Monday, February 24, 2014

Haul : More Accessories! (Forever 21, Diva and H&M)

Ola, girls!

Remember the time I went to Penang for my cousin brother's wedding? Yeah, I stayed at a hotel there and guess what? I left my jewelry pouch there. I know! I'm SO UPSET! I just realised it a week ago. How could I be so careless??? All the nice jewelries that I had from Diva and Forever 21 are gone forever! I'm so misearable right now. ALL my favourite jewelry pieces were in that pouch! I only have the few earrings and long necklaces that i didn't bring on my Penang trip. So yeah. I can't do anything about it now anyways. What happened has already happened. We gotta move on in life.

I decided to try and buy back all the earrings and necklaces that i had but it's obviously no longer available in Diva or Forever 21. I mean, most of the jewelries were bought last year. They don't sell those specific designs anymore. Sheesh, it's so heartbreaking to think about it. I wonder if some maid at the hotel would have probably found it and gave it to the lost and found place. Maybe i should call the hotel...

So now I'm on a mission to buy some accessories (since i almost have nothing now, except my rings and stuff). I went to Forever 21 first (coz i love their accessories so much!) and i bought 2 necklaces. One necklace is a simple necklace with a beautiful leaf-shaped pendant with many crystals on it. It is retailed at RM 19 which is okay in terms of price for me. The chain is just a normal basic gold coloured chain. Picture of the necklace is down below.

My second purchase from Forever 21 is my favourite one - a beautiful 3 chain necklace with a pop of mint green colour. The first and the third necklace is a gold chain with a ribbon pendant and the longest chain is holding a round-shaped pendant. The middle necklace is a mint green necklace which is SO pretty! Like omigosh! That mint green chain is the reason why i bought this necklace in the first place. The pop of colour is just gorgeous and perfecto! This gorgeous necklace was retailed at RM 25. Just look at how beautiful it is!

The next accessory that i got is from H&M. I just bought the 4 pairs of crystal (even thought it's not real crystal- i just like to call it crystal) studs which is retailed at RM 12.90. These studs come in 4 different sizes as shown in the diagram below. I mostly use the smallest one and the second largest ones. As you all would have known by now, I have double ear piercings on each ear. I actually used to have 3 piercings on one ear, but the third piercing didn't heal well and my mum forced me to remove my earrings. So I'm left with only 2 piercings now. Anyways, I used the tiniest studs for my second piercing and the second biggest stud for my main piercing. Most of the time, I'm actually too lazy to change my second piercings' studs. So i usually just use it all the time unless I have a special event to go to or if I'm wearing super huge earrings (then i won't use any studs on my second piercing).

From Diva, I got this Indian-style earrings for RM 13. The original price of this earrings is RM 39. Such a steal, right? I like this earrings mainly because it is gold in colour. Since the earrings are kinda big, I can use it when i feel like dressing casually but still want that extra oomph from my jewelry! The dark-coloured stone is actually a beautiful dark green colour. I love dark greens alot though i don't have too many dark green clothing. Note to self : I need to go clothes shopping ASAP! :D

So that's all that i got so far. I still have a long way to go in terms of building up my jewelry collection again. But that's okay. Everything happens for a real after all. That's all for now. Thank you for reading!

Lemme know which piece of jewelry that you like most :)


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Review : MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural

Hello everyone!

Today i'm going to blog about the most versatile powder ever - the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural! It's absolutely the most important makeup item for me because i use this product for so many things. It can be used as so many makeup items! So if you're into saving cost or even maybe don't wanna spend tonnes of money on makeup, then get this powder. Because it is like getting a 5 -in-1 makeup product.

The MSF Natural comes in a compact powder case with no mirror. The cover is a transparent plastic to show the true product colour of the powder. This powder is awesome because I've had it for 2 years now and it had JUST ONLY hit pan. That's a lot of product if you ask me coz usually powder compacts will only last you 6 months or less if you're using it daily. Anyways, this product comes in the size of 10g which is alot so it's actually worth all the money that you spend on it. Also, i'm got the Dark shade.

