Friday, November 22, 2013

Makeup Look #5 Interview Makeup

Hi Girlies:

Since lately I've been going to some interviews, it will only be appropriate if i do an 'Interview Makeup' look. I know some of you don't believe in wearing makeup for work but i personally think that wearing a lil bit of makeup gives you this more professional-like look! Well, that's just my opinion. You girls can totally go makeup-less if that's what you're most comfortable with. So yeah. 

I usually do like a light makeup whenever i go for my interviews because obviously, wearing too much makeup can make you look like a tarty person. And though it's not right to judge a person by their outer appearance, in reality, people really do judge. Especially interviewers looking to hire a new employee. So my advice is, keep it simple. Don't go with a bold lipstick. You can always make a statement later went you're out with your girlfriends celebrating on your new found job! 

What i like to do is, use a powder foundation. That gives you a more matte finish to your face. A liquid foundation may look a little too heavy but then again, it totally depends on your foundation itself. I know some liquid foundation that looks extremely natural. But for interviews, i always use my MAC Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation. That powder is awesome as it gives me a medium coverage and it makes my face look matte. Plus, I don't look like i have a tonne of makeup on. 

Next thing to take note is the eyeliner. Use only a LITTLE BIT of eyeliner. Don't go overboard with the liner, please! It will just make you look like a college student fooling around instead of a mature, intelligent woman looking for a job. I usually keep it simple by lining on my top lid with the Essence Superfine Eyeliner pen. I like this eyeliner for interviews because it creates a super thin line which is perfect for this occasion when i want to look simple and sophisticated. 

Applying a bit of mascara is always fine. Except don't go crazy with the amount you put on. Stop with just 1 mascara. Trust me, you don't want those clumping lashes that you usually sport when you hit the clubs, for an interview. After all, you want to look smart, not ditzy or vain. For my cheeks, I'm not going to apply any blush. I'm just going to apply my MAC Mineralize Skin Finish on my cheeks to give me some colour without looking overdone.

For my lips, I'm going to use the Topshop lipstick in Whimsical. It's a nice nude coral colored lipstick which looks very natural and simple. So that about it. This is how I usually do my makeup whenever I go for an interview. Obviously I do change my lipstick colors but I only stick to the neutral colour range. I don't go crazy.  Anyways, for you girls who are going for interviews and all, I wish you all the best! Go achieve your dreams and goals in life. 

This is a picture of my interview makeup! How do I look?

My very simple Interview Makeup Look

As you can see, this lipstick is sort of semi-opaque. It's not full coverage!

Anyways, hope you guys liked it. Till another post then! Much love from me <3

Things I Used To Achieve This Look :-

Lancome Sunscreen SPF 50
MAC Prep & Prime Prime Base Visage
MAC Studio Fix powder plus in NC 45
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Dark
Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in Dark
Essence Superfine eyeliner pen in Black
Benefit BADgal Waterproof eyeliner pencil in Black
Essence I <3 Stage Mascara in Black
MAC Lip Conditioner
NYX Lip Liner in Soft Brown
Topshop Lipstick in Whimsical



  1. Gona get this Topshop lipstick in Whimsical soon !!

    1. Yes babe. It will certainly look pretty on you because of your skintone! :)