Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Favourite Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

Hello makeup lovers!

Today i wanna talk about makeup brushes. I know many of you wouldn't be using a proper brush to put on your makeup. Maybe because you don't know which brush is suitable or maybe because you don't know how to use it. Well, no more worries. I'm here to guide you with that. I have 3 Real Techniques brushes, 2 which i recently got. I got the stippling brush, the blush brush and the setting brush. I usually get my Real Techniques brushes from Shins store which can be found in most of the malls in Malaysia.

The Stippling brush
This is of course my favourite brush to apply liquid and gel foundation. It is made out of synthetic fibers of the finest quality to ensure the softness of the bristles. I first saw this brush in one of the YouTube makeup gurus. All of them seem to recommend this brush when it comes to applying your foundation. Apparently it makes the application easy and you will get a more flawless finish to your face. So, i had to go out and get them. I just bought one brush at first to test it out. Anyways, I usually use this brush to apply my MAC Studio Sculpt foundation all over my face. This brush will give you a very natural finish as it doesn't leave any brush marks on your face. It also makes me use less foundation as it gives me a nice, even coverage by using less product. I definitely recommend this product to girls that use liquid or gel foundation. It is retailed at RM 78. It's kinda expensive but when i compare it to MAC brushes,this is cheaper and also way better. Think of this as an investment since the brush quality is really good. It will definitely last for a long time. 

The Blush brush

This is a new brush of mine. I got it a few weeks ago and i can't lie. I'm already lovin' it. This is the ultimate blush brush of all time. For you girls out there that are having difficulties in applying your blush, you have to get this brush! It is shaped in a way for a more precise blush application. It looks like a fluffy tapered brush. The bristles are soft as usual (All real techniques brushes are) and it feels so gentle against your skin. To be honest, I wouldn't say that i'm a pro at applying a blush. I usually finally it hard so i usually skip this step. But now, with the help of this brush, omg. It's like magic! Plus, these brushes are easy to wash and there are no fallouts after that. This brush is also retailed at RM 78.

The Setting brush

This is also one of the relatively new brushes that i got. Among all three of these brushes, this is the one i use the least. I only use this brush to apply my highlighter. And obviously, i don't use my highlighter on a daily basis or even weekly basis. I'v only use this brush like twice. First time was when i was reviewing the Topshop Highlighter in Crescent Moon and the other time was when i was going out to dinner. The brush is really good and if you're the kind of girl that likes to use a highlighter, i strongly recommend you get this brush coz it is the bomb! It's small and fluffy at the same time. So it's perfect when it comes to highlighting your cheekbones and the arches of your eyebrows and also the bridges of your nose. But it is kinda pricey for a smaller brush. It's retailed at RM 58. If you're not into highlighters, then i say, skip this brush.

And that's all! Those are the reasons why i love the Real Techniques brushes so much. They are well know for their awesome quality and also for the unique way that they are shaped as! Well, once again, i hope this was helpful to any of you who are planning on investing in some really good makeup brushes.

Love you all <3


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