Saturday, November 9, 2013

Review : Inglot Stage Sport Studio Mattifying Pressed Powder

Hi girls!

How many of you girls suffer from oily skin? I know i do. My skin is actually very complex. I always had oily skin. However, when i was on Roaccutane, my skin became very dry. Well. that was what it was supposed to do anyways. To dry out all the oil glands that causes excess oils that causes pimples and acne. So well i was on Roaccutane, i had super dry skin. Hence, i bought a foundation that is moisturizing and hydrating for the skin. But now, after finishing my 6 months medication with Roaccutane, my skin cleared up and it has stopped being so dry and flaky. My skin is back to itself oily self but this time with no pimples thanks to the good ol' Mr Roaccutane! Post on this will be coming soon.

The problem now is that my usual foundation (MAC Studio Sculpt) is too moisturizing and hydrating for my skin. It makes my skin shiny and too dewy for my liking. But i had already bought like another brand new tube of it. And MAC foundations are expensive! So i have no choice but to use it. So anyways, the other day, i was at the mall with my mum, we walked by Inglot Cosmetics and i stopped a new product by them. It is the Inglot Stage Sport Studio Mattifying Pressed Powder. They were available in 3 different shades ; White, Banana and Beige. It is retailed at RM 85.

Anyways, this pressed powder comes in a glossy compact which is nice because it's easy to carry around in your handbag and it to clean to use. This pressed powder is supposed to absorb excess oil on your skin in order to give you a more matte look. However, it does not actually work THAT well. In fact, for me, it does work well at all. Firstly, in order for you to actually achieve a bit of matte-ness on the face, you have to put on a lot (and i mean, A LOT) of powder on your face. And packing on a lot of powder on top of your foundation will make your face look cakey and heavily made up which is not attractive. However, it is non-comeodogenic which means it does not cause skin breakouts which is good. And it is also paraben free.

Secondly, even though it says that it is a translucent powder (which means it has a colourless/transparent finish) it does leave your face with a yellow-ish tint (if you get the shade Banana) and that just doesn't work with me. It's a big no no! I thought it was going to be transparent as how the sales girl in Inglot told me that it would be. So that's another minus point. But for those of you that wanna try this product, i suggest that the fairer skin girls should try the shade white. Whereas, the darker skin girls should go with beige. Because those two shades are more natural than the yellow shade that i got.

This is the texture of the powder on my finger.

It also don't control oil (unless you're willing to pack on loads and loads of product on your face till it looks cakey) on your face. It doesn't it last up to 2 hours. Your face will be just the same way if you just apply a normal amount of powder to the skin. It will get oily same way as if you did not apply the pressed powder at all. Another downfall of this product is that it does not come with a brush. Normally, i wouldn't mind but since this product sucks so bad, it should at least, come with a brush.

Therefore, i find this product a total waste of money and i definitely will not be repurchasing it. Though i feel that it may work for girls that have not-so-oily skin. Maybe if you have combination skin you may wanna give this product a try. But for girls with very oily skin, i think you should give this pressed powder a pass. Or maybe you could try the loose powder version of this Inglot Stage Sport Studio Mattifying Powder line! Because apparently that is much more suitable for oily skin girls.That's all. Thank you for reading! :)


Disclaimer : Please remember that everybody is different. This product may work for you even though it did not work for me. So it's totally your choice if you want to try it or not. This is just my opinion. Please do not take it too seriously. 


  1. You're only meant to use a tiny bit of this, it absorbs the oil immediately you don't need to cake it on

    1. Okay, thanks for the suggestion!