Friday, September 13, 2013

Victoria's Secret sells COSMETICS too! ~ Lash DARE Mascara Review

Hi Girls!

I recently went to Victoria's Secret to check out their fragrances. Victoria 's Secret is one of my favourite stores at One Utama! It smells absolutely sweet and it's so pink and girly! As you may already know, VS in Malaysia is mostly famous for their fragrances and also merchandise like handbags and purses. To my surprise, i saw cosmetics there too. I mean, i knew that VS has always been selling their signature lipglosses. I had no idea that they sell eyeshadows, mascaras and also makeup kits according to different colours. I was particularly taken in by their mascara. 

The mascara is called Lash Dare. It comes in a pink tube with the signature VS pink stripes. Thus, making the mascara look cute and pretty. People would obviously know that it is from Victoria's Secret because of the signature pink packaging. This mascara is only RM 34 which is fairly cheap because even some Maybelline mascaras cost more than that. It only comes in the colour black though. 

The wand of this mascara is a tiny, comb-like bristles. The picture of this wand is shown as below. Anyways, this mascara is called a 3-in-1 mascara that means it lengthens, volumises and defines the lashes. After trying on this product, i would have to say that this mascara only defines the lashes. The pros and cons of the mascara is listed below. 

Close up diagram of the mascara wand
Pros :  - Pretty packaging
           - Defines the eyelashes
           - Does not clump
           - Does not flake or smudge
           - The black colour is 'very black'
           - Gives a natural touch to the eyelashes. (Suitable for work, college etc.)
           - Affordable price

Cons : - Does not lengthens eyelashes
           - Does not volumise the eyelashes
           - It may look 'too natural'. Thus, making it not suitable if you want a more dramatic look. 

As stated above, this mascara is more suitable if you are going for a more casual day-time outing or even work/college. It will be like the perfect day time mascara. If you're a simple girl who likes looking natural and not doll-like, this mascara is definitely meant for you. But it's definitely not the type of mascara if you want more drama in your eye makeup :) This is how the mascara looks on my eyelashes. Please ignore my eyebrow mishap. That threading salon made a mistake. She made my right eyebrow look thicker :(

Hope you girls liked the review. XOXO


  1. Does it have waterproof ???? I need that !!!!!!

    1. Haha :D i'm not very sure if they have a waterproof version of this mascara :/

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