Tuesday, December 24, 2013

H&M Knitwear Haul (2 Looks!)

Hey babes!

So i went shopping some time ago with my bff and we went to Paradigm Mall. We wanted to go to KLCC but my uncle's family dropped by to officially invite my family to his son's wedding. Guess who my cousin brother choose to be the bridesmaid? ME! LOL. I am so excited. I always wanted to participate in a wedding. And i finally can. I have exactly 1 and a half months to lose some weight. So yeah. Random update update about my life. 

Back to shopping at Paradigm Mall. I love Paradigm Mall because of 2 reason; it's the nearest Sephora from where i live and also it has a super huge H&M store there. It's like the best of both worlds. Even Victoria's Secret is opening there soon. I can't wait for that. So i was disappointed with Sephora this time because they didn't have so many brands anymore. I dunno what happened but they no longer sell Nars and Chanel anymore. Like whaaaa? No Nars? Gosh, now we all HAVE to go all the way to KL CITY to buy our Nars products. Why Sephora, why? I ended up not buying anything from Sephora eventhough they had some Christmas sets from Stilla and Soap & Glory etc.

Then i went to H&M and became happy all over again. H&M never disappoints me. I absolutely love their clothes, accessories, shoes and everything. H&M is awesome! I'm so excited because H&M just opened in One Utama which is like a 5 mins drive from my house. Their clothes are good quality and so affordable. It's stylish and just simply amazing. So obviously i had get myself some of that loveliness from H&M. After an hour of looking around, i got 2 knitwear sweaters and 2 pairs of leggings. I don't know but i'm so into knitwear lately. Maybe because it's cold nowadays. 

I know i know, Malaysia is a hot country but it's the rainy season now. So it does get kinda cold at night. Like there is no blazing hot sun outside. I don't even sleep with my air-conditioned on anymore. But probably it will get hotter after this rainy season. But who cares, i'm always feeling cold in the mall. I'm one person who can't stand cold. I absolutely hate cold environment. So, i bought this knitwear to wear when i'm going for a movie (Cinemas are ALWAYS like an igloo to me). Or even just hanging out at the malls. Malls here are really cold. Anyways, both the sweaters are super comfortable and stylish. I bought cream coloured and the other one is in burgundy.

They are retailed at RM 79.90 per sweater. I think that is very reasonable for a comfy thick sweater. It's soft, keeps you warm and also very comfortable. it does not make your skin itchy or have rashes. I bought the size S. But it is still kinda large for me. But i don't care. Sweaters are meant to be slightly loose anyways. The leggings were retailed at RM 39.90 per pair. It's sort of made from a thin material. I got one tribal printed leggings and the other one is a black spandex look? Both leggings are comfortable and has a super good length. Usually leggings length stop right at your ankle. But these ones are kinda long so they sort of create a folded effect on the feet which looks very flattering in my opinion. 

I'm wearing the cream coloured knit sweater with the tribal print leggings and the burgundy knit sweater with my black leggings. I think this combination is the best. I like it that way. So below are the pictures of me wearing these outfits. How do i look? If you liked it, head to your nearest H&M stores and pick up these items. The sweaters comes in many colours. So just get the ones you like. 

That's all for today. Till the next post then :)


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