Thursday, November 28, 2013

Victoria's Secret Midnight Jewels Holiday Eye Kit

Hey Gurrrrrrrrrrls

Guess what? Last weekend, i went to KL for a short shopping spree! I went to Victoria's Secret (one of my favourite place to shop) and i finally got the perfume that i was lusting over for months! It's the Noir Sexy Little Things. And omg, this perfume has the sweetest scent ever. Review on this perfume will be coming soon. Be sure to check that out, kays? Hehe. Anyways, they were having a Christmas and Holiday promotion. Guess what i bought? I got the Midnight Jewels Holiday Eye Kit. And so far i am lovin' it to bits.

Okay, but i gotta admit, that i bought the eye kit on impulse because the packaging is so PRETTY! It comes in a glittery pink box (though it looks purple in the pictures but, trust me, it's not purple. It's pink). Who can resist that? You tell me, who can resist buying something so pretty and girly and (come on) it's Victoria's Secret! So yeah. I bought it. But i would say it's a good buy because i got 10 eyeshadows, a brush and an eyeliner pencil for only RM 129. Compared to MAC's eyeshadow which are like RM 68 for one colour. But obviously MAC eyeshadow qualities are better because they specialize in makeup unlike VS.

Anyways, this palette consists of 10 eyeshadows. Even though in the VS official website stated that the palette consists of matte and shimmery eyeshadow, in reality, the palette only has shimmery and glittery eyeshadow colours. None of the eyeshadow looks matte to me. I know, what you girls are thinking. I have always rant about how i hate shimmery makeup. But what can i say? This palette is too gorgeous for me to say no. The eyeshadow colours are mainly divided to 2 part ; lights eyeshadows (the top row) and dark eyeshadows (the bottom row). I'm assuming that they wanted to do the whole day and night concept. So far, i'll say that i'm liking these eyeshadows. They are relatively pigmented when you use an eyeshadow primer before applying them.

The consistency of these eyeshadows can be quite powdery. But then again, i don't find that much of a problem because i always do my eye makeup first before apply any other makeup such as foundation or concealer on my face. So, technically i do have to wipe off any eyeshadow fallouts on my face. The palette comes with a relatively big mirror which is shown in the picture above. My favourite eyeshadow colour from the palette would definitely have to be Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire.

Close Up Picture of the Palette :)
The Eyeliner pencil has a very creamy formula. it's easy to apply and the black colour is very intense. It is smudge-able. So, the colour is obviously not long lasting. But it's very suitable for smokey eye looks and also if you're looking for a smoked out lower lash look. I'm liking this eyeliner. Except of course i'm not going to use it when i'm going to wear my makeup for long hours because this eyeliner will definitely smudge.

So, that's all. I've decided to swatch all the eyeshadow colours on my arms so that all of you can see the true colours of the eyeshadows. I did use an eyeshadow primer before swatching all these colours in order to get a better colour payoff. See how beautiful these colours are? I'm be doing a makeup look using this palette soon.

I know it's messy :P SORRY! 

Let me know your opinion on this palette. Till the next post then. I love you all, my fellow readers! Happy Holidays!



  1. What a gorgeous palette. It looks a bit like the Laura Mercier palette without the daunting price tag. Might have to go check this out!

    1. You should! It's a wonderful palette. I'm like obsessed with this palette now! :)

  2. Oooo tnx! Just bought this on sale yesterday