Saturday, September 7, 2013

My 5 Favourite Pink Lipsticks!

Hello my fellow beautiful people! :)

Today i wanted to do a post about my 5 favourite pink lipsticks. As some of you may already know, i absolutely adore the colour pink. Especially when it comes to lipsticks and heels. One of my favourite pumps are bright pink in colour. I mean, who doesn't like pink? My motto in life would be On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink! Mean Girls style, baybeh! 

Anyways, my first favourite all time pink lipstick would certainly be MAC Please Me. It is a creamy pale pink lipstick with a slight hint of warm rose colour. It's a very girly girl kind of lipstick which makes me like it even more. Is is a very wearable colour in the sense that it isn't too bright or 'in-your-face' kinda colour. You can definitely use it for work, hanging out with your girlfriends, special dinners etc. This lipstick has a matte finish. This means it is long-lasting because matte finish has a very high staying power on the lips. However, the formula of this lipstick can be tad drying on the lips. So please be sure to use some lip balm before applying this lipstick.

Second favourite pink lipstick would be MAC Impassioned. This lipstick has an amplified finish which means it is not drying for the lips. However, it doesn't last as long as the matte or satin finishes. I find myself re-applying this lipstick a lot whenever i use it. Impassioned is a red-pink lipstick. I love the colour because it the perfect combination of red and pink. It's in between red and pink. Sometimes it looks pink. Sometimes it looks red. On days when you're kinda sick of your classic red lipstick, you can opt for this lipstick! It will be like a refreshing change. 

The next pink lipstick will be Inglot's dark pink lipstick in the shade #421. This is the perfect shade of fuchsia pink. It's definitely a fun colour to wear for a Girls Night Out and fancy dinner parties or even formal black tie event. It has a matte finish. Inglot Matte lipsticks are known to be very very drying. So definitely use a lip balm before wearing this lipstick. The only thing that i don't really like about this lipstick is the smell of it. It has a distinct smell of ... orange? And i hate fruity smell- perfume or lispticks. I love MAC lipsticks' scent only because they are vanilla scented! HAHA :D

The fourth lipstick will be MAC Betty Bright. This lipstick is from the limited edition collection called Archie's Girls which was launched somewhere in April 2013 in Malaysia. And boy, did everybody love this collection? This particular lipstick was sold out in the USA within hours as soon as it was available online. I was certainly glad that i picked it up. I remember taking a cab with my friend as soon as work was over just to purchase this lipstick. Lol, that was an adventure by itself. Anyways, MAC Betty Bright is a beautiful coral pink lipstick. To be honest, this lipstick will look gorgeous on people who are on the fairer side. It's a pretty colour but wearing it alone, tends to make my lips look a little weird. You be the judge of it. Nevertheless, i still love this lipstick. It has a satin finish which is perfect because i love satin finish. The colour is pigmented and yet it isn't drying.

Last but not least is my Etude House Code B bright pink lipstick in the shade PK001. Etude House is a Korean brand and they have many branches here in Malaysia. I'm not so sure about Singapore though. But it's so easy to find an Etude House store in Malaysian malls. I love this colour so much. It's a pink lipstick with blue undertones. It has a creamy formula and it's pigmented.

This is the swatches of those lipsticks on my hand. From the left to right. MAC Betty Bright, Etude House PK001, MAC Impassioned, MAC Please Me and Inglot 421.

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That's all for now, girls! :) Till the next post!



  1. Beautiful ! I like the MAC Impassioned !

    1. Haha :D Thanks babe! Yes, go get it! It's a really pretty colour :)