Sunday, January 12, 2014

How to Cure and Prevent Acne/Pimples?

Hello, lovelies!

Hope everyone is good and healthy. Today i'm going to blog about how to prevent and treat pimples or acne. Pimples are very common among teenagers especially. That is the time where our hormones are all bizarre. But surprisingly i did not have any pimples during my school days. I only started having pimples in university around the age of 20. But thank goodness, i went to the dermatologist and got treatment after i graduated from university. And after 6 months of being under medication, my face has cleared up really well, and i only get occasional tiny pimples a week before i get my period. So that's good. 

But i'm not going to be talking about the medication that i was on. That is for another post. And also because that medication has a lot of side effects and controversies that i'm confused if or not i should recommend it to you guys. So yeah. Maybe some other time. 

Today, i'm going to be giving you guys tips on how to cure and prevent pimples. After all, prevention is better than cure. Below are so of the tips that i have. 

Prevent :-
Don't sleep with makeup on (duh)
If you have oily skin, make sure you wash your face before you sleep at night or even during the middle of the day when you feel that your face is oily
If you use makeup brushes, be sure to wash them regularly (once in 2 weeks?)
Make sure you take off your makeup properly
Try not to eat nuts, chocolates or oily food often because those food can cause pimples
Make sure that your pillow case and bedspread is clean at all time
Use only a FACE towel to wipe your face and nothing else
Drink plenty of water
Get enough sleep

Cure :-
Use an acne controlling facial wash
Use tea tree oil to cure pimples (You can use The Body Shop tea tree skin care range)
Moisturize your skin! (This is to reduce the inflammation and irritation of the skin)
Don't overload your skin with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.
DO NOT pop your pimples or acne! Omg, just don't do that please. It's bad and unhygienic
Use an acne treating mask once a week. For eg. you can use the Neem Purifying Face Pack.
Drink one spoon of diluted apple cider everyday. Apple cider can cure pimples because it gets rid of all the toxins in the body.
Use toothpaste on your stubborn pimples
You can also use baking soda on your acne

So there are a few products that i would recommend to those that are suffering from pimples and acne. These are the products that I've used when i had pimples. First is The Body Shop Tea Tree Skincare Range. They are really amazing! Especially the Tea Tree Night Lotion and the Tea Tree Oil. I think i went through like 2 bottles of these products. 

The next product is the Yves Rocher Pure System which is designed specially for acne prone skin. This products have the most freshest and amazing scent ever! It has this super fresh and beach-ish scent. So refreshing and your pimples will disappear when you use this products. I particularly LOVED the Daily Exfoliating Cleanser and the Stop Blemish Lotion. Seriously, this is amazeballs, people! And it's not expensive like The Body Shop. You can get the Yves Rocher brand at Watsons. If you stay near Sunway Pyramid, then go to Sunway Pyramid and check out their physical store there. 

The last but not least solution is a high end brand. It's the Clinique Acne Solutions. While i was in university, i sometimes visit my aunt and sleepover at her place for the weekend. So i remember telling her about my pimple problems. She went to her bedroom and then came back with a Clinique Acne Clearing Spot Healing Gel. And also some Clinique 10 day Exfoliating Scrub. Something like that. I can't really remember the name of the scrub. But i knew it was some everyday gentle scrub. I really loved the Clinique Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel. It really helped my skin then and i was so grateful to my aunt for being so generous and giving me those skincare products. I love you, aunty! Hehee. 

That's all, peeps! These are my recommendation for acne treating skin care products. Hope this is helpful to you all. Whatever it is, always be confident and comfortable with yourself. Remember acne and pimples can be easily treated. So no worries. 

I love you, all <3 



  1. Wow, a real informative post! superlike! I love TBS tea tree range ,..but yet to try the clinique!
    would love to use Yves Rocher Pure System products :)

    1. Thank you, Garima! :) you should really try the Clinique skincare too. They are the best! :D

  2. Various studies have shown that tea tree oil acne skincare treatments can be less irritating than those treatments that contain benzoyl peroxide, the most common ingredient in many commercial products. Users of tea tree oil should remember this treatment may require just a little longer to work, but the side effects will be much fewer. I have found this information pretty useful. I recently got this product from the site . Thanks for providing the useful information!!!

    1. That information was sooo useful! :) Thank you! xxx

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