The powder looks like it contains some sort of shimmer but when applied to the skin, it doesn't look gaudy or glittery whatsoever. In fact it gives the skin a natural looking healthy flush of colour. I like to use this MAC MSF as a blush, bronzer, all over face powder, as an eyeshadow and also to set my under eye concealer.

These are the pros and the cons of the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural.

Pros :-

Very light coverage but you can always build it up
The amount of warmth in the powder is spot on!
There is a lot of product in one compact casing
You can mulit-use this product (i use it as 5 different thing)
The shade DARK is almost spot on except it is a lil dark on me but i know how to make it work. So, it's fine
Gives you the most natural looking flawless face
It lasts a long time (can last up to a year)
Cons :-

There are very few 'coloured' shades to choose from
For some people, this powder may be expensive. (But i think it's totally worth it)

So there are the few ways of how I use the MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural :-

BLUSH - I love this colour as a blush because it gives the most natural nice brown glow on your cheeks. Sometimes when i want that natural look, obviously i'm not going to put a pink blush on. That does not look natural for sure. So i opt for this powder.

BRONZER/CONTOUR - I use this as a bronzer and also to do some slight contouring for my face when i don't want any strong contour. This product works as an excellent bronzer as well as a good contour powder. It will be my 'everyday' contour routine to just give my cheeks that slight definition of nice cheekbones without look like I've applied a fake contour.

EYESHADOW - Most of the time, I don't ever use eyeshadow. I only use it if I'm doing makeup looks for my blog or when i'm actually attending an event (which requires you to dress up) or parties. So during the other time (say, work?) I'll just apply this MSF all over my eyelids just to make them look nicer and not dull looking.

TO SET UNDEREYE CONCEALER - I know this sounds weird, but even though this powder is slightly darker than my skin tone, it actually sets my undereye concealer nicely - especially when i use it with my Benefit Boi-ing concealer. Those 2 just goes together perfectly.

ALL OVER FACE POWDER - Since the shade DARK is a lil bit too dark for me, I always just use very little product to put it all over my face. The only downside about using this as a all over face powder is that it is not matte. It does not mattify the face at all. And especially for a girl like me (I have really oily skin) i need my mattifying powder. Or else I'm gonna be looking like Shine-Face.

So that's all, girls! I rate this product a 9/10. Coz i really really like it! I use the MAC MSF like all the time. It's a mineralize powder but it does not make your skin breakout or whatsoever. So yeah, 2 big thumbs up for this product. What cha waiting for, girls? Go get your hands on this amazing powder!

Swatch of the MAC MSF on my finger

Thank you for reading! <3


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Review : Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms (Shades : Showy & Complex)

Hello my fellow readers!

I'm sure by now, all you makeup lover out there would have heard about Revlon's new ColorBurst Matte Balms! I know, for once i'm so excited because i wasn't expecting this matte balms to be out in Malaysia. I thought we weren't going to bring these matte balms to Malaysia but they did. And boy, the colour range is amazing! They had all colours from nudes to reds to purple. Okay, i should stop screaming right now.

Before these matte balms came to Malaysia, I've watched and read tonnes of reviews on them. All of the reviews have been positive so i was really hoping to get my hands on this amazing goodies. When it came out, i bought 2 colours so far. It's the 230 Complex and the 220 Showy. Complex is a beautiful nude beige colour. Whereas, Showy is a gorgeous Barbie pink colour. I really wanted to get the pruple matte balm which was called Shameless. but it was already sold out. These matte balms are selling out pretty fast. Even the other day at Sasa, all the matte balms were gone. So when you see it anywhere, don't think twice! Just get it.

Anyways, these matte balms have a fresh minty scent. It even has that cooling sensation on the lips when you actually put it on your lips. I really like that. Immediately your lips just feel so refreshed. Even though these are MATTE, it does not dry your lips in the slightest. It is a BALM as all. It's suppose to moisturize your lips. And it does. That's why i say, the Complex balm is like my everyday lip wear. It's so comfortable to wear and your lips look healthy and not dehydrated. Both shades have great colour payoff as they are very pigmented. 

