Saturday, September 28, 2013

MAC New Retro Matte Lipsticks Review

Hello babes! 

As most of you, lipstick lovers, would know that recently MAC has launch a new range of lipsticks called the 'Retro Matte' range. I bought 4 lipsticks from that range which are the MAC Steady Going, MAC Relentlessly Red, MAC Dangerous and MAC Ruby Woo. Actually i also bought MAC Flat Out Fabulous but it's not with me as i am back home in Johor Bahru after i stopped working at my previous company in Kuala Lumpur. My MAC Flat Out Fabulous is in KL. So this is why i'll only be reviewing 4 lipsticks out of the retro matte range. I promise i'll definitely do a review on my MAC Flat Out Fabulous as soon as i head back to KL and is able to get my hands on it! Hehe.

The retro matte range was introduced in Malaysia exactly a month ago. All the lipsticks are new colours except for MAC Ruby Woo which is from the permanent range of MAC lipsticks. However, I've never tried it on before. It was just like an ordinary red lipstick. After all, I already have my holy grail hot red lipstick from Bloom Cosmetics (Will do a review on that lippie soon). Anyways, the texture of a retro matte lipstick is a matte lipstick which provides a softer application of colour to the lips. As most matte lipsticks in MAC has a drier formula. The Retro matte range isn't like that. It does not dries the lips like how some normal matte lipsticks from MAC does.

From left to right : Relentlessly Red, Ruby Woo, Steady Going, Dangerous
The first lipstick will be obviously the one and only MAC Ruby Woo. Ruby Woo is like the ultimate red lipstick from MAC. It is the perfect shade of red. No hint of orange, pink or coral tone. It's a pretty shade of red but... that's about it. I'm not like in love with this lipstick whatsoever since I've already found my perfect shade of red lipstick! However for you, girls who have not found your holy grail red lippie, you may like this lipstick. Many people such as the YouTube makeup gurus, rave about this lipstick so much. To me, it was just like any other normal red lipstick with a smooth, soft application of colour on lips. It is easy to wear but it dries up the lips so much, which is not so good. Below are the picture of my wearing Ruby Woo.

The second lipstick is the bubblegum pink shade called MAC Steady Going. This lipstick, I like. It has a pretty baby pink colour with a blue undertone. It's slightly similar to MAC Please Me except that this colour is much more cooler due to the blue undertone. Whereas, Please Me is a more warmer pink. This lipstick, however, is kinda chalky. The colour, when applied to the lips appears to be very chalky. Which is weird. Because this is the only lipstick out of the whole collection to have a chalky finish. My solution for this problem is to use a lipstick brush. It definitely reduces the 'chalky-look' but it still kinda looks chalky. Even after applying a lip moisturizer before applying the lipstick. So, i wasn't really happy with this lipstick.

However, I did like the MAC Relentlessly Red. This lipstick is a pink-red colour. A lil bit more towards the colour red. It's almost like MAC Impassioned but Impassioned is more towards a hot pink colour. This lipstick applies very smooth and it lasts a long time. This is because it kind of leaves a stain on the lips. Even after eating, the colour of the lippie will be there. I wore this lipstick to the mall the other day. After a whole day or eating and hanging out with my family, i did not even have to reapply my lipstick the whole day. The colour was just still there. So for girls that want a long-lasting lipstick, this is it. Plus the colour is really gorgeous!

Next, would be MAC Dangerous. This is a orangey-red colour. It's almost similar to MAC Lady Danger. But MAC Lady Danger is more orangey...? If that makes any sense. Anyways, it's definitely a nice red-orange lipstick. It glides on the lips nicely without settling on the fine lips on the lips. For girls who likes coral colours lipstick, this will be like the perfect dinner-date-lipstick. I personally prefer a solid red colour. But occasionally if i'm sick of the usual hot red lipstick, i will definitely reach out of this lipstick.

These are the lipstick swatches on my hand. And below are the lipstick tubes. As all MAC lipstick, the Retro Matte range also have the standard vanilla scent which is super yummy! The prices are the same too, RM 68 per lipstick. Totally worth it, if you ask me. Coz to me, MAC lipsticks are the best. To read my review on MAC Flat Out Fabulous, click here.

Left to Right : Relentlessly Red, Ruby Woo, Steady Going, Dangerous
Hope you enjoyed this post, girls. Till the next post. BTW, I managed to buy a new camera. So yay! I can take nice, quality pictures again. HAHA



  1. wow gorgeous shades! are these still available in KL? any idea?

  2. Hi Parita! Yes, these lipsticks are definitely still available in KL :)

  3. I love MAC lipsticks. They are so pigmented!

  4. I know right? :) it's so pigmented and they smell really good! Like vanilla :)

  5. I really liked ur eye makeup ��
    What is the foundation brand and shade u r wearing?

    1. Thank you! :) I was using my MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation. I'm in the shade NC 45.

  6. Hi,can I know this retro matte will be permanent or limited edition? Tq-

    1. Some of the lipsticks are permanent. But the MAC Steady Going and MAC Dangerous is limited edition. The permanent ones are MAC Relentlessly Red, MAC Ruby Woo and MAC Flat Out Fabulous :)

  7. Replies
    1. You can buy them at any MAC cosmetics stores :)