Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review: BH Party Girl palette & 12 Piece Pink Brush set

Hey Girlies!

Since i'm such a big fan of BH Cosmetics, I bought their 12 Piece Pink Brush set. At that time, BH Cosmetics was having a promotion. Thus, I with the purchase of my brush set, i got the BH Party Girl eyeshadow palette for free. Yay, such a steal! Hehee. Anyways below is the picture of the package when it arrived. I realized that if the order is made from Johor Bahru, it takes around 14 days to arrive. Whereas, in Kuala Lumpur it only took like about 12 days. The wait was worth it to me because BH Cosmetics never fails to impress me. 

As usual, the brush set and eyeshadow palette were in perfect condition when they arrived beacuse they were carefully wrapped. The bristles of the brushes were covered with plastic cap-like wrappers which is a plus point for me as i'm quite a germaphobe! lol. The brushes are unexpectedly long and the bristles are soft and smooth (unlike some cheapskate brushes from Sasa and also Shins). I think only 2 eye brushes are quite stiff and that is because eye brushes are meant to be a lil stiff so that you can easily blend or apply colours on your eyelids. The stick of the brushes appears to be lilac in colour. It's not exactly baby pink like how it's stated in the BH Cosmetics website but that wasn't a problem for me because i actually like lilac. The bristles are true to colour as the tips are actually baby pink in colour. The brush set bag on the other hand, is a weird shade of peachy red? Not pink at all. But oh well. It's just a bag. The pouch comes very handy as you now have a nice place to organized and store your brushes.

Check out how long the brushes are! :)

I'm really happy with the BH Party Girl palette. BH cosmetics describes this palette as a "socialite's ultimate dream". This palette comprises of 40 colours ranging from matte finishes and shimmer finishes. This palette is suitable for creating a day look and of course night look as it is obviously a 'Party Girl' palette. There are definitely more darker, smokier colours compared to the neutral day time colours. After all, parties are usually at night, right? ;) Below is the picture of the palette.

I noticed that there are a lot of greens in this palette. Some with shimmer and some lighter greens in a matte finish. There is a few gorgeous pink shades, one very vibrant yellow, a few blacks and grays, quite a number of browns/orangey shades and also a bright red shade. This palette looks very versatile to me. You can definitely use the browns and pale pinks for a day look. On the other hand, use the greens and grays for a night out look. Being a BH Cosmetics product, the eyeshadows are very pigmented and long lasting. I highly recommend you girls to use an eyeshadow base in order to make the eyeshadow pop!

And this is a picture of me trying out some of the colours from the BH Party Girl Palette. I actually wanted to do a smokey green eyes but that didn't workout. So i settled for just a regular green eyeshadow look.

LOL i look as though i have short hair in this picture :P 
Anyways, do check out BH Cosmetics official website for their amazing cosmetics. They really do have great promotions and sales from time to time. If you want to order their cosmetics, be sure to enter their discount code of SAVE10 to get 10% off your total purchases. This is only valid once. To check out my previous review on the 88 matte eyeshadow palette and Glamorous Brush set from BH Cosmetics, click here.

Till the next post then! Much love from me ~


Disclaimer : I'm not sponsored by BH Cosmetics. This post is purely based on my thoughts and experiences with BH Cosmetics products and services. 


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