Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Review : Benefit BADgal Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil

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Today is good be a review on my favourite pencil eyeliner! Pencil eyeliners are the easiest eyeliners of all time. It's SO easy to use. I always suggest girls that are just starting to wear makeup to try pencil eyeliner because it's the most simplest tool of eyeliner to use. Liquid liners and gel liners requires a steady hand and also the right application techniques. Whereas, for pencil eyeliners, all you gotta do is take that eyeliner and draw a line on top of your eyelids as close as possible to your lash line. And if you want an intense look, do the same on your waterline. I also think that pencil eyeliners make the best waterline eyeliners too!

Anyways, the eyeliner that is being reviewed today is the Benefit BADgal Waterproof eyeliner pencil. This is my holy grail eyeliner PENCIL of all time. My holy grail liquid liner is of course the Silky Girl Precision Liquid Liner. The Benefit BADgal Waterproof eyeliner pencil is retailed at RM 75. The black colour is very intense and dark. That's something that is very important to me. I love eyeliners that are very black! This eyeliner is very long lasting. It lasts the whole day and i'm not even kidding. I literally meant it. I also love the fact that it gives off a matte black finish. That is a plus point for me.

This is how the packaging looks like. My eyeliner pencil is too short for you to see anything now :P 
Judging by the amount of product left, you can tell that i REALLY love this eyeliner. And this is my 3rd Benefit Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil
Once i wore this eyeliner to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park with my friends. I was going on so many water rides. I even got my hair wet and clothes too. And guess what? My eyeliner did not budge or even fade. I was so surprised. Because my friend's eyeliner was already smudging like crazy. And she uses the Lancome Eyeliner pencil. So this Benefit eyeliner is REALLY waterproof. Below is the swatch of the eyeliner on my hand. See how intense the black is?

The texture of the product is slightly creamy. That means you can also blend it for a more smokey eye look but you have to work quickly because it will 'dry up' and then stay put in one place without smudging. It is the only product which actually stays on my waterline. In the waterline, however, it does not last THAT long. Maybe for 2 to 3 hours? I don't mind that at all because i seldom like to line my waterline anyways. I usually just line my lower lash line. 

This is the smudging tip of the eyeliner pencil that will enable a more smokey eye look
The Benefit BADgal waterproof eyeliner pencil must be removed with a makeup wipe or any eye makeup remover. Washing with your facial soap alone will not remove this liner. So keep that in mind if you're already thinking of getting this awesome eyeliner. I use this often. Like for work and stuff. So it usually lasts up from 6 to 7 months? It totally depends on how much you're using it. Yours might last even longer. 

This is a picture of me using the Benefit BADgal Eyeliner pencil. 

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