Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Perfume Collection

I’ve never been a perfume junkie before. I’ve always been a makeup-junkie, but definitely not a perfume junkie. Since I’ve only used one perfume for the whole of my university days, the good ol’ Britney Spears’ Fantasy. Thus, making it my signature perfume among my friends and family. One time, my friend told me that I smell so “yummy" and that she wanted to know what that sweet smelling fragrance was. I told her about Fantasy. It comes in a pink round bottle with lime green crystals on it. I met the same friend after a week and she told me that she checked out the perfume and was about to buy it. But then she said “Nah, Pri. That perfume is so you. That’s your scent" LOL.
So there you go. Fantasy has been my favourite and only perfume that I use. But one day, I decided to be adventurous and purchased the Marc Jacobs’ Lola. It was an okay scent but I didn’t like it. So after finishing that huge bottle, I went back to Fantasy. However, lately I’ve been getting a lil bored of my favourite fragrance :O I know, I’m shocked too. Like how did that happened? I thought I was going to use it till the age of what? 70? :P
Anyways, I read in a blog somewhere in the net, about a sweet smelling, cotton candy perfume called Pink Sugar. That surely describes the kind of scent that I like. I love sweet smelling, vanilla flavored perfumes. So I looked high and low to find the perfume since it’s from Italy and they don’t really sell it at many countries. However, I was lucky enough to find it at a department store here called Metrojaya. Delighted, I immediately bought it. And what can I say, I absolutely love it! :) yummy-iest scent ever! It’s one of my favourite right now.
Victoria’s Secret opened it Malaysia about a few months ago. They opened a branch at my favourite mall, One Utama. It’s the biggest mall in Malaysia btw. And also it’s like the 7th biggest mall in the world or something. Lol, As soon as I entered the store, I could smell all kinds of fragrances mixed together. Some were fruity, floral and masculine. However, I could vaguely smell coconut. The sales girl showed me a body most called Coconut Passion. It’s a vanilla body most with a hint of coconut scent. What can I say? I fell in love with that body mist. It’s so light and sweet and just sugary-smelling (if that makes sense!).So I bought the mist and also the moisturizer. Looks like I don’t have one preference of perfume, anymore…
After 2 weeks of purchasing those fragrances, I went to KL again. There, I went to another mall called Sunway Pyramid. I went to Benefit cosmetics to purchase my eyeliner, the sales girl told me about their perfumes. I sniffed a few and didn’t like them. Then she sprayed another one and I was in love again :) this perfume had a strong coconut smell with a lil hint of vanilla. Kind of the opposite of my body mist. And plus, everybody needs a perfume that goes well with their body mist, don’t they? ;) So, no surprises there. I bought the perfume. It’s called So Hooked On Carmella :D
I highly recommend all the fragrances that I’ve mentioned above. So totally worth it :) But with all that said, I did purchase a new purchase 3 days ago. Yes, Britney Spears’ Fantasy! It will always be my best perfume ever


  1. Your perfume taste sounds similar to mine, I love vanilla and sweet scented perfumes. Not sure if you get Mor Marshmallow perfume in your country but if you do, give it a try. It's so yummy!

    Also The Body Shop Madagascan Vanilla is another favourite.

    Fatima xx

    1. Ooo thanks for the recommnedation. Will check it out if they have that perfume here. And the Madagascan Vanilla perfume, that i have already tried and liked it! Hehe xxx