Monday, September 2, 2013

Makeup Look #3 All About Eyeliners

Hey Girls and Guys! :)

I'm sure most girls love to wear eyeliners, right? Some girls might wear them on a daily basis and some of the others might only wear them on special occasions. As you all know, there are many types of eyeliners ; pencil liners, liquid liners and gel liners. I would rate pencil liners as the easiest to use and the liquid liners comes next and finally the least easiest would be gel liners. This is what i personally feel. Not necessarily everybody will find gel liners difficult to use. In fact some people prefer to use a gel liner because it has a more greater lasting power than a pencil liner.

So below are the eyeliners that i currently have :
I always do my eyeliner style differently everyday. On some days, i feel like being more simple. On other days, i feel like being a little more dramatic. You could say that i don't have just one staple eyeliner style. However, i do like the winged out eyeliner effect a lot. Below are the looks the few eyeliner styles that i usually do.

The Simple Lined Upper Lids

I usually do this with my Benefit BADgal Eyeliner because this eyeliner doesn't smudge at all. It's waterproof and the black colour is so pigmented. Of course you can use any eyeliner for this look if you don't have the Benefit BADgal eyeliner. However, if you are using an eyeliner which easily smudges, the lower eyelids (which should be free from any liner smudges) will tend to get smudged. And that is something that you wouldn't want. So be sure to use an eyeliner which does not smudge. After that, I take my Essence's Kajal Pencil and line my waterline with it to give the illusion of bigger eyes. Yup, that's the secret, girls! 

The Regular Lined Eyelids

This is the usual eyeliner look which can be achieved with any of the pencil liners. It's easy to achieve and also suitable for any occasion. All you need to do is line your top lids with an eyeliner of your choose and then line only half of your lower lids as shown in the picture below.

The Reverse Lined Eyelids

I think this is the easiest way to wear eyeliner. It literally involves only one step. Which is to line your waterline with a pencil liner. I never use liquid liner or gel liners to line my waterline because i feel that it is simply impossible to not get the eyeliner in your eyes. Pencil liners are usually non-transferable to contact lens. And i do wear contact lens. So yeah.

The Winged Out Effect

This is my all-time favourite eyeliner style to do. When i was in university, this look was my everyday eye makeup look. Since, i wasn't really good with eyeshadows during my studying days, i always just apply eyeliner with a wing for that extra oomph! And VOILA! It has now become my favourite look. I usually line my top lids with a pencil liner. And then for the wings, i take my SilkyGirl liquid liner to draw it. It can be a thick wing or even a thinner wing. I absolutely love the SilkyGirl liquid liner because it is matte and not glossy/shiny like most liquid liners. Even some high end brands liners are always so glossy/shiny. I personally do not like the whole glossy/shiny effect in any of my black liquid liners. i prefer the lines to be matte. That's just me, i guess :)

The Coloured Liner

Whenever i want to use my coloured liners, i will always line my eyes with a black eyeliner pencil beforehand. It's definitely not wrong to just straightaway apply the coloured liner on your eyelids. But as for me, i like using a black liner first and then only lining the coloured liner above the black line. I think it gives a more attractive look to the whole eyes.

The Dramatic Eyes Effect

The dramatic look can be achieved by lining the whole top lids and bottom lids with a pencil liner. Take a smudging brush to slightly smudge the bottom lid to give a more smokey effect (You can always use your fingers too). It is optional to add the wings. Below are the pictures of dramatic eyes effect with wings and mascara.

That's all for today! Hope this post was useful to you. Byeeeeeeeee :D


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