Saturday, February 22, 2014

Review : Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms (Shades : Showy & Complex)

Hello my fellow readers!

I'm sure by now, all you makeup lover out there would have heard about Revlon's new ColorBurst Matte Balms! I know, for once i'm so excited because i wasn't expecting this matte balms to be out in Malaysia. I thought we weren't going to bring these matte balms to Malaysia but they did. And boy, the colour range is amazing! They had all colours from nudes to reds to purple. Okay, i should stop screaming right now.

Before these matte balms came to Malaysia, I've watched and read tonnes of reviews on them. All of the reviews have been positive so i was really hoping to get my hands on this amazing goodies. When it came out, i bought 2 colours so far. It's the 230 Complex and the 220 Showy. Complex is a beautiful nude beige colour. Whereas, Showy is a gorgeous Barbie pink colour. I really wanted to get the pruple matte balm which was called Shameless. but it was already sold out. These matte balms are selling out pretty fast. Even the other day at Sasa, all the matte balms were gone. So when you see it anywhere, don't think twice! Just get it.

Anyways, these matte balms have a fresh minty scent. It even has that cooling sensation on the lips when you actually put it on your lips. I really like that. Immediately your lips just feel so refreshed. Even though these are MATTE, it does not dry your lips in the slightest. It is a BALM as all. It's suppose to moisturize your lips. And it does. That's why i say, the Complex balm is like my everyday lip wear. It's so comfortable to wear and your lips look healthy and not dehydrated. Both shades have great colour payoff as they are very pigmented. 

I love both Complex and Showy equally. However, i do find myself reaching out for Complex more just because it is a nude shade. And as you all know, i'm a nude lippie girl. Of course i do wear bright colour lipsticks but on a daily basis (eg. going to work) i tend to prefer using a nude lip colour. So yeah. Complex is used more than Showy. But Showy is still my baby too. Lol. 

If i'm not mistaken, this Revlon ColourBurst Matte balms were retailed at RM 30.90. It might even be slightly more but definitely not more than RM 35. Below is the swatches of both colours on my hand. Aren't they beautiful and pigmented?

These are the lip swatch for Complex. What do you, girls think about this shade?

And now, Showy lip swatch. Omg, this shade is just so pretty and girly and cute! Suitable for a girls night out :)

That's all for now, girls! Till the next post then. Thank you for reading. 



  1. yes this product is great.Its so cool.I hv always wanted to get one... will buy soon

    1. Yes, babe! Make sure you at least get one :) The colours are gorgeous and it feels amazing on the lips :D

  2. Hey babe! Been reading through all your blog posts right up to when you started, and I must say, love the blog!! Your reviews are really enjoyable to read.. Its surprising that I haven't seen you round since there aren't many Indian beauty bloggers locally. Haha anyway, looking forward to more reviews, and hopefully I bump into you sometime!
    Oh and back to the matte balms, they're really amazing aren't they, I have it in the colour Standout, and I absolutely adore it.. I really should get more shades! :)

  3. Haha thank you! :) Glad you're enjoying my blog. And true. There aren't many Malaysian Indian beauty bloggers. Anyways, yeah it will be great to bump into you sometime too! It will be nice to meet a fellow beauty blogger as well :D

    And yup yup, i'm lovin' the matte balms! Perfect for that day when you want to take a break from wearing your usual lipsticks! hehee. Oooo i'm planning to get standout soon. It's such a pretty colour! xxx