Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review : Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Mulberry Foaming Scrub

Hey lovelies! 

I'm currently so busy with my Diwali preparation that I've been lagging with my posts. I'm sure you all know that I've been baking so many cookies. Gosh, i keep irritating you guys with all those cookies and biscuits pictures on my Facebook. Haha! And also I've been busy with some interviews. I actually went for a job interview recently on Monday. I really really hope that i get that job becuase it is absolutely what i want in a job and it's just perfect! So yeah, i'm keeping my fingers (and toes, if that's possible) crossed for that. Do pray for me, kays? Hehee. Okay, back to the post now.

Today i'm gonna do a review on my favourite facial scrub. It's the Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Mulberry Foaming Scrub. It comes in a purple tube of 100 grams. It's a colourless gel-like product with red-coloured micro beads of what i perceived is the mulberry seeds? Apparently this scrub is supposed to have a gentle exfoliating formula that cleans deep down into the pores. It also will remove dead skin cells and helps to reveal a visibly brighter skin. It can effectively removes 99% of oil, dirt and any other impurities. This product contains gentle exfoliating beads and mulberry extract that helps reveal a fairer skin.

Anyways, this product totally does what it says. It really does make your skin look way brighter. Even with only one single use, i noticed a vast difference of my skin shade. This is because it properly removes all the dirt and dead skin cells off your face. I love this product. It does not feel harsh on your face and also it is suitable for any type of skin. I have oily skin and so far it has never irritate my skin. At all. The product has a sort of fruity scent. I guess it's the mulberry scent. It's a pleasent scent. Not personally my favourite scent (since i'm such a coconut and vanilla scent freak) but it's okay. Not too strong nor too mild. I use this scrub every 2 days. I recommended this scrub to my mum and now she loves it! This scrub is one of a kind because it's gentle unlike most scrubs.

This is how the scrub looks like. There is red beads with tiny white particles 
The Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Mulberry Foaming scrub is oil-free and also alcohol-free. It's dermatologist tested so it's safe, for sure. It's also non-comedogenic. This means that it will not clog your pores nor cause your face to breakout. This scrub is very inexpensive as it is less than RM 20. It's probably around RM 16.90. Depending on whether you're buying it at Watson's or Guardian pharmacy. Be sure to check it out if you're looking for a scrub or if you want to try an awesome possum scrub which is inexpensive but works wonders! 


PS: I can't wait for Diwali :D


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush in #02 Pink Kiss

Hi Girls!

Today i'm gonna write about my all-time favourite blusher. In fact I've been using this blush ever since the age of 18 years old (though, at that age, i didn't know how the heck to apply the blush. But oh well. That's history). It is also my very first blush. Therefore, there is sentimental values in it. Of course it was my mummy who got it for me back then. Don't i have like the best mother in this whole wide world? hehe. My mum got me this makeup set from Estee Lauder for my 18th birthday, i think. After all, that is the age when a girl blossoms into a young lady. 

In that makeup set, I got like 5 brushes, 3 lipsticks, 4 blush, several eyeshadows (which till today, i still have), eyeliner, lip liner and a mascara. I particularly love the lip liner and the blush in Pink Kiss. So i would only use the Pink Kiss blush. So when the colour Pink Kiss in my blush palette finished, i had to get it. I finally bought the individual blush in Pink Kiss. Apparently it is in the Estee Lauder signature range. Thank god for me, it's still there. I got it for RM 120 as it is a high end blush (I'm not sure if Estee Lauder has increased the price because i got this like a few years ago). I don't mind spending for this particular blush because it is absolutely BEA-U-TI-FUL. Like really really gorgeous. Till today, no other blushes can match up to this blush. That's how i feel anyways.

The blush is 5g and it comes with a tiny brush as shown in the below diagram. Isn't the packaging just so pretty? This is another reason why i like Estee Lauder Products. The packaging is just so classy! When i was younger, i used to apply the blush with the tiny brush provided. However, now i will just use my professional blush brush from BH Cosmetics. It is way easier to achieve that flawless look with the blush brush. 

