Tuesday, November 12, 2013

INNER BEAUTY ~ The Most Important Thing for Every Individual :D

Hello People!

Hi. As you can see the title already, today i'm gonna address a few issues that have been happening around me. Obviously this isn't going to be a beauty post. Haha. Well, there is a small group of people who totally misunderstood the purpose of my blog. Yes, true. I have a beauty blog. I teach people of how to use certain products, or how to do your eyeliner, or i do reviews on latest cosmetics in the market. In no way EVER, my blog is saying that OUTER beauty is more important than INNER beauty. Just because i have a beauty blog, it does not mean i don't believe in inner beauty. My gosh, some people are really judgmental and that pisses me off so much. I'm surprised at how people are quick to judge others.

I have NEVER once mentioned in my blog that outer beauty is everything. I have never urged girls out there to plaster either face with thick makeup nor I have ever asked girls to wear makeup everyday. Check my blog. Read the posts. I have never said that. I'm here to just help girls out there who wants to learn how to wear makeup in a proper way. Even so, i'm not calling myself as an expert. I'm no expert in makeup. I always mention in my blog that i suck with eyeshadow. I can never get that stuff done properly. I have NEVER described any specific face structures, nose shape, body size or any skin tone as superior to the other. People should stop putting words into my mouth. 

What i AM saying is the purpose of my blog is to EDUCATE people on makeup related stuff like how to apply a certain product or what kind of makeup is suitable for certain events etc. It is meant to be an educational blog. For girls out there, who wants to know what kind of makeup is suitable for her graduation or when she wants to go to a certain party or even what kind of outfit she should wear when she is heading out for an event. I'm here just to teach girls like that on how to do it properly. No where in this blog have i ever mentioned that all girls must wear makeup 24/7. I don't even believe in wearing makeup all the time. I believe that makeup shouldn't hide your face. It should just enhance your features which are already beautiful. 

I only wear makeup for work or when i'm going somewhere nice with my girls and we are gonna take pictures. Even so, people aren't supposed to judge someone just because they wear a bit of makeup. Wearing makeup DOES NOT make you a shallow person. It DOES NOT make you someone who judges people based on their outer appearance. It DOES NOT make you a person who has no inner beauty. Some girls that read my blog has told me that now they feel more confident with just a swipe of lipgloss or lipstick. Or even just wearing a little bit of eyeliner gives them a huge confidence boost! So this is what i want to do. Help girls out there who has no confidence to gain a lil bit of confidence by enhancing certain features like their eyes with mascara etc. I'm DEFINITELY not telling them to hide their face with a layer of makeup all the time. But just to embrace the beauty that they already have because i believe that everyone is beautiful in their own special way. It's no harm in making girls feel confident. 

Likewise, just because i have a beauty blog it does not mean in any ways that i don't believe in inner beauty. In fact I think inner beauty is a very essential quality that every has to possess. You can be the most prettiest supermodel in the world. But if you're a horrible person in the inside, you're not a beautiful person. I don't really care what ignorant people think of me because my friends and family know that i'm a person who believes in inner beauty and not just outer beauty. My girls know me so well, that they think it's so ridiculous that people will make those kind of comments about my blog. So that's what that is the most important to me. People who know me personally will know how i really am. That's all that matters to me! 

So again, don't judge a book by its cover. Or blog for that matter. LOL. If you like judging people based on the amount of makeup they wear, then the problem is just you. Maybe you have some insecurities or issues that you need to deal with. Because judging someone DOES NOT MAKE YOU BETTER in any way. People who make it their personal aim in life to judge others should look in the mirror and ask yourself if you have INNER BEAUTY. Judging someone in any way, does not make you a nice person. So yeah. Just saying. 

Anyways, to the rest of the girls out there, thank you girls for supporting my blog! It really means the world to me that you actually take the time to read my blog posts. I love you all! You guys are the best! :)

Lots of love from me! <3 


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