I love both Complex and Showy equally. However, i do find myself reaching out for Complex more just because it is a nude shade. And as you all know, i'm a nude lippie girl. Of course i do wear bright colour lipsticks but on a daily basis (eg. going to work) i tend to prefer using a nude lip colour. So yeah. Complex is used more than Showy. But Showy is still my baby too. Lol. 

If i'm not mistaken, this Revlon ColourBurst Matte balms were retailed at RM 30.90. It might even be slightly more but definitely not more than RM 35. Below is the swatches of both colours on my hand. Aren't they beautiful and pigmented?

These are the lip swatch for Complex. What do you, girls think about this shade?

And now, Showy lip swatch. Omg, this shade is just so pretty and girly and cute! Suitable for a girls night out :)

That's all for now, girls! Till the next post then. Thank you for reading. 


Friday, February 21, 2014

Bobbi Brown x L’Wren Scott Amnesia Rose Collection for Spring 2014 - Cosmic Lily Lipstick Review

Hey peeps!

I recently followed Bobbi Brown Malaysia's official page on Facebook. Just so i can keep in touch with the new products whatsoever. So a few days ago, i think it was on Tuesday, they posted a picture of the new Bobbi Brown x L’Wren Scott Amnesia Rose Collection for Spring 2014. That collection consists of an eyeshadow palette and 4 lipsticks and also a few other items which i didn't really check out. I was particularly attracted to one of the lipsticks - Cosmic Lily. There are 3 other lipsticks beside the Cosmic Lily. But all of those shades were kinda common and i already have them. There was a nude, signature red and another one which is a deep vampy colour.

However, i don't have a lipstick like Cosmic Lily. Cosmic Lily is a pretty purple-fuschia. I think it would be a pretty good dupe for the MAC Heroine lipstick. It's around the same shade as MAC Heroine except maybe Cosmic Lily has a lil fuchsia in it. So yeah. And since i don't have MAC Heroine, i decided to get this gorgeous lipstick. See, maybe i shouldn't follow all this makeup pages on Facebook. I tend to see new collections and the next thing i know, I'm at the mall buying the damn thing. Gosh, i gotta keep my shopaholic-ness in check! As if i don't already own more than 50 over lipsticks. And the best part is, I'm not even exaggerating... I REALLY do have more than 50 lipsticks. *sighs* 

Anyways, the Bobbi Brown Cosmic Lily is retailed at RM 88 which is definitely pricey. As my best friend would say, 'You can buy a MAC lipstick and still have some money left over to buy another Maybelline lipstick'. Kinda true but i always wanted to try a lipstick from Bobbi Brown. Oh, did i mentioned that this is my first ever Bobbi Brown lipstick? I'm an ardent user of MAC lipsticks. And for drugstore brands, I love the Revlon lipsticks best. So yeah, Bobbi Brown lipstick is a new thing for me.

Since this is a limited edition collection, Cosmic Lily came in a different packaging from the usual Bobbi Brown black lipstick packaging. This lipstick came in a pale mauve chrome packaging which reminds me of the MAC rose gold packaging for the Riri Loves MAC collection. So i love the packaging! This lipstick is a semi-matte lipstick. Apparently it is infused with vitamins E & C as well as beeswax. This is to ensure that your lips are never dry and well-moisturized. That is so true.

When i put this lipstick on, it felt like a cross between a satin finish and an amplified finish basing it on the MAC Lipstick finishes. It doesn't feel like a matte finish at all because it is so hydrating. It doesn't like feel like the MAC satin finish lipsticks which (SOMETIMES) can make your lips feel very dry. So the Bobbi Brown Cosmic Lily lipstick is very moisturizing and it is also very pigmented. The colour lasted me up to 6 hours without touch up. This is the swatch of the lipstick on my hand. See how nice the colour looks?

Okay, so basically this lipstick is a relatively bright coloured lipstick. I feel like it looks different in different lightings. Like for example, at house (my house has yellow/warm lighting) my lipstick looks fuschia. However, when i got to work (white lighting) my lipstick looked more purple. So yeah. I usually use this lipstick with my signature eyeliner look. But for those of you that want a more simple look, maybe just a swipe of mascara will do the job. But i love my eyeliners too much. Lol. This lipstick shade will also look beautiful on girls with all skintone from fair to dark. That's why i like fuchsia. Everybody can pull off fuchsia lipsticks.

