Monday, December 9, 2013

Riri Loves MAC Holiday Collection! ~ RIRI WOO lipstick

Hey Girlfriends!

I'm pretty sure you girls all know about the Riri Loves MAC collaboration that Rihanna did with MAC Cosmetics. They had like 3 collections throughout the whole of 2013. This is the last collection which is the Riri Loves MAC Holiday collection. If i'm not mistaken, this is the last and final collection of the Riri Loves MAC collab. So anyways, in this collection, i finally agreed to get the most awaited lipstick of Rihanna which is the new MAC Riri Woo. It's exactly just like Ruby Woo except it is slightly darker.

MAC Riri Woo is in the Retro Matte formula just like MAC Ruby Woo. It's quite drying because it is a Retro Matte after all. So i suggest using a lip balm or conditioner before applying the lipstick. This lipstick was retailed at RM 75 due to it being limited edition. I do feel that's a lil pricey but you do get a pretty limited edition packaging from MAC. As you can see below, the cover of the lipstick is in rose gold and the bottom part of the lipstick is white colour with the signature R to symbolize the Riri Loves MAC collection.

MAC Riri Woo is a cool tone red with blue undertones. Girls who already have MAC Ruby Woo, should maybe skip getting this colour because it is almost exactly the same. You can always pick up MAC Bad Girl Riri! So yeah. That's all about Riri Woo. This is the swatch of Riri Woo on my hand. It's very pigmented. 

Untidy application of lipstick. Please ignore it :P 
I think this lipstick will suit all skintones from fair to dark. It's a great lipstick shade. You can do a classy eyeliner look or even a neutral eyeshadow look using your Naked Palette. I heard Naked 3 is coming out soon. Hmmm i might get NAKED 1 first. I don't even have any of those palettes, you guys know me right? I'm not an eyeshadow girl. And besides, i already have the Bobbi Brown Chocolate Eye palette which is also a neutral colour palette. But i might change my mind. Who knows. LOL 

Anyways, below is the picture of me using the all hyped about MAC Riri Woo. Yay or Nay? Look out for my next review from the Riri Loves MAC collection! It's gonna be a review for the MAC Bad Girl Riri lipstick and the Love, Rihanna Bronzing Powder. Be sure to check it out.

Till the next post then <3 

Much love from me.


  1. I was already halfway there when I saw the packaging. But when I saw how beautiful the actual product looked on someone with a very similar skintone, it was a no brainer, I had to have it. Thank you!

    1. HAHA :D yup, the colour is gorgeous, girl! You have to get it :)