Friday, October 18, 2013

Essence Cosmetics (Kajal Pencils Review) ~ Drugstore Brand Makeup

Hello, my fellow makeup lovers! :)

What a beautiful sunny day! And on this fine, sunny day, i discovered an awesome, inexpensive drugstore makeup brand. You guys are going to be so excited after you finish reading this.There is a new inexpensive makeup brand from the USA again. And nope, it's not BH Cosmetics. It can actually be found in the malls in Malaysia. No need for online ordering whatsoever. So let's get to it. This awesome brand is the one and only Essence Cosmetics. It's relatively new in Malaysia. I first saw it in Parkson, One Utama a few months ago. I know that it is from USA because I've watched makeup gurus on YouTube mentioning this brand. Essence cosmetics can also be found in Watsons.

So obviously i knew i had to try them. I was really surprised to see the prices as it was very cheap. None of the products were over RM 20. All of them were priced below RM 20. Even their foundations. Anyways i bought a few products from Essence. However, in this post, i'm only going to talk about their Kajal Pencils and also their lipliner. I will be doing separate blog posts for the rest of the products as i have quite a lot of ramblings about them. Haha. These Kajal pencils and the lip liner cost only RM 4.90 each. That's really value for money. 

The Essence Kajal Pencils are eyeliners. I bought 3 colours ; #01 Black, #19 All I Want (beige) and #04 White. It is stated on the pencils have a high precision application and is long-lasting. So i tried lining my eyes with the black kajal pencil. And oh my gosh. The texture of the pencil was so soft and smeary. It is like the worse eyeliner ever made. I hated it. But then i tried to use it as an eyeshadow base whenever i wanted to do a smokey eye look. Since the kajal pencils were so creamy and soft, it was easy to use it as a cream eyeshadow. I just take the pencil and swipe it a few times on my eyelids and voila! Super pigmented black eyelid. Then of course i'll add a black eyeshadow etc. Now i absolutely love this product! 

For the #19 All I Want pencil, i use it for my waterline. This is to create a illusion of having bigger eyes. Since i'm tan, it is best to use a beige coloured eyeliner to line the waterline because that would create a softer effect compared to using a white eyeliner. Among the three colours, i like this best! I have already shown pictures of me using this nude water line pencil in my previous post. To check it out, click here

As for the white coloured kajal pencil, i use it as an eyeshadow base for my top and bottom eyelids whenever i'm using a bright coloured eyeshadow and want it to actually stand out. I usually smear some of the products on my eyelids and lower lids and then blend it well. After that, i'll apply my eyeshadow (say, the colour blue, pink or green) as usual. Using a white eyeshadow base, will bring out the true colour of the eyeshadow. Below is the pictures showing the white kajal pencil as an eyeshadow base. 

Please ignore my bushy eyebrows. Have to go for my threading session soon :/
Lastly, is the Essence LipLiner in the colour #11 In The Nude. This lip liner is (yet, again?) very very creamy and soft (in not a good way). However, it does glides on the lips smoothly. It's not long lasting though. But it can be worn as a lipstick coz it has a satin (almost creamsheen finish) finish on the lips. The colour pay off is good however, you'll find going though this product very fast because it's really creamy and after one application on the lips, you will have to re-sharpen the pencil again. But then again, this product is only RM 4.90. So it's really cheap to replace it. I still prefer my NYX lip pencils though.

Hand Swatch of the LipLiner 
Me using just the Essence Lip Liner
Close up picture of the lips

That's all for today! Hope you girls liked it. 

Mush love from me <3  XOXO


  1. I should give a try since I've read many positive reviews about this essence cosmetic. Thanks for the info.

    1. Yes you should! :) and you're welcome