Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review : Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfecting Makeup Foundation

Hello babes!

You girls by now should know about my love for Clinique. I think they have the best skincare of all time. Like nothing can be compared to them. Clinique is like my saviour. It really helped my improve my skin overall. So when i finally realized (silly me, for not noticing it earlier) that they actually do have foundations, i freaked out. Omg, how awesome is that going to be? Your favourite skin care having a foundation? Obviously it's going to be good for the skin too. Because it's been made by skin care experts. They are not going to include any ingredients that are going to clog your pores or anything of that sort. 

So obviously i HAD to try it. I'm currently using the Even Better line of skin care from Clinique. That skin care routine is for uneven skin tone. But since i do have relatively large pores, i decided to try out the Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfecting Makeup foundation. This foundation claims to be a lightweight makeup that creates a virtually poreless look instantly. It also claims leaves a matte finish. This foundation also retails at RM 118 for 30 ml which is reasonable for my opinion because MAC foundations are all priced at RM 122 (even their powder foundations - which has less product compared to the Clinique foundation).

The Clinique Foundation also comes in a squeezable plastic bottle which is very convenient for usage. The narrow nozzle head of the bottle also helps to control the amount of foundation used to avoid wastage. This is a BIG PLUS point. It didn't have any annoying foundation scent. I find that MAC and Revlon foundations does have that weird-foundation-scent. But this Clinique foundation is fragrance free. 

I tried it on the other day. I was out the whole day with my family in kl. Of course i primed my face before applying the foundation. The Clinique Pore Refining Foundation is in a mousse form. I'm in the shade #19 Sand (for MAC foundations i'm in NC 45). The foundation glides on my face very smoothly. It almost had a balm-y feeling on my face. Which was new as most foundation usually feels wet against my skin. The noticeable thing is that it felt so lightweight on my skin. I didn't feel like i had a layer of foundation against my skin. It didn't feel cakey on my face either. I felt like i had a skin care on my face rather than makeup. 

I was out that day for more than 10 hours that day. And believe it or not, for 7 hours straight my face was matte. After the 7th hour, then only my face began to have some shine. But even then, it wasn't oily. I didn't apply any setting powder because the foundation itself was already setting on my face nicely. This is the first time i'm using a foundation without any setting powder. I looked pore-less which was very nice. My face looked smooth and natural looking. 

Please be reminded that this foundation isn't full coverage at all. In fact, i would say that this foundation has a very light coverage. So girls with acne problems or girls with many dark spots might wanna skip this foundation. Or maybe if you really wanna try this foundation, use a concealer to cover up the blemishes before applying this on your face.

The only cons of this foundation is the shade. I'm in the shade #19 Sand. The colour matches my skin tone but the undertones of the foundation makes my face look dull. I feel that the undertones should have a lil more yellow in it. Yellow would have make my face brighter and not dull. But it's still okay coz i'll definitely still purchase this foundation. I guess i have to use a setting powder with yellow undertones to make my face not look dull in colour. They do have a relatively large colour range, around 7 to 8 shades. 

Below is a picture of me using the foundation. But of course I've applied some blush and highlighter on my foundation in this picture. But you can't really see my pores now.

I give this foundation a rating of 9/10. If the shade had more yellow undertones, it would have been perfect. That's all for now, girls! Thank you for reading! 



  1. Never tried a Clinique foundation, but I am loving the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation. The main reason is there are no chemicals and cruelty free. :) I'll have to check the Clinique one out though!

    1. Ohhh i see! Well this Clinique Foundation is really good too. You should try it :) xoxo