Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Favourite Drugstore Brand Lipsticks!

Hey peeps!

Time for another lipstick post! As you all know, i'm such a huge lipstick junkie. I love wearing lipsticks and hoarding them. I am not too particular about the brand but i do find myself often at MAC purchasing a new lipstick. That is only because MAC has such a huge range of lipstick colours and also their lipsticks are vanilla scented. And i LOVE anything with a vanilla scent such as cakes or even Britney Spears' Fantasy perfume. Hehee.

Anyways, for those of you whom may not know what the term 'Drugstore Brand Lipstick' means, is it the lipstick brand at Watson's, Guardian or any other pharmacies in Malaysia. Example the drugstore brands are Loreal, Rimmel, Maybelline, Revlon, Silky Girl and many more. I have tried a few drugstore brand lipsticks and ended up liking them a lot. However, most of these brands do not have matte lipsticks. And i use a lot of matte lipstick. Only Revlon and Maybelline, i think, has a small matte range of lipsticks. 

So, let's get to it. The first drugstore lipstick that i love is the Maybelline's BOLD Matte Color Sensational in the shade MAT7 which is a beautiful creamy nude pink-beige colour. It is from the new matte range lipstick which was introduced by Maybelline a few months ago. This range mostly consisted of the different shades of red. Except one which is this MAT7. I absolutely love this colour. It is my everyday nude lippie. The colour is a pretty nude that does not wash out my face or make me look super pale. This lipstick has a matte finish but it is not drying at all. Sometimes i feel like i'm wearing a satin-finish lipstick instead of a matte lipstick when i'm using this product. Below is the picture of the lipstick swatch.

The second drugstore lipstick is the Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade #240 Sandalwood Beige. Sandalwood Beige is a creamy coral, peach shade. It has a creme finish. I assumed that the creme finish is equivalent to MAC's amplified finish.  The colour of this lipstick is really opaque (very pigmented) and it's very moisturizing for the lips. I usually use this lipstick with a heavy eyeliner look. I dunno why, but i just like it that way. Haha. I definitely wouldn't call this a nude lipstick because the orange-peach colour stands out pretty well. 

The third one would be the Rimmel's Lasting Finish Lipstick in the shade #120 Cutting Edge. This is actually my very first dark coloured lipstick. It's my second favourite vampy lipstick (first is of course, my MAC Diva). Cutting Edge is a dark purple-maroon coloured lipstick. It is a deep berry coloured lipstick. At first, after buying this lipstick, i thought 'no way am i going to ever use this lipstick! It's simply too dark'. But then i changed! :D I became more daring in terms of trying out bolder lipstick colours. Now i love this lipstick so much. Too bad Rimmel cosmetics are no longer available in Malaysia :( This is why i try not to use the lipstick a lot. I only use it for special occasions. The thought of not being able to get it again makes me sad. Oh well, suck it up girl! It's just a lipstick. The high end dupe for this lipstick will definitely be MAC Rebel.

The last but not least would be another Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade #008 Cocoa Cravings. Cocoa Cravings is a nice chocolate coloured lipstick. It has a matte finish which i love. And it's not drying. The good thing about these drugstore matte lipsticks are that they don't cry your lips unlike some MAC lipsticks (Not all MAC matte lipsticks though). The colour of the lippie may look like it's dark brown. But as soon as you apply it, it's actually a soft brown, chocolatey colour! I would describe it as a "dark nude lipstick". For some very tanned girls, this might even work as a nude lipstick.

From the left to right (Cocoa Cravings, Cutting Edge, Sandalwood Beige, MAT7)

PS : So sorry girls, for the very horrible pictures! Firstly, my camera isn't working (So, i had to use my camrecorder -which i'm not too familiar how to use it- in order to take these pics. I have to get my camera repaired ASAP) and secondly, since I've been back home in JB, it's so difficult to find a good spot with good lighting to take pictures (Hence, the awful, messy background in these pictures).

Anyways, we have come to the end of the favourites post! Till the next post, girlies! ~ Hopefully with better pictures!


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