The only thing I dislike about this lipstick is the fragrance of it. It has a fruity scent and i hate anything fruit scented! This is why I LOVE the MAC lipsticks. They have that delicious vanilla fragrance which i'm obsessed with. So yeah, that's why this lipstick is not a 10/10 for me. But of course if you like fruity scent, then this lipstick will be the bomb for you! 

This is a lip swatch of my lipstick. As you can see, it doesn't look matte at all. It's looks creamy on the lips.

The overall look with the Bobbi Brown Cosmic Lily lipstick. Yay or Nay? Let me know your thoughts on this lipstick too!

Lots of love from me <3


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Perfume Review! ~ Aquolina Pink Sugar

Ola, girls!

It's been awhile since i last reviewed a perfume. So today i'm gonna review my all-time favourite everyday perfume. It's the one and only PINK SUGAR! Pink Sugar is from the Aquolina brand. This brand is an Italian brand perfume. But no worries, you can definitely get it in Malaysia. They sell it at all Shins stores and also Metrojaya's Perfume section. They have 3 sizes of this perfume; 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml. I've bought this particular perfume in 2 of the sizes before; 30 ml and 100 ml. First time when i bought this perfume, i got it in the smallest size because i wasn't sure if i would actually like it. The 30 ml bottle was retailed at RM 99.

And i totally regretted my decision to get the 30 ml bottle because i LOVED this perfume very much. It has exactly the scent that i like. It's a really sweet smelling cotton candy with a hint of vanilla. And i'm sure you guys know how much i love anything that smells of vanilla. I like smelling like cake and cotton candy. You know what they all say! Smell good enough to eat ;) HEHE. The word to describe this perfume is GIRLY. This is a very feminine, sweet, girly girl scent. If you're into that sort of thing (like me) then you have to get this perfume!

As soon as i finished the small bottle, i went to Shins again to get the biggest bottle that they had, which is the 100 ml bottle. This was retailed at RM 212. Kinda pricey but i'm obsessed with this perfume. So i got it. I don't care. As long as i smell sweet. Haha.

The Aquolina Pink Sugar is super long lasting and the scent is kinda strong. When i say strong, I meant that people were able to smell my perfume after i have used the elevator. In my previous company, my colleagues will know when I have arrived at work if they could get the smell of my "cotton candy" perfume in the elevator. I used to be so flattered when they say that. I'm always known as the girl who smells of vanilla in my group of friends because that's pretty much the only scent of perfumes that i will ever use.

Anyhow, the Aquolina Pink Sugar (30 ml bottle) lasted me up to 6 months. So that's quite good. And mind you, i use around 4 to 5 spritz everytime i use it. So the longevity of the perfume depends on your own self actually. The scent of Pink Sugar lasts up to a solid 5 hours. That's relatively good for a perfume in my opinion. If you spray it on your clothes, it will last the whole day. So that's what i always do. Of course i do spray it on my skin but i always spray the perfume on my clothes too, to make the scent last longer.

Therefore, this is one of my favourite perfumes! I use it all the time for work now (I'm working in a college now) and also whenever i'm going out with my girls for a little girls night out adventure. I think it's a fragrance that can be used for any occasion. So be sure to check out this perfume in any Shins outlet in Malaysia if you like sweet scented perfumes.

Thank you for reading!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Favourite Body Moisturizers (High End & Drugstore)

What's up, people! :D

I don't know about you guys, but lately my skin has been sooo dry! I think it's because I've started working now and my office is so darn cold. It's not as cold as my previous office, but it's still considered cold. Then again, I'm always feeling cold. I don't know why, i can't seem to take air-cond well. Like i even freeze to death just by going to the mall. Can you imagine that? I get very cold in the mall. My friends think that I'm weird that way. Almost all the time, when I'm driving alone in the car, i actually turn off my air cond and drive. Or else my hands will get numb and I'll be shivering. So yeah. I hate air cond and cold places.

