Monday, December 16, 2013

Riri Loves MAC Holiday Collection ~ Bronzing Powder in 'Love, Rihanna'

Hello everyone!

So you've probably read my post on both the Riri Loves MAC holiday collection lipsticks. But if you have missed it, please check it out here; Riri Woo lipstick review and the Bad Girl Riri lipstick reiview. Today i'm going to do a review on the Bronzing Powder from that same Riri Loves MAC Holiday collection. It's called Love, Rihanna. It is retailed at RM 120. It comes in a pretty packaging with white and rose gold colours. The cover is transparent with a rose gold "R". I give a 10/10 for packaging. It is so pretty to look at.

The Love, Rihanna bronzing powder is a soft golden brown colour. I would say that it has a satin finish to it. The first few times of using this product, you'll get a more peach-ish brown look because of the "R" over spray colour in a frosty, copper colour. So this makes the bronzer apply more peach. I think it's such a beautiful colour with the frosty raised "R" sign. However, it is just a over spray so it's going to disappear soon as you use it. You can actually just scrap it off too if you're not into the frosty peach copper colour. But i like it. So i'm kinda disappointed that it's just an over spray. 

But anyhow, it is a gorgeous bronzer colour for fair to medium skintone. Darker girls can totally use this as a cheek colour. I've been using this product so much. It's just a very nice bronzer shade for me. And the "R" colours, makes an awesome 'blush-like' appearance for me that i don't have to use any blusher. This is a picture of me using the Love, Rihanna Bronzing Powder. I have to say, I love it. It gives my cheeks a natural glow. It doesn't look like i have a heavy bonzer look going on. 

Please ignore the messy background! LOL was cleaning up my room that day.
And this is the swatch of it on my finger. See how pretty that frost look? Hmmmm i can't believe i'm saying this but i'm beginning to accept shimmer and frosty makeup into my life. I noticed that it does give you dimension and it can flatter your makeup if you use it properly. So yeah. I like them now.

Anyways, i think by now this Love, Rihanna Bronzing Powder would have been sold out at the MAC stores. So for those of you who missed out, you can still get the eyeshadow palettes from this collection. There are 2 eyeshadow palettes. If i'm not mistaken, you can also still get their liquid liners too. 

So that's all for now! Till the next post then :)



  1. This really is gorgeous! I've been so torn about getting it. Maybe I need to swatch it in person!

    1. You should get it! Hopefully it's still in stock. It has sold out at most places in Malaysia :)

  2. I been loving this collection! What are your favorites? Thinking of purchasing some!

    1. My favourites are definitely the MAC Bad Girl Riri and this bronzing powder! :) Oh-so-gorgeous! xx