Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Review : Charles Worthington Frizz Free Relax & Unwind Straightening Creme

Hi girls and guys!

Which one do your prefer; straight hair or curly hair?

I personally feel that both options can make any girl glamorous as long as she knows how to pull it off. And as long as the hair isn't frizzy, right? I mean, nobody wants frizzy hair. I've never met a person who actually likes their hair to be all frizzy. Frizzy hair is never attractive. 

Since Malaysia is so hot and humid, it's easy for hair to get frizzy. But don't worry, girls! I found a solution for that. It's called the Charles Worthington's Frizz Free Relax & Unwind Straightening Creme. I purchased it from Watson's last year. It was around RM 29.90. I consider that a steal since going to the salon to blow dry your hair and getting it styled would be around RM 33++. One tube can last up to 6 months? It depends on how often you actually use it. This product has an amazing scent to it. It's kind of like an ocean breeze scent? I'm not really sure if that's the right way to describe that scent. But that amazing scent will linger in your hair for days till you wash your hair again.

It states on the tube that you will get a sleek, kink-free hair with long lasting styles from using this creme. I personally love this product! It does exactly what it says on the tube. This creme is actually meant for straightening your hair. People who want to straighten their hair, must just apply this creme to their hair after washing it with shampoo. Then they have to blow dry their hair straight at a high temperature. After that, they should take their flat iron and straighten their hair for maximum effect.

However, that is not what i do. Obviously because i don't want straight hair. I just want a more tamer, neat  set of curls. So i usually just wash and conditioned my hair. Then i towel dry my hair even though it says here on the tube not to towel dry the hair. Instead just squeeze out the excess water from the hair and then apply the cream to the hair. I don't know how else am i suppose to squeeze the excess water out of my hair besides, towel drying it. So yeah. Then i will massage the cream into my hair and leave it for 20 minutes or so (depending on my mood that day). After that, i blow dry my hair, concentrating on the top area of my hair (since i prefer only the top part of it to be straighter). I don't usually apply much straightening creme on the lower parts of my hair.

The amount of hair cream i usually use
After my hair is dry, i tie it into a low bun at the nape of my neck. This helps the down part of my hair to remain curly and not straight from the effects of the creme. You can leave the bun in for as long as you want. After untying your hair, you will get the most beautiful silky, smooth hair ever! You'll look as though you had just return from the salon. I don't use the creme often, though. Only during days where i want my hair to look flawless and neat. Or else, i can't be bother, to be honest. Haha :D

Hope you liked it! Much love from me~

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