Sunday, November 10, 2013

Review : The Face Shop Nail Polish

Hi Peeps :)

It's time for another nail post! It's been a long time since I've posted about nails. The last time was when i posted about the Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover which is a fab product by the way. So anyways, I'm currently loving the nail polish from The Face Shop. The Face Shop is a Korean brand cosmetics store. It's definitely not a drugstore brand as its cosmetics can be quite expensive. Their nail polishes aren't that expensive though. The price range for their nail polishes are from RM 6.90 to RM 15++. So it's still reasonable. I bought 3 nail polishes last week in City Square mall in Johor Bahru again. The Face Shop was having a store wide discount. So the nail polishes were on discount, buy 2 free 1 bottle. Isn't that a good deal?

So i got nail polishes in the colours called BL607, BL604 (a navy blue colour) and PK112 (bright pink). I'm going to be talking about the BL607 which is a beautiful turquoise colour. As some of you may know, I'm usually a pastel pink, lilac and red kinda girl. I always only use pinks, pastels and reds for my nail colour. So the other day, when i saw that The Face Shop was having a discount, i thought, why not try to be funky this time? After all it's only RM 6.90. This can be like a trial and error thing. Obviously i'll never get colours which are too bold for me from OPI. Those nail polishes are expensive! I can't risk RM 68 for a colour which i'm not so sure of.

I'm surprised with myself because i really like this turquoise colour! It's fun, youthful and super cool. Though it might not be work-appropriate. That's why i'm testing it out now. It's more suitable for like college or if you're ACTUALLY working at a super cool office. Then why not? Besides the colour, this nail polish really impressed me in terms of it's lasting power. It literally lasted on my fingernails for like 6 days without chipping off. That is like an awesome quality to me because usually my Elianto nail polishes will only last maximum 5 days without chipping. Most of them would have already start chipping on the 4th day itself.

The Face Shop nail polish also has a great formula as it dries relatively fast. So this makes application very easy. i didn't have to wait a long time before i applied the second coat of nail polish. The first coat dried very fast. So i could apply the second coat smoothly! And plus the colour pay off of this nail polish is very good. It's opaque as i only needed to apply 2 coats to achieve that perfect manicure look.

Ostensibly, I love this nail polish. I will definitely be getting more polishes from The Face Shop in the future. If you girls are looking for cheaper alternative to the OPI or China Glaze nail polishes, be sure to check the Face Shop nail polishes out. They have a huge range of colours out there. To check out my previous review on the OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender, click here. 

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