Thursday, December 5, 2013

Topshop Lipstick Review ~ Boom Boom

What's up, beauties?

I'm not sure about you girls, but i sometimes have one of those days where i wanna look very girly and barbie-like. Okay, that sounded stupid but you girls get what i mean right? What i meant is that i want to look extra girly and pretty. Maybe wear a pretty summer dress or even a polka dot headband with some pastel coloured ballerina flats. Easiest way to get that girly girl look is of course, a pink lipstick. To me, wearing a pink lipstick always makes me feel more girly and just feminine.

Recently i spotted a very pretty barbie-pink lipstick from Topshop. All Topshop lipsticks cost RM 46. This lipstick is in a creamy finish. If you wanna compare it to a MAC lipstick finish, i would say that it's in an amplified finish. This lipstick has a high colour payoff and it is very pigmented. The colour is opaque and it feels very moisturizing. It definitely does not dry your lips. In fact it makes your lips look soft, supple and well moisturized.

For this lipstick, i usually use it with a lip pencil. The lip liner i use is the NYX lip pencil in Dolly Pink. I love these NYX Lip pencils. They have such a wide range. Sephora in Malaysia has NYX products but the colour range of their lip pencils are pretty limited. So i usually purchase mine eBay. Those are usually cheaper. But it takes like 2 weeks to finally get the products. So that's the pros and cons. Anyways, i'll definitely be doing a review on all the NYX lip pencils that i have.

This is how Boom Boom looks like swatched on my hands. Such a pretty pink, right?

The Boom Boom lipstick is suitable for people with fair to medium skintone. This is because it can actually make your skin look darker than it is. So maybe it's not really very flattering on darker skintone. It's a versatile lipstick. You can always wear it during the day or even the night. If you're wearing it during the night, make sure to glam up your eyes as well. For the day, you can always stick to your neutral eyeshadows or even just use some mascara and you're good to go!

So, YAY or NAY?

I seriously need to do something with my hair. It looks a mess nowadays! :O 
What cha waiting for? Go grab your lipstick at the nearest Topshop branch now! Oh, and do check out my previous post on the Topshop Lip Bullet Rockabilly.

Love you all <3