Sunday, January 5, 2014

Urban Decay NAKED 3 Palette Review & Swatches!

Good afternoon!

Guess what? I finally got the NAKED 3 palette from Urban Decay! I'm so excited. I've never really gotten any cosmetics from Urban Decay before. I know, I've watched so many makeup tutorials in YouTube and the makeup gurus often rave about the NAKED palette original one. It's like the best eyeshadow palette to create neutral, natural look. Don't get me wrong, you can also create really dramatic looks as well as smokey eye looks too. It's like the perfect eyeshadow palette to take on a holiday if you don't want to be lugging around with so many makeup items. 

I don't own the original Naked palette. But when the Naked 3 palette came out, i just had to try it because they colour them of the shadow palette is netural rose hues. And I LOVE neutral rose colours so much. i find them very feminine and sweet and sexy. So i just had to get my hands on them. I went to Sephora a few weeks back and bought it. It is retailed at RM 188. I admit that it is kinda pricey for an eyeshadow palette but i really wanted to try out Urban Decay's eyeshadow and see if it really lives up to it's hype. And just as I expected, it did. This palette is so amazing, i'm thinking of getting the original NAKED palette. 

So the Naked 3 comes in a metal case which looks very pencil-box-like. It is very similar to the Naked 2 palette. I personally prefer the original Naked palette because it just looks so much more classic. But anyways, this is alright too. It comes with 12 different eyeshadow colours. All colours are new. There are 3 matte shadows, a few shimmery shadows and also a few glittery shadows. My favourite matte shadow is of course 'Light' and my favourite glittery shadow is 'Blackheart'. This palette also comes with a double ended brush which is actually GOOD for putting on eyeshadow. Most eyeshadow palettes comes with a brush which is so not suitable to apply eyeshadow but this brush is actually awesome.

These are the swatches of the eyeshadows on my arm.

Close up of the eyeshadow colours. From left to right; Strange, Dust, Burnout, and Limit.

From left to right; Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar.

From left to right; Factory, Mugshot, Darkside and Blackheart

When you purchase this palette, you will received a 'week's worth of primer'. There are 4 pods of Urban Decay eyelid primer. 1 pod can last up to a week's supply of primer. So that's generous of them. I haven't tried any of the primers but i have read some reviews on them and apparently it's good. So yeah. Urban Decay has 4 types of eyeshadow primer which is the Original one, Eden, Sin and the Anti-Aging. I have yet to try them! Below is the pictures of the pods.

And this is a picture of me rockin' some of the eyeshadows from the Naked 3 palette. The colours are so versatile, it's AMAZING. If you're an eyeshadow girl, you have to have this palette. Or if you're a girl who likes natural, neutral colours for your makeup, this palette is made for people like you. I'm seriously lovin' it. Whenever i'm going out to dress up for dinner or a party, i find myself reaching for this palette ever so often. Because the eyeshadows are finely mill and they feel so smooth and buttery. I dunno if that made any sense to you, but that's what it feels like. The eyeshadows are definitely made from high quality ingredients.

Below is a simple eye makeup look that i created. I used Liar all over my top lids, and then i used Nooner in my crease. Then i took Limit to highlight my browbone. After that, using an eyeliner brush, I put the colour Darkside on my lower lash line. Then I used the colour Burnout for my inner corners. And voila! The look is complete!

So my rating for the Naked 3 palette is 10/10. It's perfect! Personally, i feel that it is a big beauty-must!

Much love from me <3


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