Sunday, February 23, 2014

Review : MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural

Hello everyone!

Today i'm going to blog about the most versatile powder ever - the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural! It's absolutely the most important makeup item for me because i use this product for so many things. It can be used as so many makeup items! So if you're into saving cost or even maybe don't wanna spend tonnes of money on makeup, then get this powder. Because it is like getting a 5 -in-1 makeup product.

The MSF Natural comes in a compact powder case with no mirror. The cover is a transparent plastic to show the true product colour of the powder. This powder is awesome because I've had it for 2 years now and it had JUST ONLY hit pan. That's a lot of product if you ask me coz usually powder compacts will only last you 6 months or less if you're using it daily. Anyways, this product comes in the size of 10g which is alot so it's actually worth all the money that you spend on it. Also, i'm got the Dark shade.

The powder looks like it contains some sort of shimmer but when applied to the skin, it doesn't look gaudy or glittery whatsoever. In fact it gives the skin a natural looking healthy flush of colour. I like to use this MAC MSF as a blush, bronzer, all over face powder, as an eyeshadow and also to set my under eye concealer.

These are the pros and the cons of the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural.

Pros :-

Very light coverage but you can always build it up
The amount of warmth in the powder is spot on!
There is a lot of product in one compact casing
You can mulit-use this product (i use it as 5 different thing)
The shade DARK is almost spot on except it is a lil dark on me but i know how to make it work. So, it's fine
Gives you the most natural looking flawless face
It lasts a long time (can last up to a year)
Cons :-

There are very few 'coloured' shades to choose from
For some people, this powder may be expensive. (But i think it's totally worth it)

So there are the few ways of how I use the MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural :-

BLUSH - I love this colour as a blush because it gives the most natural nice brown glow on your cheeks. Sometimes when i want that natural look, obviously i'm not going to put a pink blush on. That does not look natural for sure. So i opt for this powder.

BRONZER/CONTOUR - I use this as a bronzer and also to do some slight contouring for my face when i don't want any strong contour. This product works as an excellent bronzer as well as a good contour powder. It will be my 'everyday' contour routine to just give my cheeks that slight definition of nice cheekbones without look like I've applied a fake contour.

EYESHADOW - Most of the time, I don't ever use eyeshadow. I only use it if I'm doing makeup looks for my blog or when i'm actually attending an event (which requires you to dress up) or parties. So during the other time (say, work?) I'll just apply this MSF all over my eyelids just to make them look nicer and not dull looking.

TO SET UNDEREYE CONCEALER - I know this sounds weird, but even though this powder is slightly darker than my skin tone, it actually sets my undereye concealer nicely - especially when i use it with my Benefit Boi-ing concealer. Those 2 just goes together perfectly.

ALL OVER FACE POWDER - Since the shade DARK is a lil bit too dark for me, I always just use very little product to put it all over my face. The only downside about using this as a all over face powder is that it is not matte. It does not mattify the face at all. And especially for a girl like me (I have really oily skin) i need my mattifying powder. Or else I'm gonna be looking like Shine-Face.

So that's all, girls! I rate this product a 9/10. Coz i really really like it! I use the MAC MSF like all the time. It's a mineralize powder but it does not make your skin breakout or whatsoever. So yeah, 2 big thumbs up for this product. What cha waiting for, girls? Go get your hands on this amazing powder!

Swatch of the MAC MSF on my finger

Thank you for reading! <3