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MAC Lipsticks Finishes (Types of MAC lipsticks!)

Hello girls!

So, many of my friends have been asking me about the different kind of MAC lipstick finishes. Therefore, today's post is going to be on that. I'm going to explain all the types of finishes of the MAC lipstick. I'm not sure if you would have noticed that in MAC counter, their lipsticks are arranged according to their finishes. Okay, first what is a 'finish'? A lipstick finish is the look or texture of a certain lipstick when it is applied on the lips. MAC cosmetics have in total 7 types of finishes; Matte, Retro Matte, Satin, Amplified, Cremesheen, Frost and Lustre.

Matte Finish

  • The lipstick is very long lasting
  • Colour payoff of the lipstick is very good. It is very pigmented
  • You definitely need to apply a lip balm/lip moisturizer before applying this lipstick as it may be drying.
  • Has a very good coverage. That means it is opaque. 
  • People with pigmented lips should try this finish.
  • Certain colours from the matte finish can be a lil bit hard to apply as the lipstick formula is not moisturizing. Though some of them can be smooth to apply
  • Eg. MAC Please Me, MAC Diva, MAC Chili, MAC Honey Love, MAC Cozy Up and more

  • This lipstick is very long lasting
  • Colour payoff is good as it is very pigmented.
  • MUST apply a lip balm as this finish is the most drying finish among all the other MAC Lipstick. 
  • Definitely not suitable for girls with chapped lips as it will eventuate those lines on your lips even more and it makes your lips look dehydrated. 
  • Has a good coverage and it is opaque. 
  • Girls with pigmented lips should try this lipstick because it is full coverage.
  • It is very hard to apply this lipstick as the formula is very dry and the lipstick finish can apply to be chalky (esp. MAC Steady Going) 
  • Eg. MAC Relentlessly Red, MAC Flat Out Fabulous, MAC Dangerous, MAC Ruby Woo and more

Satin Finish

  • Relatively long lasting though not as long lasting as the Matte one. 
  • Great colour payoff
  • Has a very good pigmentation. The colour is opaque. 
  • This finish is long lasting and also a lil moisturizing.  
  • It does not make your lips dry or look dehydrated. 
  • Has a full coverage so it is suitable for girls with pigmented lips too.
  • Optional if you want to apply a lip balm before application of lipstick.
  • Easy to apply this lipstick as the texture is smooth and not hard. 
  • Personally, i would consider this finish is best. It is my favourite finish. 
  • Eg. MAC Siss, MAC Faux, MAC Pink Nouveau, MAC Brave, MAC Rebel and more.

Amplified Finish

  • This is a very moisturizing finish.
  • Not as long lasting as the matte or satin finish. 
  • Has relatively good pigmentation. The colour is relatively opaque. 
  • It definitely does not make your lips dry. 
  • I would say that this finish is a combination is between satin finish and cremesheen finish. 
  • It is still suitable for girls with pigmented lips. 
  • No need to apply a lip balm before using this lipstick. 
  • Girls that like to apply a lipgloss over their lipstick will like this type of finish because it does look a lil creamy
  • The texture of the lipstick is soft therefore, making it very easy to apply. 
  • Eg. MAC Impassioned, MAC Up the Amp, MAC Morange and many more.

Cremesheen Finish

  • A very moisturizing finish.
  • It looks very creamy and glossy.
  • Again, girls that love to put lipgloss on their lipstick will love this finish as this finish gives that very look with you them having to apply a lipgloss. 
  • Has a moderate pigmentation. The colour is not opaque but more of a semi-opaque look. 
  • Not suitable for girls with pigmented lips. If you have pigmented lips and still one to wear them, make sure you use a concealer or just fill in your lips with lip liner first before applying the lipstick. 
  • Obviously, it is not long lasting. You need to reapply it after meals etc. 
  • No need for a lip balm.
  • It is very creamy to apply making it easy for application.
  • Eg. MAC Creme D' Nude, MAC Creme Cup, MAC Shy Girl and many more.

Frost Finish

  • A quite moisturizing finish as well.
  • It looks very sheer and shimmery with a frost-like appearance.
  • It's not creamy looking. More of a frosty looking with some golden/silver sheen to it
  • Very suitable for girls who likes glittery stuff. Girls that like their lips to be glittery and shiny.
  • It is not pigmented. 
  • It is not long lasting as well. 
  • No need for a lip balm
  • Again, if you have pigmented lips, fill in your lips with a lip liner before applying this lippie.
  • Eg. MAC Angel, MAC Who's That Chick, MAC Frenzy, MAC Delish and many more. 

Lustre Finish

  • The most moisturizing finish among all the MAC finishes
  • It looks very sheer with no shimmer
  • Very natural looking.
  • Almost looks like you're wearing a lip gloss.
  • Suitable for girls that are just starting to wear lipsticks and makeup. My first MAC lipstick was a Lustre lipstick. 
  • It is not pigmented at all. It's not at all opaque. 
  • It is also not long lasting
  • Not much colour payoff.
  • It's easy to apply as the texture of the lipstick is smooth. 
  • Girls with pigmented lips please refer to the above statement on what to do if you still want to wear this lipstick. 
  • You definitely don't need a lip balm with this lipstick.
  • Eg. MAC Freckletone, MAC Plumful, MAC High Tea, MAC Hug Me and plenty more

That's all, girls! I hope this explanation was useful and you girls now have a general idea of what these finishes mean if you're into MAC lipsticks. So the next time you step into a MAC store, at least you'll know which lipsticks will be more suitable for you. You won't end up buying something that you don't like. So anyways, it's always up to your own personal preference on what lipsticks suits you best. You can always make anything work for you if you have the confidence to pull it off. 

Much love from ME <3 

Thank you for reading! 



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