Anyways, my skin becomes very dry whenever I'm in an air conditioned environment. Especially at work. My legs and my hands are just so dry. So I usually use my body moisturizer to bring some moisture back to my dry, flaky skin. I have 2 favourite moisturizers; The Body Shop Shea Body Butter and the Nivea Night Whitening Body Milk. The Body Shop one is the higher end one and the drugstore option is the Nivea. The Nivea Body Milk can be found in any pharmacies in Malaysia as well as any Watsons store.

Okay, so first, The Body Shea Body Butter. This body butter is meant for people with very dry skin. It's actually stated there FOR VERY DRY SKIN. That means, for people like yours truly. So of course i had to get it. The sales girl swore that this was the best moisturizer among all the other ones in Body Shop itself. I purchased it in the largest size available (300ml) coz i know that I'm gonna be using this moisturizer like it's my job. And guess what? After one year of using this like there is no tomorrow, I STILL have less than half of it.

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter is retailed at RM 75 for 300ml. The texture of this moisturizer is almost in a solid form. It is definitely not watery. It feels like a very thick, semi-solid moisturizer.You have to sort of scoop the moisturizer. This is hands down the best moisturizer that i've ever used in my whole entire life. It's so moisturizing but it does not leave that greasy feeling on your skin after you've applied them. So many moisturizers have that greasy, oily, sticky feeling which is extremely uncomfortable to me. I hate putting on moisturizers that are greasy before going to sleep because it makes my blanket stick to my skin and that's just uncomfortable.

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter does not leave that sticky feel. In fact it just glides on the skin smoothly. I like the fact that it is absorbed quickly into the skin thus, not leaving any residue. The next morning when i wake up, my skin is just feeling so healthy and smooth and no longer dry or flaky. Even after I've washed it off. It becomes like that just after one application. Can you believe how amazing is this product is? Most moisturizer takes up AT LEAST a week for it to make your skin soft and supple again. But this Body Butter only takes 1 day to do that. But of course you must continuously use it diligently too after that.

My second favourite moisturizer is the Nivea Night Whitening Body Milk. This moisturizer is meant for all types of skin. It comes in a 400ml size bottle with a pump. Whereas, the Body Shop comes in a tub with a lid. Which can be tedious and inconvenient sometimes but you have to make sure that your hands are super super clean (you don't wanna contaminate the entire tub). This moisturizer is inexpensive and cheap. It only retails at RM 20++ at all the drugstores in Malaysia (Guardian & Watsons). The Nivea Night Whitening Body Milk contains Berry extracts and Licorice extracts which is really good for cell renewal purposes.

I really like this body milk because firstly, it's cheap. Secondly, it does not make your skin feel sticky or greasy whatsoever. It's a good moisturizer that hydrates your skin nicely (though not as intense as The Body Shop Shea Body Butter). It hydrates your skin but the next day, your skin will still feel a lil dry (if you have very dry skin like me). I find that this moisturizer is very suitable to use during the day because it feels light and it's so easy to use when you're on the go. Since this is a whitening moisturizer, you can feel that your skin is much more radiant and brighter. So that is good for people who has some minor scarring on their legs. This will slowly fade those marks.

And that's a wrap! Till the next post then :)



Saturday, February 15, 2014

Get Ready With Me #4 Indian Wedding Reception Dinner (Pink Saree Bollywood Swag)

What's up, ya'll?

Hope everyone is fine and well. Too bad i'm not fine. I got into another car accident last Friday, a day before my cousin brother's wedding reception dinner. I was already having a bad day that Friday and to make things worse, i accidentally rear ended a taxi. And the taxi's bumper actually broke and the lights too. My car was also dented badly in the front as my right headlight cracked and the alarm system is majorly screwed up. The accident was my fault (this time, i admit it) due to my carelessness. So yeah. Gotta be more careful from now onwards. My car (Cleo) is in the Hyundai Service Center so i have to walk to work now. Thank god, my workplace is super near my house! It's only a 15 mins walk from my house. But hopefully my car gets repaired asap. I hate walking. I'm lazy that way. LOL.

