Thursday, August 29, 2013

Throw Back Thursdays ~ My Trip to Phuket Island

Sawadika everyone!

It's Thursday again! This time imma talk about my trip to Phuket Island with my BFF. The thing I LOVE most about Phuket is the BEACHES! Omg, those are like the most beautiful beaches I've ever been to. The sand is so soft, white, clean and smooth. I literally couldn't get enough of the beach. It was just too gorgeous and serene. Even at night.

When i was at Phuket, I stayed at the Patong area. Apparently that is the most popular area. My hotel was only a 5 minutes walk away from the beach. So i practically went to Patong Beach every morning and sometimes night! Till my friend and i became so freaking tanned till it's not even funny. Me and my friend were rocking our bikinis and having the time of our lives there. I brought 4 bikinis with me! HAHA :D and plus bikinis in Thailand are so CHEAP! Compared to Malaysia where one set of bikini is like RM 168?When in Thailand it's only like RM 25 to RM 40? So, not to my girls out there, don't buy bikinis when you're going to Phuket. Get it from there itself. Way cheaper plus you won't need to stuff your luggage bags.

The sea waters there are so clear. But i would say that Phi Phi Island sea water is the clearest of them all. It's so clear that you can actually see the fishes and the corals in the sea bed. Phi Phi island is a smaller island which is also a part of Phuket. It's small but so beautiful. The sand is white! Plus you can go snorkeling and diving there too. It's also filled with loads of foreigners. No surprises there. it is after all one of the famous islands in the world

Even the nightlife at Phuket is very lively. Lots of clubs and bar at Bangla Road. You can actually see drag queens/transsexuals everywhere. Personally, it was a lil bit too crazy for me, that place. Anyhow, we had an awesome time there. we mostly spend our time at the beach. I wish my stay there was longer, though. Like maybe a month or so. Because there are literally tonnes of things to do :)

Oh well. back to reality. Back to Malaysia. Back to work.

Thailand, I'll definitely be back one day! I love you, too much!



  1. Bangla Road .. Awesome

    1. LOL, yeah that's the name of the road. I'm sure you've heard of it :P

  2. heard about it but yet to go ,, priya btw arvin here haah