Sunday, January 26, 2014

How to Clean & Wash Your Makeup Brushes?

Hello Peeps!

My post today is going to be about how i regularly wash my makeup brushes. You only need a shampoo of you choice, a bowl of water, baby oil, and a plate/tray. People may underestimate the importance of washing their makeup brushes. It is so important! Especially if you have acne prone skin or your face breakout easily. Girls with sensitive skin should also wash their brushes regularly. I mean, come on, it's always good to be hygienic. 

This is the shampoo that i use. It's the Tresemme Moisture Rich Shampoo for dry or damaged hair. 

The baby oil i use is the regular Johnson's Baby Oil.  

I usually wash my brushes every 3 weeks. But that depends on how many times I've actually used all my brushes. I don't wear eyeshadows regularly. So i don't have to always wash my eyeshadow brushes as often as i wash my foundation or powder brush. Anyways, washing your makeup brushes is really easy. When i first started wearing makeup, my mum bought the MAC brush cleaner for me. It was expensive for a soap. At that time, i had no idea that i could actually just use hair shampoo to wash my brushes. Hair shampoo is an inexpensive option to wash your brushes. 

My dirty makeup brushes that needs cleaning badly! 
I've watched tonnes of videos in Youtube where the makeup guru washes her brushes with hair shampoo.  I find my brushes to be cleaner whenever i use my shampoo and not the MAC Brush Cleaner. So if you're interested, this are the steps that i do when i'm washing my brushes. 

Step 1 : I squeeze some shampoo on a tray. You don't need so much of shampoo. The amount that i put on my tray is enough. 

Step 2 : Dip your brushes individually on the shampoo and start to gently scrub them with your fingers. 

Step 3 : After that, wash the brushes with water. Rinse off all the soap properly.

Step 4 : Get a bowl of water ready. Put 2 to 3 drops of baby oil into the water bowl.

Step 5 : Dip your WASHED and CLEANED brushes into the water bowl. The purpose of the baby oil is to bring some softness back to the bristles of the brushes after washing it. This is to ensure that your brushes will remain soft and bouncy.

Step 6 : Finally, shape your brush the way is way before you washed it. Leave it to dry like that. This is to maintain the shape of the brushes.

And that's it, people! Isn't that simple? Make sure you try this when it's time to clean those brushes, girl! That's all for now. I know it been quite a few days since i last posted but that's because i have started working again and I've been so busy lately. Sorry, won't happen again. I'll be posting many posts in the near future! I love you all <3 

Happy Chinese New Year!