Anyways, on the bright side, my cousin brother's wedding reception went well. The place they chose was just amazeballs! I was surprised to see all the nice decor and lights and red carpets! The place is very near Assunta Hospital but i forgot the exact name of the place. I decided to wear my pink and purple net dinner saree. The saree is definitely on the grander side as compared to the blue saree that i wore on the wedding day. Just like the blue saree, i bought this pink dinner saree from Gayathri Store in Johor Bahru as well. My necklace set and bangles is from Raani's Store in JB again. This is how i look like in that saree. Yay or Nay, people?

These are close up pictures of my costume jewelry. This is the necklace. To be honest, the necklace was very uncomfortable to wear. It's thick and just not comfortable. And the earrings are pretty heavy. But then again, no pain, no gain, girl! 

As for my makeup, it is similar to my "Bachelorette Party" except this time is added false lashes and 2 different coats of my 2 new mascaras. This is officially the second time that I've actually worn fake lashes. And i can safely say that fake lashes aren't my thing. For one thing, putting it on is so tedious and difficult. The glue just gets everywhere. But it did look kinda nice in pictures. My lashes are visible in the pictures. That's the only pro. Haha. I'll probably do another post on my new Red Cherry lashes. on the other hand, i'm really lovin' my 2 new mascaras. It's both of Lo'real Paris. It's the Voluminous and the Telescopic mascara. I personally like to use them both because the Voluminous makes your lashes appear thicker while the Telescopic makes your lashes longer.

I also used 2 lipsticks for this look. I wanted a fuchsia pink lips so obviously i had to use my all-time fave pink lipstick MAC Flat Out Fabulous. But then as most MAC lipstick lovers will know that the retro matte finish is super drying. I didn't want to have dry lips during the dinner. So i applied my Sleek Mystic lipstick on top of the MAC Flat Out Fabulous. And that's it!

Top picture was taken in a yellow light setting and the picture below is taken in a white light setting. And these are the close shot of my eye makeup, lipstick colour (GAH, my lips STILL ended up looking dry) and my blush & contour.

Things That I Use To Achieve This Look :-

Nivea Pore Minimizer Serum
Benefit POREfessional
Bobbi Brown Long Lasting Foundation in #6 Golden
NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder in #12 Tawny
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Dark
Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector in Deep Peach
Revlon Photoready Concealer in Medium Deep
Inglot Mattifying Powder in Banana (To set my undereye concealer)
MAC Prom Princess Blush (From the Archie's Girls collection)
Sleek Contour Kit in Dark
NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
Victoria's Secret Midnight Jewels Holiday Eye Kit
Urban Decay NAKED 3 palette
Bobbi Brown Chocolate Eye Palette (Chocolate = Fill in my eyebrows)
MAC Love Thing Blush
The Body Shop Eyeshadow in #40
Maybelline Hypersharp Liner
Benefit BADgal Waterproof Eyeliner pencil
SilkyGirl Precision Liquid Liner
L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Black Noir
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black
Red Cherry Lashes in #48
MAC Lip Conditioner
MAC Fashion Boost Lip Pencil
MAC Flat Out Fabulous lipstick
Sleek Mystic Lipstick
MAC Fix Plus

The wedding celebration has finally some to an end. It has been so joyful that I can't wait to attend the next wedding. Hopefully my turn will come soon! HEHE :D Okays, Byeee for now. 

I love you, all! :)


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Get Ready With Me #3 Cousin Brother's Wedding (I'm the Bridesmaid!)

Hello everyone!

So i just came back to JB from my cousin bro's wedding in Penang. And omg, the wedding is so beautiful! The bride is stunning and my cousin bro looks like such a happy groom. I was mainly with the bride the whole time and boy, she is such a sweet person. My sister-in-law (HAH, i get to say that now) is such a beautiful person in and out. She looks absolutely stunning as she did not overdo her makeup. Her makeup was just nice! She told me that she had to go and buy a Bobbi Brown foundation so that the foundation actually matches her skin. Unlike so many other Indian brides I've seen, they tend to just let the bridal-makeup lady to apply a foundation which is 3 times lighter than the bride's skintone. That will result in the bride looking ashy and grey-faced. And that's not a nice look ever. 