Pink Kiss is a pretty pink blush with some peachy undertones. The blush certainly has some shimmer in them but it isn't glittery or frosty. It just has a pretty glow to it. So don't worry, you're not going to look like a disco ball. Pink Kiss will look gorgeous or any skin colour especially warmer skin tone like me. It bends in very well with my skin tone. I would say that it is definitely suitable for special occasions like anniversary dinners, girls night out, lunch dates or any other outing which you want to dress up. Maybe if you're looking for a very neutral looking natural-coloured blush, then this isn't for you. Because if you use this blusher, you WILL look like you're wearing some kind of makeup on your cheeks. But i guess, if you apply this blush with a light hand, it will look more sheer. So, it's up to your preference. And occasion! 

And this is a picture of me using Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush in Pink Kiss. LOVE!

PS : They have changed their packaging of the blush now. It looks much bigger now.

That's all, my beauties! Love you long time :)

A woman whose smile is open and expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears~ Anne Roiphe 


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Full Face Drugstore Makeup Look!

Hello dolls!

I have finally perfected a full face makeup using only items from the drugstores aka Watsons, Guardian, or any other pharmacies. Many of my friends have been requesting this post. So WOOHOO! It's finally up! I do understand that some people may not want to spend a lot of money on makeup. Because most people have other commitment such as paying electricity bills, car installment etc etc. So yeah. This post is dedicated to all the girls out there who wants good inexpensive cosmetics. Apparently, it is possible to do a full face makeup from products found at the drugstore. 

Let's start with the foundation. Among all the products, finding a drugstore foundation was the hardest task for me. That's because in Malaysia, the Revlon, Maybelline, Loreal etc has very limited colour choice. If i'm not mistaken, they usually only have like 5 colours. And most of the time, the all 5 colours will be different shades of colour for fair skinned girls. Maybe they figured that only fair people live in Malaysia :P Anyways, only Revlon seems to have foundation for girls of colour. So i got the Revlon Photoready foundation in #010 Caramel since that was the colour that was closest to my skin colour. It's a lil too dark for me, but i can make it work.

Another thing that i noticed about drugstore makeup is their eyeshadows. It's always so shimmery and frosty and shiny and glittery. Something that i absolutely hate. I hate shimmer and shiny things. Like i want my face to be matte. No shimmer or gloss or glitter on my face. I'm weird that way. LOL but yeah. That's why i do not like their eyeshadows. I mean, it's okay to OCCASIONALLY have shimmery eyeshadows but not all the time. That's why i have no choice but to go with the Maybelline's eyeshadow Diamond Glow which is full of shimmer.

However, I was really impressed with the eye products of the drugstore brands. Like for example, the eyeliners and the mascaras were good. I dare say that the Liquid liner was the best. You all know how much I adore the SilkyGirl Precision Liner, right? It's the best liquid liner to date. None of the high end brands liquid liners can ever match up to this awesome product. That reminds me, i will do a review on this product ASAP. So that everybody will know how fantastic this liquid liner is. Come to think of it, it's a Malaysian brand too. Yay, go Malaysia! :D

And this is my picture of the completed look. Hope you girls liked it.

Products Used : -

Nivea Visage White Serum Pore Minimizer
Revlon Photoready Primer
Revlon Photoready in #010 Caramel
Essence Mattifying Powder in #09 Tan
NYX Concealer in #06 Glow
Essence I <3 Stage Eyeshadow Base
Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow #01 Copper Brown
Essence SuperFine Eyeliner Pen 
Essence Kajal Pencil in #4 White
Essence Kajal Pencil in #19 All I Want
Maybelline Crayon Liner in Black
Maybelline Super Film mascara 
Maybelline Falsies Mascara
Silky Girl Precision Liner in Black
Lo'real True Match blush
NYX Lip Liner in Natural
Revlon Luscious Lipstick in Cocoa Craving

The Eye Makeup - I decided to keep it simple because i hated all that shimmery stuff going on
As you can see i applied some of the lightest eyeshadow from my Maybelline Diamond Glow palette to my cupid's bow to create the illusion of plumper & bigger lips!
The Blush was relatively sheer. I like it that way :)
If you have any questions regarding how i got this look, just leave a comment on the comment section and i will be sure to get back to you asap :)

That's all for today, my loves!


