Thursday, January 9, 2014

Essence Sun Club Glamour To-Go Eyeshadow Palette in #01 South Beach

Hey lovelies,

A few months ago, I blogged about the new (now not so new anymore) Essence Cosmetics Brand in Watsons. I specifically blogged about their Kajal eyeliners. This brand is inexpensive and it's relatively good! I'm lovin' it when it comes to eyeshadows and powders! So today, i'll be reviewing their eyeshadow palette called the Sun Club Glamour To-Go palette in #01 South Beach. 

The Essence Sun Club Glamour To-Go Eyeshadow was retailed at RM 15.90. There are 8 eyeshadow colours in this palette. The eyeshadows are definitely not from the same 'colour group' like most Revlon and Maybelline eyeshadow palettes. So you can definitely do many eyeshadow looks with this palette. There is also a mixture of shimmery shadows, matte and also glittery ones. This palette comes with a double ended brush like any other eyeshadow palette.

The first colour is a bright blue. It has some substantial amount of shimmer in it but it's still wearable. This eyeshadow also has a nice sheen to it. Below the blue shadow, is a shimmery green colour. The next colour is a matte yellow eyeshadow. This is a one-of-a-kind colour, if you ask me. Then below that, is a mint green matte eyeshadow. I love this colour. It's so pretty and fresh!

Beside the yellow shadow is the salmon coloured shadow which is absolutely gorgeous. It does have some shimmer in it. Below that is a chocolate brown shadow with golden flecks of glitter. However, when you actually swatch this shadow on your hands, you won't be able to see any of those annoying golden flecks. I'm not much of a shimmer person. So yeah. Thank goodness! Anyways, beside the brown shadow is a gorgeous champagne colour eyeshadow. I don't really have any champagne coloured eyeshadow, so i like this shadow.

The last eyeshadow is this glittery frosty gold eyeshadow. This is my least favourite eyeshadow because it has a lot of fallouts due to it's heavy dose of glitter. The colour by itself is actually nice. If only it didn't have all those glitter... These are the swatches of those eyeshadows on my hand.

Anyways, this is the first look that i came up with using this palette.

This is the second eyeshadow look using the salmon and brown eyeshadow.

The eyeshadow colours have an okay pigmented after using an eyeshadow base underneath them. So for the price, these shadows are such a steal. Plus you can come up with SO many looks by just using this tiny little palette. And it's super inexpensive. It's suitable for girls that want several eyeshadow options without breaking the piggy bank!

Personally, i wouldn't find myself reaching out for this palette much whenever i'm doing my makeup because i find the eyeshadows to be too powdery and too shimmery. But it will be very suitable for school girls or college girls that have a tight budget on makeup. For me, i just don't really like this palette.

Essence Cosmetics are available in all Parkson stores and also most Watsons outlets in Malaysia. So check out their cosmetics if you're looking for good quality cosmetics for a cheap price!

Byeeeeeeee :)