Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review : Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover

Hey girls! :)

So today I am reviewing this product by Sally Hansen. It's called the Gel Cuticle Remover. As most of you may already know, Sally Hansen is famous for their nail care products such as nail strengtheners, cuticle oils, nail polishes, nail polish removers etc. They also have many manicure kits and tools for people who wants to take care and do their own self-manicures at home. I admit, i am one of them. This is how the gel cuticle remover looks like. It is only RM 29.90 (at Parkson). And if you get it at Watson's it is only RM 26.90. This is an investment if you ask me because it can last a very long time depending on how often you change your nail colour. 

I really hate going to the nail salon to do my nails. It's due to several reasons stated below:

1) My nails are small. Like really small. My name nail bed is small, so is my nail. Therefore, i cannot have long nails. It's literally impossible to grow them out. Plus, because of this, i can't really get any nice nail art for my nails, anyways. Once, the manicurist told me that my nails are too small to do a French Manicure which is, by the way, my favourite style for nails. How heartbreaking is that? :O

2) My nails are quite brittle. My nails chip ever so easily.

3) Manicures are relatively expensive and it only lasts up to 5 days (for my nails, at least). So i don't think it's worth it to pay RM 50 to get your nails done and looking nice for only 5 days.

4) Since, i have tiny nails, even the manicurist at the nail salon have no idea how to shape my nails. It's usually square or round, right? But no. Mine has to be a mixture between the two.

Hence, i don't see the idea of going to a nail salon when all she is doing is applying a base coat and then 2 coats of nail polish and then a top coat with that extra nail cuticle oil and some fast drying spray. So, ever since then, I've been doing my own nails. It's actually easy to do your own nails at home. However, i find that removing your cuticles are the most difficult part of the whole process. Because once you have excess cuticles on your nails, it will tend to look unsightly when you apply a coat of nail polish on it.

Cutting your cuticles can tend to be painful. But no worries! I recently found a Gel Cuticle Remover by Sally Hansen which is amazing. And it's easy to use. It comes in a small tube with a small nozzle for easy usage. Firstly, obviously i'll remove any old nail polish from my fingernails. Then, i'll wash my hands which any hand soap. After that, i apply Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle remover to remove the excess cuticle on my fingernails as shown in the picture below.
The instruction behind the box says to wait for 2 to 3 minutes. However, i always put it on for 8 minutes because my cuticles can be tough. After 8 minutes, i massage my cuticle which now has become soft and easy to remove. You can always use a nail clipper to remove the cuticle but i prefer to just use my hands. After removing all the unwanted cuticles, i wash my hands again and then apply some cuticle oil on my cuticles. This will keep your cuticles healthy, soft and supply. Finally after this, I'll apply my base coat, 2 coats of nail polish and then a top coat to maintain the shine of the nail polish. Now, you'll have beautifully manicured fingernails! :)

See, isn't that easy? Be sure to try this at home! : ) XOXO

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