Friday, October 18, 2013

Essence Cosmetics (Kajal Pencils Review) ~ Drugstore Brand Makeup

Hello, my fellow makeup lovers! :)

What a beautiful sunny day! And on this fine, sunny day, i discovered an awesome, inexpensive drugstore makeup brand. You guys are going to be so excited after you finish reading this.There is a new inexpensive makeup brand from the USA again. And nope, it's not BH Cosmetics. It can actually be found in the malls in Malaysia. No need for online ordering whatsoever. So let's get to it. This awesome brand is the one and only Essence Cosmetics. It's relatively new in Malaysia. I first saw it in Parkson, One Utama a few months ago. I know that it is from USA because I've watched makeup gurus on YouTube mentioning this brand. Essence cosmetics can also be found in Watsons.

So obviously i knew i had to try them. I was really surprised to see the prices as it was very cheap. None of the products were over RM 20. All of them were priced below RM 20. Even their foundations. Anyways i bought a few products from Essence. However, in this post, i'm only going to talk about their Kajal Pencils and also their lipliner. I will be doing separate blog posts for the rest of the products as i have quite a lot of ramblings about them. Haha. These Kajal pencils and the lip liner cost only RM 4.90 each. That's really value for money. 

The Essence Kajal Pencils are eyeliners. I bought 3 colours ; #01 Black, #19 All I Want (beige) and #04 White. It is stated on the pencils have a high precision application and is long-lasting. So i tried lining my eyes with the black kajal pencil. And oh my gosh. The texture of the pencil was so soft and smeary. It is like the worse eyeliner ever made. I hated it. But then i tried to use it as an eyeshadow base whenever i wanted to do a smokey eye look. Since the kajal pencils were so creamy and soft, it was easy to use it as a cream eyeshadow. I just take the pencil and swipe it a few times on my eyelids and voila! Super pigmented black eyelid. Then of course i'll add a black eyeshadow etc. Now i absolutely love this product! 

For the #19 All I Want pencil, i use it for my waterline. This is to create a illusion of having bigger eyes. Since i'm tan, it is best to use a beige coloured eyeliner to line the waterline because that would create a softer effect compared to using a white eyeliner. Among the three colours, i like this best! I have already shown pictures of me using this nude water line pencil in my previous post. To check it out, click here

As for the white coloured kajal pencil, i use it as an eyeshadow base for my top and bottom eyelids whenever i'm using a bright coloured eyeshadow and want it to actually stand out. I usually smear some of the products on my eyelids and lower lids and then blend it well. After that, i'll apply my eyeshadow (say, the colour blue, pink or green) as usual. Using a white eyeshadow base, will bring out the true colour of the eyeshadow. Below is the pictures showing the white kajal pencil as an eyeshadow base. 

Please ignore my bushy eyebrows. Have to go for my threading session soon :/
Lastly, is the Essence LipLiner in the colour #11 In The Nude. This lip liner is (yet, again?) very very creamy and soft (in not a good way). However, it does glides on the lips smoothly. It's not long lasting though. But it can be worn as a lipstick coz it has a satin (almost creamsheen finish) finish on the lips. The colour pay off is good however, you'll find going though this product very fast because it's really creamy and after one application on the lips, you will have to re-sharpen the pencil again. But then again, this product is only RM 4.90. So it's really cheap to replace it. I still prefer my NYX lip pencils though.

Hand Swatch of the LipLiner 
Me using just the Essence Lip Liner
Close up picture of the lips

That's all for today! Hope you girls liked it. 

