Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Wet & Wild Lipsticks Collection! (Inexpensive USA brand lipsticks)

It's 2014!

Woohoo. My first blog post of the year! So sorry that i couldn't do a New Years Eve Party Look. I really wanted to. But currently i'm too busy with my cousin bro's wedding because i'm the bridesmaid and i gotta get my saree blouses done and all. The wedding is on 2rd February. So that's why i'm soooo busy. Plus lately I've been going to Melaka and KL for vacays with the fam which means I didn't have time to be on my laptop to blog. And i'll stop lamenting now. You guys get the picture that i'm busy. LOL.

Today i'm gonna rant about the Wet & Wild Lipsticks. Wet & Wild is a USA brand. It's a drugstore brand there but the lipsticks are of amazing quality. They have matte and also sheen finish. I specifically like their matte finishes because it feels exactly like the MAC Satin lipsticks. It has a super opaque look and the pigmentation is awesome! The lipsticks are amazing. They are long lasting. Wet & Wild lipsticks are fragrance free too. Which is nice and doesn't bother me. I only have a problem when the lipsticks have that cheap oil smell. That's just nasty.

Anyways, I got 5 lipsticks from Wet & Wild which are Rose Bud, Cinnamon Spice, Sand Storm, Ravin' Raisin and Red Velvet. I love these lipsticks because they are not drying to the lips at all. As i mentioned above, they feel more like a satin finish. These are the swatches of them on my arm. The only con about these Wet & Wild lipsticks are the packaging. The packaging looks cheap and it actually feels cheap. It's difficult to close the cap because you might actually smash the lipstick while closing the cap. This is because the lipstick sticks out of the tube. But then again, it is only RM 16 per tube. So basically the packaging is what you get for that price. I personally don't care because the lipsticks are awesome. Who cares about packaging when you can have beautiful lipsticks colours for only RM 16? That sounds like a good deal to me.

From the left to right : Rose Bud, Cinnamon Spice, Sand Storm, Ravin' Raisin, and Red Velvet
Anyways, let's start with the first lipstick in the shade Rose Bud. Rose Bud is a pretty pink colour. It is a very wearable bright pink which does not look too bright. Suitable for girls that are afraid to wear too-bright neon pinks or girls that don't like too much attention on her lips. It's actually suitable for work too. I would say that is it a safe pink. You can never go wrong with it.

The second lipstick is Cinnamon Spice. Cinnamon Spice is a maroon-red lipstick. It's not as dark as MAC Diva to be called vampy. It's just a pretty maroon coloured lipstick. This colour flatters a lot of Indian skintones. Like i know, that my mum will love this colour. It's a pretty colour. you can use it when you're going out for dinner or even a movie date with your loved ones. For those of you in countries that experience winter, this is one of the lipsticks that you can use during fall and winter. It will be perfect for that.

The third lipstick is Sand Storm. This is a pretty nudish-brown. It does look slightly nude on me. Probably on fair girls, the lipstick will actually look brown. Girls will similar skintone to me, will be able to use this as a nude lipstick. The lipstick is opaque. So it's suitable for girls with pigmented lips. I'm not using any lip liner in any of these swatches to show you the true colour of the lipsticks. Sand Storm makes a good everyday lipstick in my opinion because it doesn't really clash with any outfit. You can wear it during the day or at night. You can definitely glam it up with a smokey eye look or even with just a simple eyeliner look. It is also suitable for all skin tones.

The next lipstick is the most daring colour of the lot. It is Ravin' Raisin which is a deep purple coloured lipstick. It looks very dark and vampy. This lipstick actually looks darker in person than what is shown in these pictures. The purple colour is very intense. I usually use this lipstick as a 'mixing colour' when i use other lipsticks that are too pale for me. I've use it alone. I'm adventurous when it comes to lipstick colours but even i don't dare wear this as it is.

Late but not least, is the Red Velvet lipstick. This is a very bright red lipstick. I like the colour. But i usually prefer my red lipsticks to be a little bit darker? This lipstick is just so bright. I usually use it with MAC Diva is i want to make it look less vampy and more red. Nevertheless, this is a pretty look. It will look pretty on all skin tones.

Unfortunately the brand Wet & Wild is not available in Malaysia. But don't worry. I've got your back. Why would i blog about something that can't be found in Malaysia? I usually get my Wet & Wild fix from the awesome website called Colour Cosmetics Malaysia. They are amazeballs! The services they provide is fast and just good. The lipsticks arrived the next day after I've ordered it and they were in good condition. And i'm staying in Johor Bahru. Imagine if you're staying in KL. I supposed it will reach you faster. So be sure to check out their website. I have just ordered more lipsticks from them. I think they restocked their Wet & Wild lipsticks already! so check it out. Wet & Wild has a lot of lipsticks colours. So check it out!

That's all for you girls! I love you, for reading my blog and supporting it! <3



  1. Thank you for this! I adore Wet n Wild and I'm glad there's a way to get their stuff now!

    1. Yup yup :) All thanks to Colours Cosmetics Malaysia! :D They are awe-to the-some! xx

  2. I love the first and last ones !

    1. Haha :D i love the second choice!