Monday, December 30, 2013

Get Ready With Me #2 Visiting the Relatives

Hey Peeps :)

How was everybody's Christmas celebration? Mine was just spend visiting the numerous relatives that i have. It was so fun catching up with my baby cousins and aunts & uncles, and grandmothers & grandpas. It was very eventful but obviously it was tiring too. Nevertheless, i had fun. Usually when i'm visiting my relatives, i want to look nice but simple. Especially when it comes to makeup coz my family isn't into all this super red lipsticks and eyeshadows. They are more conservative.

So my makeup was very simple that day. It can literally be done in 10 minutes. I skipped foundation and just conceal under my eyes (using the Benefit Boi-ing Concelear) and applied my new Maybelline gel liner on my top lids and i used my (also new fave) MAC Faux lipstick. I felt like filling in my eyebrows so i did using the Bobbi Brown Chocolate Eye palette with the shadow called 'Chocolate'. That's all for my face. 

For my outfit, I decided to go with a simple black and maroon blouse from Dorothy Perkins and my simple black Audrey Pants from Giordano. Since the outfit is simple i decided to spice it up a little with my animal print hand bag (also from Dorothy Perkins). For my shoes, i wore my neutral brownish-beige heels. I got this heels from Nichii early this year for such a cheap price. I remembered that it was on discount and i only spend like RM 50 or less for it. 

Anyways, so this is the complete look! Yay or Nay? 

These are the heels! Closed up pic in case you couldn't really see it :D
Happy New Years, everybody! Can't believe the year 2013 is almost over. This year has seriously been so eventful for me filled with ups and downs. May the following year bring us all joy and happiness. All you gotta do is just pray to God and he will be there for you! :) 

Bye bye 2013. Hello 2014 :D


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