Friday, February 21, 2014

Bobbi Brown x L’Wren Scott Amnesia Rose Collection for Spring 2014 - Cosmic Lily Lipstick Review

Hey peeps!

I recently followed Bobbi Brown Malaysia's official page on Facebook. Just so i can keep in touch with the new products whatsoever. So a few days ago, i think it was on Tuesday, they posted a picture of the new Bobbi Brown x L’Wren Scott Amnesia Rose Collection for Spring 2014. That collection consists of an eyeshadow palette and 4 lipsticks and also a few other items which i didn't really check out. I was particularly attracted to one of the lipsticks - Cosmic Lily. There are 3 other lipsticks beside the Cosmic Lily. But all of those shades were kinda common and i already have them. There was a nude, signature red and another one which is a deep vampy colour.

However, i don't have a lipstick like Cosmic Lily. Cosmic Lily is a pretty purple-fuschia. I think it would be a pretty good dupe for the MAC Heroine lipstick. It's around the same shade as MAC Heroine except maybe Cosmic Lily has a lil fuchsia in it. So yeah. And since i don't have MAC Heroine, i decided to get this gorgeous lipstick. See, maybe i shouldn't follow all this makeup pages on Facebook. I tend to see new collections and the next thing i know, I'm at the mall buying the damn thing. Gosh, i gotta keep my shopaholic-ness in check! As if i don't already own more than 50 over lipsticks. And the best part is, I'm not even exaggerating... I REALLY do have more than 50 lipsticks. *sighs* 

Anyways, the Bobbi Brown Cosmic Lily is retailed at RM 88 which is definitely pricey. As my best friend would say, 'You can buy a MAC lipstick and still have some money left over to buy another Maybelline lipstick'. Kinda true but i always wanted to try a lipstick from Bobbi Brown. Oh, did i mentioned that this is my first ever Bobbi Brown lipstick? I'm an ardent user of MAC lipsticks. And for drugstore brands, I love the Revlon lipsticks best. So yeah, Bobbi Brown lipstick is a new thing for me.

Since this is a limited edition collection, Cosmic Lily came in a different packaging from the usual Bobbi Brown black lipstick packaging. This lipstick came in a pale mauve chrome packaging which reminds me of the MAC rose gold packaging for the Riri Loves MAC collection. So i love the packaging! This lipstick is a semi-matte lipstick. Apparently it is infused with vitamins E & C as well as beeswax. This is to ensure that your lips are never dry and well-moisturized. That is so true.

When i put this lipstick on, it felt like a cross between a satin finish and an amplified finish basing it on the MAC Lipstick finishes. It doesn't feel like a matte finish at all because it is so hydrating. It doesn't like feel like the MAC satin finish lipsticks which (SOMETIMES) can make your lips feel very dry. So the Bobbi Brown Cosmic Lily lipstick is very moisturizing and it is also very pigmented. The colour lasted me up to 6 hours without touch up. This is the swatch of the lipstick on my hand. See how nice the colour looks?

Okay, so basically this lipstick is a relatively bright coloured lipstick. I feel like it looks different in different lightings. Like for example, at house (my house has yellow/warm lighting) my lipstick looks fuschia. However, when i got to work (white lighting) my lipstick looked more purple. So yeah. I usually use this lipstick with my signature eyeliner look. But for those of you that want a more simple look, maybe just a swipe of mascara will do the job. But i love my eyeliners too much. Lol. This lipstick shade will also look beautiful on girls with all skintone from fair to dark. That's why i like fuchsia. Everybody can pull off fuchsia lipsticks.

The only thing I dislike about this lipstick is the fragrance of it. It has a fruity scent and i hate anything fruit scented! This is why I LOVE the MAC lipsticks. They have that delicious vanilla fragrance which i'm obsessed with. So yeah, that's why this lipstick is not a 10/10 for me. But of course if you like fruity scent, then this lipstick will be the bomb for you! 

This is a lip swatch of my lipstick. As you can see, it doesn't look matte at all. It's looks creamy on the lips.

The overall look with the Bobbi Brown Cosmic Lily lipstick. Yay or Nay? Let me know your thoughts on this lipstick too!

Lots of love from me <3



  1. Nice packaging. I like the signature on the cap. Interesting how the color changed when applied on your lips. Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you. Lol, bad lighting! the lipstick looks just like the swatch on my hand actually :)

  2. The lipstick looks rich and creamy! XD
    ~Pauline @Kallony

    1. Indeed, it is :) Not too sure if they still have it though. This is a limited edition lipstick.