Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review : MAC Cozy Up ~ The Best Nude Lipstick ever!

Hey gurrrrrrrrrrrls!

It's time for another lipstick review. This time, it's my favourite all-time nude lipstick. So let's get to it. The most amazing nude lipstick that MAC has is the MAC Cozy Up. This colour is like the best possible nude lipstick for girls with similar skin complexion as me. MAC Cozy Up is a peachy beige colour. It has a matte finish (that's like my favourite finish in the whole MAC lipstick collection). So this means that it is long lasting. Even though it has a matte finish, this lipstick is not at all drying. In fact it applies on the lips very smoothly and stays on it forever. Unless you're eating something greasy.

This is a picture of the lipstick. Judging by the amount of lipstick left, you can tell how much i love this product. Teeheehee. 

MAC Cozy Up is also my everyday lipstick for work. It's such a pretty natural-looking shade which compliments every kind of eye makeup look. You can certainly use this lipstick with a smokey eye look, a simple eyeliner look or even with a pop of colour on the eyelids look. MAC Cozy Up makes a pretty nude lipstick because it does not make me look pale or that i don't look like i have any lips or even 'dead'. The colour defines my lips very well making me looking simple and healthy. I usually just use this lipstick alone or sometimes i use it together with the NYX Lip liner is Soft Brown. MAC Cozy Up is suitable for all skin tones, fair and dark. It is also suitable for girls that like natural looking lipsticks.

The swatch of MAC Cozy Up on my hand. As you can see, it almost matches my skin colour.

Below is a picture of me using MAC Cozy Up. And a close up picture of my lips with MAC Cozy Up. Isn't this colour just the most flattering lipstick colour ever?

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And that's a wrap! :) Hope the review was useful. Till another post then, peeps!

Much love from me! <3



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