Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Best Liquid Liner EVER ~ SilkyGirl Precision Liquid Eyeliner

What's up, girls!

I have always been raving about the one and only Silky Girl Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Waterproof. This is my holy grail liquid liner. It's the best, according to me because it is easy to use and it has a matte finish. I don't know if you've noticed but most high end liquid liner has a glossy finish to it. I don't know, maybe most people like their liquid liner to be glossy-looking or something. But that's not for me. I don't know if I've mentioned earlier, but i totally hate anything glossy/shiny/glittery/shimmery  Of course, occasionally, i don't mind wearing glitter or some shimmer on my face. But definitely not everyday. I just prefer my whole face looking matte. Although that is difficult because i have such oily skin. Below is a picture of the liquid liner. 

The felt-tip applicator.

As i have mentioned above, i love this liquid liner because it is relatively easy to use. Before discovering this liner, I've tried many other liquid liner but failed to use many of them because of how hard it is to use it. I would definitely recommend this liner to beginners. This liquid liner has a felt tip applicator which makes it so much more easier to apply compared to the retractable pen-like liners. The colour of the product is so pigmented and black. It is like the most blackest liner I've ever seen. Plus, it glides on easily on the skin. It do takes time to dry. It takes around 1 to 2 minutes to dry. 

The price of this Silky Girl Precision Liner is only RM 17.90. That is very cheap to me. RM 17.90 for such an amazing product? Plus, one tube lasts me up to 6 months or more. Especially since i only use it to create the wing effects of my eyeliner looks. Yup, that's right, i only use it to draw the wing are of my eyeliner looks. Except if i'm wearing an eyeshadow. Then i would actually line my whole top lid with this liquid liner because pencil liners usually don't glide on eyeshadow very well. The best is to use either a liquid or gel liner. I prefer liquid to gel anyways. 

Here is a swatch of it on my hand. Notice how pigmented it is?

The only downfall of this product (but personally, i don't think it's a downfall but others might consider) is that it's not actually waterproof. Even though it states on the tube that it is waterproof, but it is actually not. I noticed that this liner comes off very easily with water. You don't even need to use soap to take it off because it melts off whenever it comes into contact with water. I don't know if it's sweat-proof, but as for me, it lasts the whole day. Like this liner will stay put in one place till you wash it off with water. I actually like it that way. I hate eyeliners that are so difficult to remove and actually leaves a stain on your eyes. That's like a big NO NO for me. 

I was introduced to this liner by my best friend in university. She was always using this product back then. I was at her place one day and then i saw her applying her eyeliner. It was in a liquid form and it was matte. Plus the colour payoff was super black and intense. I asked her what brand was it, expecting her to mention a higher end brand. But she said "It's just some brand called 'SilkyGirl', babe." The first thing i did after that was go to the mall and got myself a tube of this liner and boy was i impressed! It was so impressive. And it's SilkyGirl! It's a Malaysian brand cosmetics. That's another plus point. I had no idea SilkyGirl had such awesome cosmetics! Like my sister swore by their blushers. She absolutely love them! Imma try some too soon. Right now i have plenty of products to finish up so i don't think, i'll be getting any new items.

And here's a picture of me using only the Silky Girl Precision Liquid Liner.

LOL, excuse my lack of makeup here! I was just going to the mall with my mum. Hence, only wearing my eyeliner (as in the SilkyGirl Precision Liquid Liner) and lip balm! :P
That's all for now, girlies! :) 

Much love from me! <3 


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