Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Favourite Body Moisturizers (High End & Drugstore)

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I don't know about you guys, but lately my skin has been sooo dry! I think it's because I've started working now and my office is so darn cold. It's not as cold as my previous office, but it's still considered cold. Then again, I'm always feeling cold. I don't know why, i can't seem to take air-cond well. Like i even freeze to death just by going to the mall. Can you imagine that? I get very cold in the mall. My friends think that I'm weird that way. Almost all the time, when I'm driving alone in the car, i actually turn off my air cond and drive. Or else my hands will get numb and I'll be shivering. So yeah. I hate air cond and cold places.

Anyways, my skin becomes very dry whenever I'm in an air conditioned environment. Especially at work. My legs and my hands are just so dry. So I usually use my body moisturizer to bring some moisture back to my dry, flaky skin. I have 2 favourite moisturizers; The Body Shop Shea Body Butter and the Nivea Night Whitening Body Milk. The Body Shop one is the higher end one and the drugstore option is the Nivea. The Nivea Body Milk can be found in any pharmacies in Malaysia as well as any Watsons store.

Okay, so first, The Body Shea Body Butter. This body butter is meant for people with very dry skin. It's actually stated there FOR VERY DRY SKIN. That means, for people like yours truly. So of course i had to get it. The sales girl swore that this was the best moisturizer among all the other ones in Body Shop itself. I purchased it in the largest size available (300ml) coz i know that I'm gonna be using this moisturizer like it's my job. And guess what? After one year of using this like there is no tomorrow, I STILL have less than half of it.

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter is retailed at RM 75 for 300ml. The texture of this moisturizer is almost in a solid form. It is definitely not watery. It feels like a very thick, semi-solid moisturizer.You have to sort of scoop the moisturizer. This is hands down the best moisturizer that i've ever used in my whole entire life. It's so moisturizing but it does not leave that greasy feeling on your skin after you've applied them. So many moisturizers have that greasy, oily, sticky feeling which is extremely uncomfortable to me. I hate putting on moisturizers that are greasy before going to sleep because it makes my blanket stick to my skin and that's just uncomfortable.

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter does not leave that sticky feel. In fact it just glides on the skin smoothly. I like the fact that it is absorbed quickly into the skin thus, not leaving any residue. The next morning when i wake up, my skin is just feeling so healthy and smooth and no longer dry or flaky. Even after I've washed it off. It becomes like that just after one application. Can you believe how amazing is this product is? Most moisturizer takes up AT LEAST a week for it to make your skin soft and supple again. But this Body Butter only takes 1 day to do that. But of course you must continuously use it diligently too after that.

My second favourite moisturizer is the Nivea Night Whitening Body Milk. This moisturizer is meant for all types of skin. It comes in a 400ml size bottle with a pump. Whereas, the Body Shop comes in a tub with a lid. Which can be tedious and inconvenient sometimes but you have to make sure that your hands are super super clean (you don't wanna contaminate the entire tub). This moisturizer is inexpensive and cheap. It only retails at RM 20++ at all the drugstores in Malaysia (Guardian & Watsons). The Nivea Night Whitening Body Milk contains Berry extracts and Licorice extracts which is really good for cell renewal purposes.

I really like this body milk because firstly, it's cheap. Secondly, it does not make your skin feel sticky or greasy whatsoever. It's a good moisturizer that hydrates your skin nicely (though not as intense as The Body Shop Shea Body Butter). It hydrates your skin but the next day, your skin will still feel a lil dry (if you have very dry skin like me). I find that this moisturizer is very suitable to use during the day because it feels light and it's so easy to use when you're on the go. Since this is a whitening moisturizer, you can feel that your skin is much more radiant and brighter. So that is good for people who has some minor scarring on their legs. This will slowly fade those marks.

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