Mush love from me <3  XOXO

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review : MAC Cozy Up ~ The Best Nude Lipstick ever!

Hey gurrrrrrrrrrrls!

It's time for another lipstick review. This time, it's my favourite all-time nude lipstick. So let's get to it. The most amazing nude lipstick that MAC has is the MAC Cozy Up. This colour is like the best possible nude lipstick for girls with similar skin complexion as me. MAC Cozy Up is a peachy beige colour. It has a matte finish (that's like my favourite finish in the whole MAC lipstick collection). So this means that it is long lasting. Even though it has a matte finish, this lipstick is not at all drying. In fact it applies on the lips very smoothly and stays on it forever. Unless you're eating something greasy.

This is a picture of the lipstick. Judging by the amount of lipstick left, you can tell how much i love this product. Teeheehee. 

MAC Cozy Up is also my everyday lipstick for work. It's such a pretty natural-looking shade which compliments every kind of eye makeup look. You can certainly use this lipstick with a smokey eye look, a simple eyeliner look or even with a pop of colour on the eyelids look. MAC Cozy Up makes a pretty nude lipstick because it does not make me look pale or that i don't look like i have any lips or even 'dead'. The colour defines my lips very well making me looking simple and healthy. I usually just use this lipstick alone or sometimes i use it together with the NYX Lip liner is Soft Brown. MAC Cozy Up is suitable for all skin tones, fair and dark. It is also suitable for girls that like natural looking lipsticks.

The swatch of MAC Cozy Up on my hand. As you can see, it almost matches my skin colour.

Below is a picture of me using MAC Cozy Up. And a close up picture of my lips with MAC Cozy Up. Isn't this colour just the most flattering lipstick colour ever?

Be sure to check out my other MAC lipsticks review on the Retro Matte range and also my review on the MAC Diva lipstick, MAC Creme D'NudeMAC Bad Girl Riri and also my review on the infamous MAC Riri Woo.

And that's a wrap! :) Hope the review was useful. Till another post then, peeps!

Much love from me! <3


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Diva Accessories Haul! SALE :D

Hey Girls!

First of all, so sorry for being MIA for more than a week. I had my birthday, then i was heading back to KL again and one of my friend was going back to Aussie. So i had a lot of stuff on my plate that i had no time to blog. But now, it's back to business!

So guess what? Diva Accessories is having a sale now! Only in Malaysia though. I mean, i wouldn't know if they do have it elsewhere. But obviously coz i live here, i only know that the Diva stores in Malaysia are having a sale. I really love Diva sales! The discounts are really good and the prices go as low as RM 9. I usually get my accessories from Diva during their sale period unless i really really do like a particular stuff. And for my girls who has that Fashion Fast Forward card, you can use it at any Diva stores to obtain points. But of course you are not eligible for that 10% discount off any goods on sale. However, goods that are normal priced, you can get a discount of 10% off. Isn't that awesome? 

So anyways, me being me, i bought several accessories from there recently. Firstly i got this beautiful lilac earrings. As you all would have known by now, i'm utterly obsessed with the colour lilac. I think it's girly and feminine and it just looks flattering on anybody. Below is the picture of the earrings.

This earrings can be worn with a dress to jazz things up or even with jeans and a black top to add that pop of colour into the whole outfit. This purchase was such a steal for me coz i got it for only RM 9 when the original price of the earrings is RM 43. Isn't that just an amazing? Man, i love Diva sales!

Then i bought a ring set. It basically consisted of 3 individual rings which can always be used separately  or together all at once. Whatever that floats your boat. One is in the shape of a beige flower, the other one is shaped as a leaf and the third ring is a simple double band crystal studded ring. I'm not a big fan of rings, but these rings were just too cute for me to resist! I got them for RM 9. The original price was RM 23. I bought the rings in the size small. However, i do have usually thin fingers which makes it very hard to find a ring that fits me perfectly. Even this rings are kind of loose on my fingers. So yeah. If only they had extra small rings....

