Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Body Shop Vanilla Perfume Review

Hello, my fellow beautiful readers!

Today i'm going to do another perfume post because i just got this super nice perfume from Body Shop. I personally think that The Body Shop has really lovely perfumes and body mist. That's kind of obvious, because the moment you step into the store, you're greeted with a mix scent of vanilla, strawberry, cocoa butter and many other awesome aroma! And you girl must probably know that i'm a sucker for anything vanilla scented. So no prizes for guessing what i got. I bought the The Body Shop Vanilla perfume. And i also added the Vanilla Bath & Shower gel because it was tiny and cute and also handy.

The Body Shop Vanilla perfume has a strong classic vanilla scent. Since it's purely vanilla, the scent is relatively strong and sweet in that sugary-diabetic kinda way! I really like it because i'm such a sucker for vanilla smelling perfumes. I think it's a girly scent. So for those girls out there, that prefers a more mature, sexy perfume, this is definitely not for you. Probably younger girls would like this perfume. It's more for 16 to 21 years range. I'm 23 but i like it so much. So whatever. At the end of the day, it depends on your personal preference.

I got the perfume for RM 49.90 for only 30ml. So i do think this is kinda pricey? Because 30ml is so little. If i were to use this perfume on a daily basis, it would probably last me for 2 months. The reason i got this perfume is for me to use it when i'm going out to the grocery store, or a quick trip to the mall or even just to use it at home when you've just showered and wanna smell nice! So that's that.

The Vanilla Bath & Shower gel is good too. It smells amazing and it leaves your skin feeling well moisturized. This miniature shower gel is originally priced at RM 12.90. Since they were 50% off, i got them for only RM 6.50. It definitely will come in handy if you're travelling or ig you want to shower at the gym after a workout session. Because, based on my experience, the soaps that are provided in the gym are nasty! And i go to Celebrity Fitness. You would think a well-reputable gym would provide more nicer soaps. So yeah. That is why i love these miniature soaps!

I don't think The Body Soap is still having sale though. But their limited edition Christmas sets are available right now. There are new Gingerbread and Strawberry body butters and shower gels. Do check it out. I might actually get them. I need a new body scrub since my Moringa Body Scrub is almost empty! Time for a new one. Will definitely do a haul if i get those. Toddles for now, girls!

Happy Season is coming soon ~

Love ya all <3


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