Sunday, November 3, 2013

Topshop Cosmetics ~ Lip Bullet in Rockabilly

Good morning, people! 

I'm sure some of you girls who love makeup already know about Topshop makeup. It's been there for like a few years now. I personally like it a lot. I can safely say that after MAC lipsticks, I LOVE the Topshop lipsticks! Simply because they have a relatively large collection of lipsticks there and they actually have MATTE lippies. Plus, they are relatively cheap too. It's only like RM 46 for one lipstick. And plus i have my Fashion Fast Forward card which enables me to get another 10% off that price. So that's an awesome deal there for me.

Last week i spotted a new product at the Topshop cosmetics counter. I spotted something called the 'Lip Bullet'. It looks like a retractable lipstick. There were only 3 colours of the Lip Bullet. 2 of them were in different shades of oranges and the one which caught my eyes is the deep red colour called 'Rockabilly'. I got it for RM 47. It's like a dollar more than the usual lipsticks. This lip shade is so beautiful. It's almost like a soft maroon, if maroon can ever be soft. But i am lovin' this colour.

This is how the Lip Bullet in Rockabilly looks like :)
I recently used this lip bullet when my friends and I went for drinks at the local bar. It was amazing and it lasted for such a long time. Considering the fact that i was drinking and eating and the lip colour hardly budge. Even though it is not a matte finish, it is long lasting. I would say that it has a finish of something in between a Satin and Amplified finish (if you want to compare it to MAC lipstick finishes). It's creamy and does not dry your lips at all. I absolutely love the packaging. It's new and it's very easy to apply. However, it does have less product when compared to the other real Topshop Lipsticks.

You can use this colour when you're going out with your girlfriends at night, or even rock it in the day with jeans and a casual top at the mall. Or even at work. I would certainly use this lipstick at work. Maybe if i'm a doctor then i won't. Because i wouldn't want to look like i'm wearing too much makeup at the hospital when people are sick and all. But then again, that's your choice and perception. I used this lipstick with my black floral dress from Dorothy Perkins the other day with my girls. I'll put up an OOTD post soon.

So below is a picture of me wearing TOPSHOP Lip Bullet in Rockabilly. Isn't the colour just gorgeous? This colour is kinda similar to MAC Diva. But I would say that this colour is way lighter that MAC Diva. MAC Diva is more darker, has a matte finish and is way more 'Vampy'. To check out that post, click here.

Hope you girls liked it! I know that Topshop Lip Bullet in Rockabilly is out of stock at their One Utama Topshop outlet. But i'm sure you will be able to get it at the other Topshop outlets such as the one in Pavillion, Sunway Pyramid and many other places. What cha waiting for girls? Go grab one before it's sold out completely! :)

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