The next item that i bought is the long necklace with the owl pendent and matching owl earrings. I bought that necklace because I've ALWAYS wanted an owl necklace. Besides, it's kind of like the in thing now right? :) and besides, owls are cute! I also like the matching earrings. Totally adorable! i would certainly rock this necklace with my white oversized t-shirt, leggings and my grey cardigan for that touch of casual-chic look. Throw on some black gladiator sandals and an aviators and you're good to go, chica! I got these babies for only RM 13. Before discount, this necklace set actually cost RM 49. Again, it's a good deal there. Lucky me. Below is the diagram of the owl necklace and the cute, tiny earrings.

The last purchase is my favourite deal. Maybe it's because i can use it on a daily basis. Haha. It's the 9 pair studs. It consists of many varieties of gold, pink and pearls earrings. I absolutely LOVE wearing studs. I'm generally a simple girl when it comes to accessories. I mean, obviously i do wear nice fancy long earrings and necklaces too. But on a daily basis, i'm more of a stud-wearing girl. I prefer to keep my accessorizing to the bare minimum. I don't know why, but that's just me. Out of the 9 pairs of earrings, my favourite would be the pink encrusted love-shaped earrings and the pearls (both pink and white) and also the crown-like earrings together with the pink bows. The price of this set is RM 21 after discount.

That's all that i got from Diva the other day. I'm really happy with all my purchases. So what are you waiting for girls? Quickly head to your nearest Diva store and get your accessories! After all, a girl can never have too many accessories right? ;)

Thank you, for reading! Much love for me <3


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Review : Nivea Smooth Nourishing Hand Cream

Hello readers! :)

I don't know about you guys, but I have seriously dry hands. That is due to several reasons which will be stated as below : -
  • I was on Roaccutane medication for 6 months last year (I have yet to do a post on that controversial drug - It's my life saver! Cleared up my skin so well). But the side effect of it was that your skin will be extremely dry.
  • I used to work in a very cold air-conditioned office. And by cold, I mean extremely igloo-like cold. So that really took a toll on my skin too.
  • I generally don't drink enough water (Bad habit, i know).
  • Because I'm such a germaphobe, I tend to wash my hands very often even for no particular reason. For example, I wouldn't have done anything the whole morning, but after a few hours, i will go to the washroom just to wash my hands. And hand soaps are usually very harsh hence, drying up my hands even more.  
So yeah. Those are the few reasons why my hands are so dry till their appear to be very flaky. Anyways, i went to Watson's recently and I asked one of the sales girls there that I wanted some moisturizers for my hands. Specifically for my hands. I don't like using moisturizers for the body on my hands because it will just make my hands greasy and oily. I mean, how was i supposed to hold my phone without leaving moisturizer steaks on my iPhone screen? A hand cream will be designed in a way where the cream gets absorbed quickly into the layers of the skins.

The sales girl showed my the new Nivea Smooth Nourishing Hand Cream. This cream is for anti-dryness for dry hands. It contains macadamia nut oil which is used to strengthens the skin's protection barrier. It is also suitable for keeping your cuticles smooth and soft. So basically it is like a 2 in 1 cream. It's a hand moisturizer and also a cuticle moisturizer. The Nivea Smooth Nourishing hand cream contains something which is called the "Hydra IQ". It is stated at the back of the tube that the "Hydra IQ" promotes a non-stop moisture supply from within the skin. The formula supports the skin's own water channels to enhance the natural moisturisation.

This is the amount i usually use for one application
I've used this hand cream for a week and oh my gosh, it is wonderful. Firstly, it absorbs so quickly into my skin. Thus, my hands does not feel sticky or greasy. My hands are no longer flaky nor dry. It doesn't have any strong fragrance, but sometimes I do get that hint of that macadamia oil scent. Which is fine, because macadamia oil has a nice, pleasant scent. Since, it's a relatively small tube (it's a 100 ml tube), i usually just throw it in my handbag and just apply it whenever my hands feel like it needs some hydration. As a conclusion, i love this cream and would highly recommend it to people with dry hands! It makes a whole lot of difference. So be sure to try it. It's only RM 14.90 i think. That's a steal, if you ask me. Considering how much the Body Shop hand creams cost. 

