Saturday, December 21, 2013

NYX Lip Pencils Review (Super Affordable Lip Liners!)

Hello, beauties!

So i just attended my friend's wedding reception. It was such a beautiful day. Me and my friends dressed up and yes i did their makeups too! I'll be posting a OOTN of what i wore and my makeup look for the reception. Be sure to check that out. As for now, i wanna talk about some really awesome lip pencil or lip liners. Whatever you want to call it.

I discovered the NYX lip pencils early this year in March or April when Sephora opened at Paradigm Mall. Since it was so inexpensive, i decided to try them. So i remember getting to colours; Soft Brown and Natural (since i always use nude coloured lipsticks for everyday use). One lip pencil is retailed at RM 19 if i'm not mistaken. That is, if you purchase it from Sephora. And these lip pencils are amazing!

The reasons why i LOVE them so much are as below :-

- they are as good as they MAC lip pencils (sheesh, i always compare any cosmetic brand to MAC lol)
- so inexpensive
- has a wide range of colours
- long lasting on the lips
- smooth application on the lips
- easily available in Malaysia
- easy to use for beginners in makeup
- lip pencils are relatively long (a lot of product)
- comes in a wooden pencil form (i absolutely hate the retractable lip liners. They break easily and i find that the product in them is less than when they come in a pencil form)

I have 9 colours of the NYX lip pencils:

849 Beige
810 Natural
819 Soft Brown
858 Nude Pink
854 Pale Pink
839 Dolly Pink
835 Pinky
844 Deep Red
811 Nutmeg

Swatches are as below :-

From Left to Right : Beige, Natural, Soft Brown, Nude Pink, Pale Pink, Dolly Pink, Pinky, Deep Red, Nutmeg

To me, there is no cons for this lip pencils. They are just the perfect everyday lip pencils. They are not expensive. Hence, you can experiment with bold colours or even use it everyday. Since it's relatively cheap, using it everyday isn't going to burn a hole in your pocket. So i rate the NYX lip pencils as 10/10. It's amazing, girls. You have to try it. I usually get the Natural, Pinky and Soft Brown from Sephora. However, the Sephoras in Malaysia do not have many colours. They have many colours, but they don't have alot of the colours that i want (dolly pink, pale pink etc). So i actually get them from eBay for only RM 10! I buy in bulk 6 lip pencils for only RM 60 plus shipping cost included. Lemme know if you want the details of the seller whom i'm buying it from! So worth it.

That's all for now. Till the next post then. Happy Holidays everyone! <3



  1. I have the same lip liner in pinky and I actually use it as an all over colour alone so as a lipstick in a way and it looks fab. Give it a try. Jus make sure your lips are moisturized.

    1. Great tip! Thank you, darling xxx