Friday, January 17, 2014

MAC Siss Lipstick Review

Hellooooo :)

It's yet another lipstick review from the Lipstick Junkie herself. This time it's on the MAC Siss lipstick. This lipstick is known to be the super nude pale lipsticks for tan girls! It's one of the famous MAC lipsticks. MAC Siss is a golden nude brown colour. It is a very nude lipstick. Kind of like the concealer lips concept. It's that pale. I like to call it my Kim K-Nude-Lipstick-Look. This lipstick has been a part of me throughout my whole university life. Yes, believe it, guys! I only had like 4 lipsticks throughout my college days, and MAC Siss was one of them. I went through 3 tubes of this particular lipstick.

I love this lipstick. It's like the "MAC Myth" lipstick for tan girls (PS: MAC Myth is the holy grail nude lipstick for fair skin girls). The colour of this lipstick is so one-of-a-kind. I've never seen a nude lipstick in this shade at the drugstores. Maybe coz Malaysian drugstore brands sucks big time. Anyways, this is the swatch of MAC Siss on my hands. As you can see, it does not have a pink undertones at all. It is so similar to my skin tone! LOL.

MAC Siss is a satin lipstick so it's not very drying. It's definitely long lasting. It has a very good colour pay off because the lipstick is so pigmented. As usual, it has the signature MAC lipstick scent, which is really nice because i love vanilla scent. You can totally use it on it's own or with the MAC Lip liner in Cork.

Since this is a very pale lipstick, it's best to use it with a smokey eye look. Or even a nice eyeliner look. Throughout my college days, i use this lipstick with just a simple eyeliner look. So that actually looks. You can always apply a gloss on top of the lipstick if you want that glam-doll look. I'm totally fine with using the lipstick as it is because i do like the whole "very pale nude lips" look. 

I think it will suit girls with any skintone especially the tan girls! This lipstick is made for tan girls! It's the gorgeous nude lipstick ever. Though now i do like MAC Cozy Up (I got this last year) because it has a lil bit of colour. But seriously, I have used up like 3 tube of MAC Siss lipstick. I've not used up any MAC lipstick as much as this (I've bought MAC Please Me twice after the old one has finished but that's it). 

This is me wearing MAC Siss. I was just about to hangout with my friend at my friend's place. Therefore, I'm just wearing this lipstick with eyeliner only. Sorry if it's to UN-glam for you! As i mentioned earlier, it's best to be paired with a nice eye makeup and blush. 

That's all for now. If you like what you see, go to your nearest MAC store to pick up this baby! 




  1. yes with smokey eyes it would look good! Nice FOTD! :)

    1. Defo! :) Like if you use it with a simple eye makeup, it can tend to make you look wash out like how i look in the picture :P lol