Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Review : MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

Good morning my fellow readers,

I usually use the MAC Studio Sculpt foundation. For your information, that is actually a gel-based foundation. It's more of a medium coverage but it can be a full coverage if you apply a second layer (i personally don't do that but hey, whatever floats your boat). This foundation makes my skin look even more oily than when i'm not using any foundation at all because it's a foundation for dry skin. I bought this during my dry-skin-period (aka during my Roaccutane journey). 

Anyways, now that my skin has improved due to my fantastic skincare routine at night (I've been using this skincare for 3 months already), I don't want to use a full coverage foundation anymore. I don't want to use liquid/cream/gel foundations any more. Maybe during special occasions and i wanna look flawless, then i'll use those liquid foundation. But just for an everyday office makeup, i think i'll just use a powder foundation. Powder foundations are awesome because they are lightweight, you don't feel like you're wearing a thick layer of makeup on your face.

So I've decided to try the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus foundation. Man, i must really love MAC Comestics! LOL. But oh well. I've been using MAC ever since i started wearing makeup. Which is at the age of 19 when i entered Monash University. The Studio Fix Plus Powder foundation has a light to medium coverage but i can be built to achieve a full coverage look too if applied with a sponge instead of a brush. I use a brush to apply this foundation because i don't want a full coverage look. I'm okay with light/medium coverage for my daily office makeup look. This foundation is retailed at RM 122. I use the NC 45 shade because in Malaysia, they don't seem to have the NC 43 shade (which is my perfect shade). NC 42 (they do have this in M'sia) but it's too light for me. And it's a big NO NO to me when it comes to using a lighter foundation.

The MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus foundation makes my face matte for around 3 hours before the shine starts to appear. It doesn't make my face anywhere near as oily as the MAC Studio Sculpt foundation. But it doesn't make my face entirely matte either. So i do apply a lil bit of my Inglot Mattifying powder on top. This actually helps mattify the face better. I know that i have mentioned in my previous review about this Inglot mattifying pressed powder that it doesn't work and that it sucks. But using it on top of a powder foundation, it actually works because for starters, the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus controls the shine on your face and leaves a sort of matte-finish look on your face. So yeah. Hope i didn't confused you girls.

This is the round sponge that it comes with
The foundation is relatively long lasting. I would say that it lasts up to 6 hours before it needs a lil touching up. Since it's a powder foundation and it comes in a small compact case, it's pretty easy to carry around in your purse. Obviously if you're wearing a liquid foundation, you can't do that. Another plus point in using a powder foundation! YAY. So that's all. 

Thank you for reading! Woohoo it's December! Santa Claus will be coming to town SOON :)



  1. I love this as well. It's my go-to for getting my makeup done in a flash! It's the only foundation I've ever used up and I've already hit pan on my second.

    1. i know right? It's such a great powder foundation! It's my new found love :D