Monday, November 11, 2013

Review : MAC Flat Out Fabulous lipstick (Retro Matte range)

Ola girls! 

As i promised in my MAC Retro Matte Lipsticks review, that i will do an individual review on the MAC Flat Out Fabulous lipstick. So here i am, doing it. I finally got hold of the lipstick and also the time to write a review on it. This lipstick is the BOMB! I am lovin' this baby right here! The colour is just gorgeous. It's the perfect shade of pink and berry. It is obviously from the Retro Matte range which was introduced by MAC a few months ago. And this is the lipstick that i have been dying to try. There is even a story behind it.

I went to the Tebrau City mall in Johor Bahru a few months ago when the Retro Matte line was introduced. I bought 4 lipsticks ; MAC Relentlessly Red, MAC Dangerous, MAC Ruby Woo and MAC Steady Going. I couldn't buy the MAC Flat Out Fabulous lipstick because it was too fabulous that it was completely sold out! So, i was so heartbroken as i actually liked this lipstick the most among all the rest from that Retro Matte range. So, i called my bestie, who is in KL at that time (now she is back in JB with me, YAY) about the new awesome lipsticks that are out. So, my friend being the fashion lover that she is, wanted to check it out ASAP. I told her then about how i totally love this MAC Flat Out Fabulous but it is sold out in the malls in JB. And guess what? She told me that she would get it for me if the MAC store in KL had it. And they DID! So my friend got it for me and then i went to KL to get it and now i'm here with the lipstick. Big thanks to my bestie! :)

Let's get to it! MAC Flat Out Fabulous is the perfect shade of the colour pink and berry. It can look pink at times but it's mainly a pretty vibrant plum as well. It does have a slight blue undertone. This lipstick has a retro matte finish. Which is supposed to be a 'moisturizing' version of the normal matte lipstick but i wouldn't agree with that because this lipstick is kinda drying if you wear it for a long period. But you can always use a lip balm or lip moisturizer before applying this on. Applying it was easy and smooth. The colour is opaque and very pigmented. The colour is vibrant and suitable for any event. Plus i love the scent of this lipstick. It has the signature MAC lipstick vanilla scent. Totally awesome!

MAC Flat Out Fabulous is very long lasting. When i was using it, i didn't have to retouch it at all. It lasted me for more than 8 hours. That is very good for a lipstick. It also does not leave a stain on my lips which i like. I don't really fancy lipsticks that leave a stain on your lips. From the Retro Matte range, only the MAC Relentlessly Red leaves a stain on your lips. The rest of them don't. Anyways, this is the close up picture of my lips and the swatch on my hand (Please ignore my super dry hand. I've been lazy to apply my hand cream regularly).

I personally think that this lippie is versatile. You can certainly use it with a heavy eye makeup or a simple eyeliner do. It goes well with cooler tone eyeshadows. When i use this lipstick, i get so many compliments from people saying that it is so pretty and that the colour is just amazing. Anybody can pull this colour off, irregardless of your skintone, age or hair colour/ eye colour. And this is me wearing the one and only MAC Flat Out Fabulous! How do you think i look?

So, what cha waiting for girls? Go get this awesome lipstick and it will rock your world! ;)

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Thanks girlies for reading my blog! I love you all <3



  1. This lippy is seriously so gorgeous babe. but just not sure it will suit me or not. you know i suck at makeup

    1. Babe, it will look gorgeous on you! :) But this lipstick can be drying la... That's the only con of this lipstick.

  2. hi babe! i love the color! like seriously <3