So yeah. I think for my future wedding, i'll probably want to go my own makeup as well. I'll just get help from the bridal lady for my hair. But makeup, no way! I don't want to look like some grey-faced stranger. I wanna look like myself but a better version. Anyways, back to the post, I wore a turquoise blue saree. It's apparently called a Mysore Silk saree. I got this saree from Gayathri's Store in Johor Bahru. The costume jewelry set and the bangles that i was wearing that day is from Raani's store in Johor Bahru as well. Initially, i just let my hair down but as a bridesmaid, i had to tied my hair in order to put some flowers. So my aunt did my hair creating a bump-it effect by teasing my hair and also with the help of half-a-can of hairspray. I didn't really like the hairstyle but i guess i didn't have a choice. So i just went with it.

This is the full length picture of my saree. That's my mum standing beside me. LOL. Sorry no pictures of me alone. I was so busy during the wedding that i LITERALLY didn't have any time to camwhore. And also coz i was the bridesmaid. So most of the time i'm either with my sister-in-law in the bride's room or on stage with her performing some ceremony. So i didn't have my phone or camera with me. But thank goodness, my paparazzi (mummy and daddy) took lots of random pics of me.

For my makeup, i wanted to go with a dramatic eyes paired with a nude lips. So i primed my eyes with my new Nars Eyeshadow primer. Then i took this beautiful bold blue eyeshadow from the BH Party Girl palette and put it all over my eyelids. Then i take MAC Carbon (which is a matte black eyeshadow) and place it on my crease area. I decided to go with a winged out eyeshadow effect, so i took the black eyeshadow and created the illusion of "wings". I also used the eyeshadow Limit (from the NAKED 3 palette) on my crease area to blend out the eyeshadows properly and also to make it look more blended out. After that, i take the colour Burnout (again from NAKED 3) and placed it on my lower lash line. Then i applied my eyeliner as usual. I also filled in my brows.

I finally used my fake lashes (OHH YEAH!) and it is the Red Cherry Lashes in #48. It's kinda long and i thought this occasion was appropriate for the usage of this lashes. Then i mascara-ed my eyelashes and eyes are done. I applied my foundation, concealer and bronzer. I even did a very light contouring on my cheeks with my new Sleek Contour Kit. I'll probably do a whole post about how i do my under eye concealer routine if i'm going for that full coverage look. So be sure to check that out. I used alot of new makeup for this look. So review of all the new products will be coming soon too.

For my blush, i wanted a rosy natural look. So i opted to use my all time favourite blush from Estee Lauder called Pink Kiss. This blush is amazing because it gives you the rosy glow at the same time, it looks natural and healthy instead of that fake-pink-colour that some blush gives. For my lips, i used to lipsticks; MAC Faux and Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in #235 Wake Me Up. After that, for the finishing touches, i sprayed MAC Fix Plus all over my face to set the makeup. And i'm done!

This is how i look on that day. Gosh, weddings are just awesome! Who doesn't like attending a wedding? :P

Things That I Use To Achieve This Look :-

Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturizer
Revlon Photoready Primer 
Bobbi Brown Long Lasting Foundation in #6 Golden
NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder in #12 Tawny
Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector in Deep Peach
Revlon Photoready Concealer in Medium Deep
Inglot Mattifying Powder in Banana
NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
BH Party Girl Palette (the bright blue shadow)
MAC Carbon Eyeshadow
Loreal Voluminious Mascara in Black Noir
Loreal Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black
Red Cherry Lashes in #448
Bobbi Brown Chocolate Eye Palette (Chocolate = Eyebrows)
Urban Decay NAKED 3 (Limit on the crease & Burnout on the lower lash line)
Estee Lauder Signature Colour Blush in Pink Kiss
MAC Mineralize SkinFinish in Dark
Sleek Contour Kit in Dark
Maybelline Hypersharp Liner 
MAC Fix Plus
NYX Lip Pencil in Natural
MAC Faux Lipstick
Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in #235 Wake Me Up

PS : My apologies for not having a close up shot of how my makeup looks like. But let's not cry over the spilled milk and make do with the pics that i have. That's all for now! Thank you for reading! I love you, all <3