesday, August 21, 2013

LuckyLuckyLavender ~ OPI nail Polish!

Hey babes!

Since I'm ill today, I couldn't go to work. After taking a few medications given by the pharmacist, I actually kinda feel better. So I decided to do my nails! I always complain about not having enough time every week to do my nails ever since i started working. And now i finally have time! 

I wanted to try the new nail polish which I bought a few weeks ago. It is the OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender. And oh my gosh! I'm so in love with the colour. It's a pretty Lilac/pastel purple colour. It goes so well with tanned or fair skin tone. This colour is amazing. I'm officially obsessed with it. 

I usually go for reds when it comes to nail polishes. But this colour is out of the world! I'm totally hooked on it. This is definitely something I would repurchase. Even right now, I'm so tempted to go get another bottle of this colour just in case OPI decides to discontinue this colour :P 

Pictures of the nail polish is down below. I'm going to be wearing Lucky Lucky Lavender for weeks! :) xx

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