Thank you for reading! Lots of love from me <3


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Makeup Look #4 All About Eyeliners (Part 2)

Hello my fellow beauties!

It's time for another eyeliner post! This time with more tips on how to do your eyeliner. I recently bought a new eyeliner from Essence. Essence can be found at any Watson's store in Malaysia. It's a cheap cosmetic brand from the USA. It's the Kajal Pencil. I got it in 3 colours ; black, nude and white. Each one has a specific usage which will be explained later in the post. 

Single Lined Wing

This look is best done with a liquid liner. I usually use my SilkyGirl Precision Liquid liner to achieve this simple look. It's very easy and wouldn't even take a minute to do it. I make the line in my inner corners fairly thin and then as it is winged out, the line becomes slightly thicker. After that i use the Essence Kajal pencil in All The Time (it's a pretty nude colour eyeliner) to line my waterline. This will create an illusion of bigger eyes. This look is suitable for an everyday look, simple college or even an appropriate workplace eye makeup. 

Double Wing Effect

I first tried this fun look when i was in my second year at college. I was randomly doing my eyeliner when i accidentally drew another wing beneath my original wing. But i didn't have the time to fix it so i decided to quickly draw another wing on the other eye and then head to college because i was already late for my morning lecture. When i was at my college, all my friends complimented me on my "nice, creative eye makeup". So for that day onwards, i usually sport this look whenever i'm feeling funky or want a more playful-look to my makeup. However, this is definitely not suitable for work or formal environment. 

Drama Mama

Don't you girls have one of those days when you feel like sporting a dramatic makeup look? It can be when you girls want to hit the clubs, or go to a concert, or even just having a special fancy ass days when you dress up with your girlfriends to just go and chill at some classy restaurant at Bangsar on the weekends! Anyhow, you can always try to do your eyeliner dramatically like in the picture above. Skip the eyeshadow altogether and use a gel eyeliner to draw a thick liner aross your eyelid. be sure not to blink until the liner is completely dry or else you'll smudge it big time.

Half Lined Effect

And another simple, feminine eyeliner look. I start doing my eye by drawing the wing first with a liquid liner. If you want to achieve a very thin line as the picture above, then use the Maybelline HyperLiner to draw the wing and then slowly draw a thin line and stopped in the middle of your top eyelids. I did not apply eyeliner to the other half of my top eyelids. Then you can use a pencil eyeliner such as the Benefit BADgal Eyeliner or the Maybelline Crayon Liner, or the Rimmel Kohl eyeliner to line half of the bottom waterline from the wing. I took my nude eyeliner pencil and line the other half of my waterline to make my eyes appear bigger. This eye makeup is perfect for a first date look. Remember girls, you don't want to scare the guy with too much makeup on the first day. Guys do no like a cake face. Less is always more when it comes to makeup :)

Smoked Out Effect

This smoked out look is definitely a night time look. It's relatively easy to achieve too. I used the Maybelline Crayon Liner to line my top eyelid. The reason I'm using the Crayon Liner instead of my all time favourite pencil liner (Benenfit BADgal liner) is because the Maybelline Crayon Liner is very smudgeable and it's quite creamy. It is also very smooth to apply. On my bottom lids, i applied the Essence Kajal pencil in Black to create that massive smoked out look. All the Kajal pencils are incredibly creamy. It is like way more creamier than the Maybelline Crayon liner. In fact it's so creamy, that i can even put it on my eyeliner brush to smudge it out on my entire lids if i wanted a smokey eye makeup. Anyways, to complete the look, i'll just smudge out the essence eyeliner with my fingers and then apply two coats of my mascara and VOILA! Done. 

