Friday, December 6, 2013

Review : I Love Stage Essence Eyeshadow Primer (Drugstore Eyeshadow Primer)

Hey Girls :)

Today is another Essence Cosmetics review. I'm reviewing the I <3 Stage Eyeshadow Primer. I got it from Watsons in City Square Mall. It is priced at RM 15.90. I say that is pretty cheap even for a drugstore makeup item. It comes in a small tube with a wand (which looks like a lip gloss wand). This eyeshadow primer comes in only one shade to fit all skin tone. The colour is like 2 shades lighter than my skintone so it looks okay on me. Below is the picture of the primer.

The consistency of the Essence I <3 Stage primer is very liquidy. Usually eyeshadow primers are mostly in a cream form (brands like MAC, BH Cosmetics & NYX). I was kinda doubtful in the beginning but after trying it, i would say it's actually good. Especially when it's only RM 15.90. To the girls out there that don't really use eyeshadow, you can get this product for the occasional usage of your eyeshadow. Of course, if you're the kind of girl who loves her eyeshadows so much, then maybe get something more better? Like the MAC Prep + Prime Eyelids Primer. 

Here's a picture of that primer swatched on my hand.

EEEKKK why the heck is my veins so prominent here? 
But then again, both these primers serve the same purpose. For those who don't know, eyeshadow primers are used to make your eyeshadow colour more intense and that it will last longer. This primer does not crease in the eyelid area. It really holds up the eyeshadow well. The only downfall of this eyelid primer will be the lack in colour option? I mean, i know that MAC also only have like 3 colour options for their eyeshadow primer but that is sufficient enough. MAC has 3 colours which is the light, medium and dark. I'm using the colour medium. So yeah, Essence primer would be a 10 if there is more colour options. For now i'll rate this product a 8/10.

The left side of the hand is the swatch of only the eyeshadow. The right side is the eyeshadow swatch with the usage of the Essence I <3 Stage Eyeshadow Base. See how much more intense the colour just became? 

That's all for now, girls! Till the next post :)


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