Saturday, November 9, 2013

Topshop Cosmetics ~ Highlighter (Crescent Moon)

Hello Girlies!

Imma be posting a lot of posts from now on. Since Diwali is over and i'm not back at work YET. So, i have a lot of time to chill out and write more blog posts. After all, I have a lot to catch up. Today, i'll be doing a review on yet another Topshop cosmetic, which is their highlighter. Topshop Cosmetics' highlighter is in a powder form. It comes in 2 colours; Crescent Moon and Sunbeam. SunBeam is a very yellow-golden coloured highlighter. Whereas, Crescent Moon is more of a light beige with a slight hint of very subtle gold colour. I choose to buy the Crescent Moon because it just thought that i looked more natural than Sunbeam and of course i think that i would suit my skin tone better. I just find Sunbeam a little bit too golden and also not-so-natural looking! Hence, my choice to go with the Crescent Moon.

Anyways, this product comes in a super cute packaging box. They have these crayon-like illustration which i find very pretty and adorable! Even the product comes in a very nice solid cream coloured compact box with some cute tiny stars on the cover. The packaging appears to be high quality. However, it does not come with a brush. That means you have to use your own brush or finger (I don't recommend the usage of fingers though). 

This highlighter is RM 59. I wouldn't exactly say it's expensive nor it's cheap. It's just reasonably priced as MAC and Bobbi Brown highlighters can seriously cost a bomb. Whereas, cheaper drugstore brands will definitely cost way cheaper than this. But then again, i have my Fashion Fast Forward card. So i can get this highlighter for 10% off. Yay! Seriously, girls! If you like to shop at Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, Warehouse, Miss Selfridge or Diva, you girls absolutely HAVE to get this awesome card! It has so many benefits and you get like so many good discounts.


1. It has a lot of product! It has 6.5g of product! That is like so much. Even more than the MAC Minerialize Skin Finish powder.
2. This product blends beautifully on your skin.
3. The colour is gorgeous on tanned skin. AND also fair skin girls!
4. You can always double it as an eyeshadow due to it's super pretty shimmer
5. You can also use it on your cheeks as a cheek colour (though girls with very dark skin tone should not do this).
6. The price is reasonable.
7. Pretty and girly packaging!


1. Some states in Malaysia do not have Topshop branches.
2. It does not come with a brush.

Isn't this the prettiest shade of highlighter ever? <3 
Below is the hand swatch picture of the Crescent Moon highlighter on  my hand. As you can see, the colour pay off is very good. It's pigmented for a highlighter. Which is of course i good thing. But bare in mind to apply it with a light hand. You don't want to look like a disco ball.

And this is a picture of me using the Crescent Moon highlighter from Topshop. I usually put it on top of my cheeks with my fan brush from BH Cosmetics and then i'll take my eyeshadow flat brush and apply it to my browbone and also on the arch of my eyebrows to make it stand out better. When i'm wearing eyeshadow, i will also put some of this product in the inner corners of my eyes to make them look brighter. I also applied some on my cupid's bow to eventuate my lips. You can always apply some on the bridges of your nose to make it look sharp but i don't do that, as i already have relatively sharp nose. I don't want to look like Pinocchio hey! So yeah. What do you think of the picture below? Yay or Nay? Lemme know!

I highlighted below my eyebrows and also a little on the top of my eyebrow arch

So, that's all about the Crescent Moon Highlighter. Be sure to get it if you want to highlight certain features of your face for the extra ohmph when you're out on a date or going to a wedding dinner or maybe just going to a party in the evening! :)

I love you all! Thank you for reading ~

Much love from me <3



  1. Nice post priya! Was wondering whether they still sold this in Malaysia, and it's nice to know they still do! Like how your post is detailed, and you look fab in your picture! xx

    1. Thank you dear! and yes, they certainly still have this highlighter in Malaysia :)