The White Eyeliner

The last look is the White eyeliner look. The idea of applying white eyeliner on the waterline is to make your eyes look bigger. It's the same with applying a nude coloured eyeliner. For fair skinned girls, it's more better to apply a white eyeliner. Whereas, for tanned skin girls, it's better to apply a nude coloured eyeliner for a more natural look. The white eyeliner can look too harsh on tan skin. Like the picture above. I'm tanned, so the white eyeliner stands out too much for me. Whereas, when i apply the nude eyeliner pencil, it looks more natural and not harsh at all.  

So that's all for today! Till another post, girls :)

Much love from me <3 


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review: BH Party Girl palette & 12 Piece Pink Brush set

Hey Girlies!

Since i'm such a big fan of BH Cosmetics, I bought their 12 Piece Pink Brush set. At that time, BH Cosmetics was having a promotion. Thus, I with the purchase of my brush set, i got the BH Party Girl eyeshadow palette for free. Yay, such a steal! Hehee. Anyways below is the picture of the package when it arrived. I realized that if the order is made from Johor Bahru, it takes around 14 days to arrive. Whereas, in Kuala Lumpur it only took like about 12 days. The wait was worth it to me because BH Cosmetics never fails to impress me. 

As usual, the brush set and eyeshadow palette were in perfect condition when they arrived beacuse they were carefully wrapped. The bristles of the brushes were covered with plastic cap-like wrappers which is a plus point for me as i'm quite a germaphobe! lol. The brushes are unexpectedly long and the bristles are soft and smooth (unlike some cheapskate brushes from Sasa and also Shins). I think only 2 eye brushes are quite stiff and that is because eye brushes are meant to be a lil stiff so that you can easily blend or apply colours on your eyelids. The stick of the brushes appears to be lilac in colour. It's not exactly baby pink like how it's stated in the BH Cosmetics website but that wasn't a problem for me because i actually like lilac. The bristles are true to colour as the tips are actually baby pink in colour. The brush set bag on the other hand, is a weird shade of peachy red? Not pink at all. But oh well. It's just a bag. The pouch comes very handy as you now have a nice place to organized and store your brushes.

Check out how long the brushes are! :)

I'm really happy with the BH Party Girl palette. BH cosmetics describes this palette as a "socialite's ultimate dream". This palette comprises of 40 colours ranging from matte finishes and shimmer finishes. This palette is suitable for creating a day look and of course night look as it is obviously a 'Party Girl' palette. There are definitely more darker, smokier colours compared to the neutral day time colours. After all, parties are usually at night, right? ;) Below is the picture of the palette.

I noticed that there are a lot of greens in this palette. Some with shimmer and some lighter greens in a matte finish. There is a few gorgeous pink shades, one very vibrant yellow, a few blacks and grays, quite a number of browns/orangey shades and also a bright red shade. This palette looks very versatile to me. You can definitely use the browns and pale pinks for a day look. On the other hand, use the greens and grays for a night out look. Being a BH Cosmetics product, the eyeshadows are very pigmented and long lasting. I highly recommend you girls to use an eyeshadow base in order to make the eyeshadow pop!

And this is a picture of me trying out some of the colours from the BH Party Girl Palette. I actually wanted to do a smokey green eyes but that didn't workout. So i settled for just a regular green eyeshadow look.

LOL i look as though i have short hair in this picture :P 
Anyways, do check out BH Cosmetics official website for their amazing cosmetics. They really do have great promotions and sales from time to time. If you want to order their cosmetics, be sure to enter their discount code of SAVE10 to get 10% off your total purchases. This is only valid once. To check out my previous review on the 88 matte eyeshadow palette and Glamorous Brush set from BH Cosmetics, click here.

Till the next post then! Much love from me ~


Disclaimer : I'm not sponsored by BH Cosmetics. This post is purely based on my thoughts and experiences with BH Cosmetics products and services.