Monday, September 9, 2013

BH Cosmetics ~ The Best Inexpensive Makeup Brand EVER!

Hello my fellow makeup lovers!

I love to watch makeup tutorials on YouTube. You know, just to learn new techniques of doing my eyeshadow and also getting a few makeup tips. A month ago, i noticed that all the makeup gurus on YouTube were raving about a certain cosmetics brand which is very high quality but is priced at an inexpensive price. Thus, i decided to check out that cosmetic brand's website. And boy, was i AMAZED! 

BH Cosmetics are the most impressive and inexpensive cosmetics brand ever. It is a USA brand. It is solely an e-commerce based business. Even people in US has to buy them online. I immediately checked the delivery list as soon as i entered the website because many US website does not deliver to Malaysia. And guess what? They do delivery to Malaysia. In fact they deliver to every country in the world. How cool is that? Click here to go to BH Cosmetics Official website.

So checked out the website and many eyeshadow palettes were on discount. There are so many gorgeous eyeshadow palettes; 120 colours eye palettes and the 88 colours eye palettes. At last, i chose to purchase the 88 Matte Eyeshadow Palette and the Glamorous 10 Blush set. And guess how much did it all come to? Only USD 34.35 @ RM 116.32 with the shipping cost included! That means you're getting 88 eyeshadow colours and 10 blush for only RM 116.32. That's a steal for me! If i were to buy MAC individual eyeshadow, it will be RM 60++ (I don't remember the exact price because it's been a few years since i bought eyeshadow from MAC) .

BH Cosmetics is really efficient when it comes to the delivery. I got my package within 12 days of me placing the order online! With Saturday and Sundays included. That's really fast especially for a package coming all the way from North Hollywood. Some of you may think 'What if the blush palette breaks? etc etc' Not to worry. BH Cosmetics wrap their products in a way where it can't get damaged. See below for pictures.
Inside the package :)
I was really impressed with their service that i placed another order to buy their 12 Piece Pink Brush Set. BH Cosmetics were having a promotion for their brush sets so i even got the BH Party Girl Palette for free! But i think that promotion has ended already. I got those two for only USD 27.45 @ RM 95.24. I tell you, this is like the best value for money cosmetics store ever. I admit that i'm addicted to their products now. I can't stop buying them. They have so many variety of palettes, brush sets and many more priced at such good affordable prices! To check out my review on the BH Party Girl palette and the 12 piece pink brush set, click here

I still haven't received my brush set and Party Girl palette because i just ordered it last week. Most probably it will be arriving on the 14th Sept. I'm so excited to receive it. Anyways, i took a few pictures of the 88 eyeshadow palette and the Blush set. 

Look at how pigmented the colours are! Below are the pictures of the Glamorous Blush Set.

Do check out BH Cosmetics Website. They have so many awesome promotions every other week. I'm sure many of my Malaysian girls are not aware of this amazing brand. That's why i had to share this with you all. Now you know. It's time to go shopping online, babes! :)

That's all for today! Much love <3 

Disclaimer : I'm not sponsored by BH Cosmetics. This post is purely based on my thoughts and experiences with BH Comestics products and services. 



  1. The colours look so pretty and really attractive
    .Very good deal though !

    1. Yup, BH Cosmetics always have good deals, babe! :) Check out their website! xx

  2. hi, im looking for the bh cosmetic for so long ,but never take any actions, coz i dont know about the transport to malaysia, may i know howmuch u pay for it,? Is it direct to yr home?

    1. Hello Ivy! I got these 2 products plus shipping for only RM 95. But i recently heard that BH Cosmetics have increased the cost of their international shipping. So it's not that cheap anymore. I don't know if this cost increase permanent or only during Christmas time. So yeah. And the products were send directly to me house. Hope that was helpful :) XOXO

  3. Hi Priyaaaa! Were there any custom duties that we need to pay if we buy makeup from outside Malaysia? Hehehehe.

    1. No, there is no duties that we need to pay :)

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