Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Riri Loves MAC Holiday Collection ~ Bad Girl Riri Lipstick

Hello pretty ladies,

Welcome to another blog post of ANOTHER lipstick from the RIRI loves MAC holiday collection. Yup, you're right. It's the MAC Bad Girl Riri lipstick review! Woohoo. I've been using this lipstick for a week now. And i love it. MAC Bad Girl Riri is a cool tone reddish brown. It kinda reminds me of the MAC Taupe lipstick. But Taupe is just brown. It does not have any redness in it.

MAC Bad Girl Riri is a matte lipstick (thank god, not a retro matte), so it's long lasting. I find the formula to be non-drying. It's a lil creamy for a matte lipstick (kind of like MAC Cozy Up). It's esay to apply and the colour stays on for 4 hours without needed to be touched up. Of course if you're having oily food, the lipstick will come off. Otherwise, it doesn't transfer onto other stuff.

The packaging is gorgeous. It's the standard Riri Loves MAC holiday collection packaging which is the rose gold lipstick cover and a white tube with the "R" sign in the rose gold colour. Of course the lipstick is limited edition so it's actually more expensive than the standard lipsticks. It is retailed at RM 75. Usual MAC lipsticks are RM 68. The Viva Glam range is only RM 65. So, i think the RM 75 is for the packaging actually.

This brown colour with slight hints of red looks amazing on every skin tone! That's what i personally think. Though for darker girls, it might actually be a pretty nude lipstick too. For fairer girls, it will actually be a gorgeous brownish red lipstick! For me it looks like a have a brown lipstick on. I like it. It's opaque and very pigmented. This is the swatch of it on my hand. So pretty right?

And this is how i look with MAC Bad Girl Riri lipstick on. Yay or nay? I usually do a simple makeup whenever i'm reviewing a lipstick because i want all the attention to my lips and not the eye makeup whatsoever. Hence, the no eyeshadow/blush look.

Bad Girl Riri looks more lighter in the pictures. In reality in is actually darker than how it is shown in this picture! :)
And that's a wrap! :) PS: I'm not sure if you are still able to get this lipstick. Try MAC Cosmetics in Tebrau City, Johor. Because it was already sold out in most shopping malls in KL. Don't forget to check out my MAC Riri Woo lipstick and also the Love, Rihanna Bronzing Powder from this collection too.

I love you all long time <3